a boulder & a stone


They say a boulder never cries and yet where do people think stones come from? Hardened balls of emotion dripping, dropping with a crack. They splinter into pieces at the first touch of reality. And yet the presence of their nature comforts the lonely mountain. A mountain of solace that has become a solitude.


They say stones never cry, but where do pebbles come from? A greater need replaced with a smaller presence. Falling pebbles like raindrops join both the boulder and the stone. Separate they are alone, but together they form a singular rock. Who really leans upon who?



8 thoughts on “a boulder & a stone

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  2. I too like this. Perhaps it is why I like pebbles…I have been a huge cry baby all my life, so maybe I could relate to that pebble and yet I am considered very strong as well. Your post gives food for thought on my Friday off…well done, Jason.


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