Given birth upon the back of a mistake. You shine brightly where the light has been killed. Frozen against the burning pain around you, one must wonder how you came to be here. Hellflowers carpet the floor here and give reminder to the fact that this place is for the truly lost. Their captivated beauty made even more delicate by the impression of their surroundings. How they glisten against the backdrop of humanity. Tears of regret fall constantly from these mistaken creations. They are bound by a cycle of life in a place of death, a life not worth living. Even their name screams of regret.

When all we see around us is an endless hell any written hell dims in comparison. When your vision is shattered by the light cascading off tear drops that dangle from your eyelashes like chandeliers of your failures. When you begin to search desperately for the last moment among moments. That is when a hellflower begins to blossom. A seed is planted by a thought and a blossom opens from a deed. And so each hellflower is a deed, a conclusion to end all endings. They sparkle and shine as they live their regret for all time. A beautiful mistake.


28 thoughts on “Hellflower

  1. That was so beautiful! (Sob!) I must blow my proboscis… (SNARK!!) I don’t know why my Mummy named me: ‘Hortense!’ So cruel! I know you wrote this just for ME!! (Waaaaaa!) (SNARK!!) Promise you won’t leave me here to shrivel :O(


      • I suspect many of the famous poets were dabblers.T.S. Eliot and Robert Service were bankers. Edwin Markham (my grandmother’s cousin) was a teacher. Robert Burns was a farmer. There is our avocation as writer/poet and then there is how we keep from starving.


          • I will give you some advice — published author to holding back writer — I was you a year ago. Here in Alaska, our water is COLD. Even on a bright hot day, our water is never above about 40 degrees. The only way to go into it is to just do it. Dive off the dock. I’m a swimmer and even though I know it’s gonna take my breath away and turn my lips blue, I dive off the dock because I know on a hot day how good it’s gonna feel after I’ve gotten past the wince.

            My book is not an instant financial success, but I glad to “went off the dock” and it will be easier the next time to gather my confidence.

            Pick a date and say “I’m going to do it”. Then do!


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