When the Candle becomes the Sun

I promise you the sun and instead offer a candle as light. The force of my will alone seems to strengthen the light shining from it. Bright as the sun, the stars they weep in envy. I take pride. I take pride in the joy I have brought you, not in the deed that has been done. For what strength of one cannot be accomplished by many? Ah, but there is one. It comes to mind as the sun hides his eyes and scurries away from his chasing mistress. She beams down with pride upon our accomplishment. For you see the candle is not feeding off me alone. No my dear… together we empower this flame and our mirrored smiles will turn to greet the moon as our candle becomes the sun.


41 thoughts on “When the Candle becomes the Sun

  1. the candle you are holding will become the sun. That is good. It’s like when the world is not willing to show you any favor and you just decide to make it work anyway, thriving through sheer determination of will.


  2. The way you string words together is stunning in many places, as if dropped like candy as secret surprises for those wandering thru tall grass. i like to say so when i am touched. i am touched by your words and blessed in reading this morning especially in light of CNN telling me of another child slashing others in another school… I offer an OM for all. XO

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