Willow Mine

You sit upon a mountain. Or is it really a hill. A place for you to find solace away from those that would break your peace. And so you let your hair hang low to hide your face from those around. From those above as well.

Weep for me willow mine. We weep together, we do not cry. Crying is for the shallow feelings, instead we pour forth emotion from our eyes. Dying moments trickling down other moments. Each racing towards its end. We sway, you and I, against the current of humanity. We sway, willow mine, as we lean against the wind. Allowing the breeze to dry our tears. Allowing each other to ease our fears. You will always be my willow mine.



47 thoughts on “Willow Mine

  1. I can’t tell you enough how much I love your poetry OM.

    I got sick back there and am trying to get things back organized before I go in for surgery in a few weeks… I read an email that you were closing and it broke my heart because you were my inspiration and somehow, you gave me the courage to keep going even when I was too sick to get out of bed. I am enjoying this new poetic side of you and glad you are back… OM – stay with us, stay with me.

    You are not scared of anything, OM… You stand up to people and you give those of us (me, for one) the strength to get out there and do it, write like there is no tomorrow, and the courage to keep our websites going even when times get tough…

    You are a wonderful poet and writer, OM…

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  2. That was lovely. You are very good at painting pictures with words whether they are pieces to think about or your opinions (which crack me up; sometimes causing me to snort morning coffee out of my nose — ouch)


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