Paper Sailboats

Paper sailboats created out of paper dreams. They sail down manmade paths of flowing tears towards perfectly spaced gutters. Gapping jaws of finality swallow hope without remorse, inhuman as they are unbiased in selection. I stare for a second to ensure a miracle does not happen. It does not.

I create a smaller sailboat.




13 thoughts on “Paper Sailboats

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  4. And as you go along past winds and turns you come upon a brick dam. Shoulders slumped you prepare for another onslaught… Just as you get closer you see a tunnel juuust right for your smaller boat. Wonder what is on the other side.

    For some reason your post reminded me of the pricey but gorgeous illustrations-only children’s book “The Journey.” I think you might like it.

    PS. Thanks for sharing your full heart. It is a gift. Who knows how many people you have touched, inspired, set into motion? Maybe your “work” here is done. Time for the next beautiful adventure.
    -your fellow adventurer in this crazy trip, Val


  5. Just like paper boats melt in water, sometimes our dreams, our hopes and our passions die with time…and we are left isolated from the world.


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