I wish, I wish

I wish, I wish
I hover upon a thought. A feather balancing on life’s edge.
I whisper. Afraid to tip the delicate balance.
Life. Is it reality, or perhaps a dream.
I wish, I wish.

I look upon a lonely prize. I fiery image for my eyes. Thoughts don’t die.
They come alive.
I wish, I wish.


28 thoughts on “I wish, I wish

  1. Love the moon and the sentiment, Jason. I always take photos of the moon – I think I’m fixated on it. In fact, I wrote a novel called, “The Eclipse of Mrs. Moon.” It’s always been a theme for me. About a month ago, I saw a red darting light and stupidly, I thought it was my phone/camera… you know when the red light comes on in low light and you’re not sure if your pic is going to happen? Well, I took a picture and the red orb is right there. I wish I could paste it into this comment.


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