He passes through your life a shade. A shadow confined to the very edges of darkness and light, he shimmers as he barely exists. Names are given, a personality is painted, and a half image of a man is left. It dissolves like a distant memory as reaching bonds are snapped by the force of departure. Neither cry nor sigh is given in respect. Just a lonely memory that walks alone. Above the moon guides the steps of the lost souls below. They find comfort in the darkness away from the light. A sleeping sin that hums like a forgotten tune. I hear the words still…

There is no passion like forgotten passion. No love like lost love. We journey on towards the light, forever bound by the night. And with the coming day we cry in dismay as we slowly vanish before the warmth. Never to truly know the sun, but forever given a small glance. Just a look at what we will never have.

-Opinionated Man


23 thoughts on “Shade

  1. Reblogged this on Project 55 and commented:
    There is a love I reminisce, like a seed I’ve never sown.
    Of lips that I am yet to kiss, and eyes not met my own.
    Hands that wrap around my wrists, and arms that feel like home.
    I wonder how it is I miss these things I’ve never known.

    ~ Lang Leav

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  2. Twisted rhyme, Forgotten prose,
    Hidden truths no one knows…

    Secrets that lie beyond our reach…
    Wisdom within, expected to teach.

    Each man alone to do his part… mission impossible if he hears his heart.

    Take my hand my long lost friend, this is where we begin again.

    A bigger story, yet to unfold, the future foreseen – yet not set in stone.

    Blind faith and trust become your drug once bitten by the promise of love.

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  3. Have you been reading my mind? Ha! I don’t know if it’s a curse or a blessing when those ‘glimpses’ occur. Beautiful use of words to describe those moments.

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