He wanders about in the landfill searching for lost treasures. Objects that people have discarded and no longer see value in. A half-eaten can of beans, a bag of bread that is only partially molded, and a blanket that looks brand new except for a tear are all the Christmas presents he needs this year. His tears of gratitude are admired by the observant birds above as they turn overhead and watch the best and worst that man has to offer. Here they behold the pure image of humility and they give witness to this man’s conversation with someone he calls Jesus. Whoever this symbolic creature is the sanctity in his name is not missed by the small-minded creatures above. They sing to each other seeming to repeat the spoken gift amongst themselves. Suddenly as one the birds begin to fly low, catching the man’s eye below, as they dramatically shoot straight up into the sky. Their action guides the man’s sight to the one he so eagerly praises and in that moment his faith is solidified in the recognition that the glory he seeks is actually above and not to be found upon the earth that he walks.

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