A Book of Triggers

I write my book each day. Mistakes and successes clank together with similar importance in my giant book. A book of my life, a book of triggers. Letters written with inspired conviction match the ink of my failures. My triggers mirror my very reasons for writing. Acknowledgements of weakness given life by strength of hand. The same perseverance needed to record my struggles. My book of triggers.

18 thoughts on “A Book of Triggers

  1. It is like a dance. The competitive SpiritPlay in me finds the trigger as a “jest”. The Black Horse comes out of nowhere with His sword aimed directly at me. But I have been silently preparing for its moment and I hold a gun!
    Sometimes it’s holding just the smell of musk, sometimes it flings back the sticky booger from a prior offense that it covers the Dark Knights goggles, sometimes it’s just a silly face that you adore….
    only beware of the bullets you!

    The competition hoes on!



  2. Reblogged this on Books, Movies, and More and commented:

    They say life is like a novel with the ending ripped out. For writers, this could not be more true. Every high and every low is etched into the back of our mind. Mistakes may be hard to face, but we can always learn from them. They may even inspire our writing. We take the good times when we can get them, always moving forward. These are harder to hold onto, so we have to work extra hard to save them. We all write our own destiny, but writers may have an advantage because we document everything in any form.


  3. Make the triggers work for you, and you’ve got one hell of a good beginning for making things flow. Sadly, most only figure out how to fight the triggers, so things become hard.

    I fall into the latter. Still trying to learn the former.

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