Creating Sentences

Do you ever feel like you are simply chasing periods? Like bouncing black balls they roll without a thought on a white page just as we so thoughtlessly place them sometimes. Do we create those sentences with question marks and exclamations with more care? I sometimes idly wonder if that is fair as I scribble furiously into the night. The creation of my sentences punctuated by the sound of the tapping of my keyboard as my fingers sprint across my domain.



7 thoughts on “Creating Sentences

  1. Dear OM that open question has totally cracked me up if you were a woman you would understand just how true that question really need to think about these things before you write them down,that some things can have two meanings.hahaha you dear man I am not chastising you so please don’t think I am,you just get funnier by the minute,xx Rachel Speedy’s Mum


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