Falling Pearls

My dreams bounce out of my reach like falling pearls as they hit the floor. Reality of the moment gives them an extra bounce and makes them seem jubilant as they scurry out of my sight. Neither a wave, nor a nod in farewell… simply vanishing like so many other dreams before.

Where do you go when you realize my fulfillment is never going to come? Where do you fold up your tent and walk to as you trod away from me in disgust. Is it right for me to wish you might stop and turn just one last time. If only for a moment we might look at each other… like we once did. When we cared.

Reality of the moment and that moment draws near. I feel the warmth of realization, as the steel of resolve begins to burn bright in the night. Would it but stay through the darkness or will it instead quench its thirst with the coming of the sun.


37 thoughts on “Falling Pearls

  1. This so reminds me of the ephemeral nature of my dreams and perfectly describes how they slip away, scattering like those pearls, as I try in vain to retrieve them. I love the poetry of your words here!

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