I will hold you

Today I am taking the training wheels off my daughter’s bike. I wrote this poem while thinking about it.

I will hold you, daughter mine.

Let go of fear and feel the wind so free.

I am here, I won’t let go.

Feel the breeze as she blows.

Don’t look back, I am right here.

You will always find me near.

I will hold you close my child.

Until I must let you go.



16 thoughts on “I will hold you

  1. I think there are another pair of training wheels that stick to a child almost thier entire life. We call the training wheels “support wheels” (in Swedish “stödhjul”). The pair of training wheels that never stops support a child are (I hope) the childs mom and dad 🙂 Pardon my bad english, my brain has gone to sleep for today!

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  2. Good luck on teaching her to ride a bike, it is by far the single most “free” fun I have with my daughter. Riding around the neighborhood and listening to her takes on life is priceless. You will enjoy it once she gets the hang of it.

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