Adopt Me

Adopt me into your home and allow me to grow into who I was meant to be. Adopt me, but don’t “take me” so that you can change me. Altering me into the very image you see, the image you wish me to be. That is not me and that is not adoption. That is…

Label me

Label me with your words. Your hate. Your scorn that is forever there. You throw it in my face and laughingly stick it on my back. Jokes to you making me a joke to society. Label me till I become a label. Till I am what you have made me. -OM   

A million words

I could write a million words and never make a sound. I could think a thousand thoughts and still be just as lost. Is the reward in the doing or the done. I do not know. I simply love to write. -OM   

Willow Mine

You sit upon a mountain. Or is it really a hill. A place for you to find solace away from those that would break your peace. And so you let your hair hang low to hide your face from those around. From those above as well. Weep for me willow mine. We weep together, we…

My Yesterday

My yesterday sounds like a keyboard in the night. A dying action creating failing words. A bleeding of consonants and vowels in the hope of finding a voice. A voice found and then buried alive. ~~*~~ His fingers move effortlessly, a memory in the night. My yesterday. Common and lesser known foes. They come and…