Intimidate Me

Intimidate me with your words and actions. With your need to be important in my life. Make me feel your anxiety so that it is my anxiety. My pain.

Steal my words and use them against me. Clubbing me in the head with your definition of my interpretation. Bind me tightly to words of yesterday so that my expressions of today mean nothing to you. A blind eye sees nothing when covered.

Intimidate me because you must. Because my freedom outlines your own world of bars. Shatter my spirit and walk upon my broken shell so that you might in turn be inspired. Crushing dreams to create your own.


78 thoughts on “Intimidate Me

  1. Recipe to realise your dreams:
    1 cup of other people’s crushed dreams
    A spoonful of shattered spirit
    And a pinch of stolen words.

    Now club them all together, leave overnight bound up tight and you still wont have as many dedicated fans as OM!


  2. Ugh! Get out of my life!! lol. I love this post. LOVE it. You put into words exactly what I’ve been struggling to say for months now. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to reblog, but my cyberstalker would flip out and reek havoc all over my blog. Can I copy/paste it and schedule it for a later date?


  3. “my freedom outlines your own world of bars”

    I like that. It’s easy to resent people who live out their freedom so easily in front of you (like you do) when we could instead admire their ability and appreciate their gift of uniqueness. Intimidation reveals weakness of character and a fear of your own limitations. You must be in control to exert power and hide your own failings. Just thoughts…


  4. Preach man!!
    I Love this one Sire
    Like cascading waterfall
    Every drop of it was refreshing.
    You always intimidate me with words HarsH 😦
    Why make me feel like a dumb writer with such piece.
    You just like different beings in one.


  5. I love your serious side of blogging. These are my favorite kinds of posts you do. There was another one similar to this a couple months back… err now I’m going to have to go all the way back and find it. Lol


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