Packing Dreams

Packing dreams into reality. Will they all fit? I flee a coast to see another coast and find the same visions at my door. How did you find my present, my not so forgotten past. You are like a gift within a gift, reminding me of my layers of humanity. And so I pack you now as I return home for you have become a second home. The terror of my mind.

I would give a year of my life for a single night of sleep.

-Opinionated Man

16 thoughts on “Packing Dreams

  1. Very Good!!!! I think it was Hemingway who could blow 2 pages or more just describing how the grass looked; you could do it in 5 paragraphs and have the reader either: sitting on the edge of their seat, hanging on to each word, OR staring under their seat watching for what lives in the grass, OR….
    I won’t embarrass myself with anymore detail, only for the reason that either you have already described grass, OR you will. If you do, I’ll hate myself tomorrow, but I will surely read it.
    You and yours have an excellent weekend.
    P.S. If you ever have the time, look at “The Pond” by Robert Snow, It’s been many years, but I believe that is the name. Oh , you keep writing and having quality time, I’ll check out Snow….

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