Lady Justice

Lady Justice be not blind as your children are slaughtered in the street. Weep not for our blood as it washes away the meaning of justice. Instead grow bold with anger as your own image is cracked and broken apart. Defend yourself as the very meaning of your existence is called into question. Take away the blindfold of impartiality and embrace the need of society. The need of the many and not the want of a few. Raise your hands with us in solidarity as we bring them together over our heads. Not in surrender, for we can never give up a fight that is so necessary. Instead join us as we pray for a better day and the comfort of your bosom.



20 thoughts on “Lady Justice

  1. When you wake up to news of such callous brutality routinely being conducted on our streets, it is good to be connected to a community of thoughtful and insightful writers who can help ease the moment of pain through their lucid reasoning and thoughts. Thank you OM!


  2. That was short but has a ton of awesomeness in it! You probably thought I fell off the face of the earth since it has been awhile. I have just been moody and bitchy the past several months. Then i find out that a pencil pushing idiot ( I don’t hate pencil pushers well not all of them) decided to write denied on my doctors request to give me my three injections of Synvisc which would ease the pain in my to nearly nothing for a year. If you don’t know synvisc if thick gel that injected in the knee once a week for 3 weeks then I am good for at least a year because I have no meniscus left in my left so without it, it is bone on bone. Nuff about me how have you been? I need to catch up on your blog lol. Oh and nighty night !


      • Things are much better at present only one glitch is my stupid insurance company keeps denying the only treatment that will give me an almost completely pain free year with my left knee. I am use to fighting with them though. I do hope all is well with you and moody I do understand. Have a great week and a better weekend when it rolls around again.


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