A Book of Triggers – By: Jason C. Cushman

I am writing an online book “live” for those that care to read it. I have been mentally prepping this book for a while now and I have decided to “live wire it” instead of self-publishing an ebook. This will be realtime, raw, and hopefully interesting to those that care to give it a glance. Enjoy and thank you for the reads.

  • I will release pages immediately as I write them.


Note: I appreciate any reblogs and shares of this online book. All rights are owned by Jason C. Cushman and this blog HarsH ReaLiTy.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman


26 thoughts on “A Book of Triggers – By: Jason C. Cushman

    • Try just doing it. The hardest part is getting over the fact your first version could potentially suck yes but thats why editors edit, occasionaly.people even do it for free.


        • Oh well i dunno if this helps or not but let someone else do that job for a change. I’ve known a porfessional author or two in my day who also used to edit felt like a huge wieght was lifted when they wrote and let someone else edit it trick is to ignore the negative(in this sense none constructive critisism i’m sure you het that) and accept the constructive critic of the firdt daft. You can always just pass it off to a trusted colleuge to by the sounds of it.


          • That’s not quite the issue. I usually have an editor to do the final round on any commercial writing, because all editors know you can’t edit your own writing. It’s the humiliation of publishing material that includes things I’ve ‘mentioned’ to authors, either personally or in training. Publishing anonymously might resolve it!


          • Thats how i’m writing my books anonymously all though probably with pen names that make me bust a gut everytime i hear them. Lol


  1. It’s always fun to watch a book get writen live i’ve seen it once before(maybe a bigger trend then i give it credit for. What goes into a book before its a book is always a fun time for everyone that gets to see it.

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