Yellow Sparrow

Yellow sparrow how you fly. Floating, fluttering life flies by. Pure joy is found from graceful wing. You might could hear an angel sing. It rises like the bullet rises too. It shatters the sparrow right through. Broken heart meets broken moment. Who would have known it? -OM   


30A I miss you today. Miles and miles away, in Florida you stay. Family departed for repeated fun times. In exchange for a new home, the sacrifice must be done. 30A and the shores so far away. I hear them still. I miss them still. -OM    Art by my wife.


I will hold you

Today I am taking the training wheels off my daughter’s bike. I wrote this poem while thinking about it. I will hold you, daughter mine. Let go of fear and feel the wind so free. I am here, I won’t let go. Feel the breeze as she blows. Don’t look back, I am right here.…


Free thought (unedited)

I cannot sleep. I cannot stop. Thoughts that collide like unicorns in the sky. Their radiance dazzles in a burst of death. For how could something so beautiful not need a sacrifice to take place. I drink little cups and they become big cups. The peaceful slumber of those nearby does little to comfort the…


WordPress Tags

I think people are overthinking the whole “tag” business on WordPress. Tags serve two purposes for a blogger they either categorize their posts or they get their posts seen. How tags serve your audience is a different matter and that is where bloggers seem to miss the mark. I’ll explain what I know of tags.…


Will you know me in the morning?

Will you know me in the morning? When rays of light kill the shadows we hide. I place my mask upon the nightstand and face my daily fears with an exhausted look. We dance tiredly, the way we have for years. For my whole life. I reluctantly twirl my partner and watch the shards of…


a boulder & a stone They say a boulder never cries and yet where do people think stones come from? Hardened balls of emotion dripping, dropping with a crack. They splinter into pieces at the first touch of reality. And yet the presence of their nature comforts the lonely mountain. A mountain of solace that has become a solitude.…