Stealing Hearts

Could I chain your heart to my resolve. Living with the knowledge that your action is a reaction to my inaction. It creates a quandary of the mind as we seek a middle and an end to what seems a never ending circle. Could I break your golden crown and tie you to a will. The will of the moment, a desire to have. I ponder many a thought in between breathes. They weigh equally on the scale of morality, but certainly they still all belong to humanity. For at night I am human. As are we all.


20 thoughts on “Stealing Hearts

      • Well here’s my take on it. It’s easy for another person to be mad at us for not doing what they expect of us (2 sentence). We spend so much time on it (the problem) and not getting through with life (3rd sentence). You try to make things better and spend so much time thinking about what you could have done better, but in the end you are human (6 and 7). You mess up sometimes and the other person can’t seem to get over that. You want to show that person you’re willing to make things better (1st). You want them to stop for one moment and think about what it’s like to be in your shoes (4 and 5).

        I’m off aren’t I?


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