A Rose

A rose I give to you. Not as a farewell, but rather as a “I will see you soon.” I could look upon a field of the dying and the dead alike and only see you. Your beauty standing like a single rose amongst dandelions. Dare I pick it? Dare I shatter the side of such an hourglass and start the hands of time a ticking. They tick as they tock their way around this thing they call a clock and all I know is the rose ages. Can I but freeze a moment and hover on a whisper.

Beauty, today you are a rose.


43 thoughts on “A Rose

  1. I love this so much. It’s like I see it in my head what you are talking about. XD I do not know what to feel though. Sadness with happiness and love. But I think this is because I can relate somewhat. Maybe my mind is relating it to something in my past but then I cannot pinpoint who, what, when or why.


  2. I wonder what you are. One day your words are harsh like the December wind, the next day they are softer than a feather, then they a full or sarcasm till the brim, soon after I see them overflowing with romanticism. Care to enlighten?

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