Memories lost

They will remember a shadow when you are gone. A shade of dust and light. Colored by their imagination, they will picture you as they wish. As they need to. I shatter a dream to realize reality, the reality that dreams do not exist. Reality sits like half empty cups of vodka. Forgotten for a moment, in the moment it takes to contemplate loss. Do we watch hope walk out the door only to sigh at the realization she was never ours. Simply another man’s mistress. How sweet the song is when sung through whiskey breath. I sing it now as I close my eyes to slowly die. A whisper in the night.


19 thoughts on “Memories lost

  1. I believe we have to make lots of special memories with our children and grandchildren to keep, not just our memories but also information about our parents etc and these memories will be a blessing when we leave this life.

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  2. when you are gone
    they will sing a song
    he was so wrong
    for so long
    we miss him sure
    but not any more
    vodka price ..he made it soar
    now he is gone
    let us sing the song
    you were always wrong 🙂
    and best part can not complain

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