Imagine If

Imagine if forgotten crumbs could be gathered as a meal for the needy. If wasted feelings could be bundled into hugs for those that desperately need comfort. Would the world become a better place or instead would different problems arise in the place of the fallen.

Imagine if children no longer went to bed hungry. What if parents could also fall asleep without sacrifice each night? What would god do with his free time if he no longer had the field the calls of the hungry each night?

Imagine a utopia where no wishes were needed. Individual cares would be met and the only complaint to be heard would be cries over a stolen thought. What type of world would that be?


22 thoughts on “Imagine If

  1. This post, which I liked, makes you sound like a girl! This came as a shock to me, based on your blog title and tagline. So this comment is meant to be a compliment. Maybe it’s because you’re a dad, and a good one?


  2. Lovely post Jason! I dare to say if all these things could happen, the world would be a much better place– not perfect – but better. How lovely it would be to spread my hugs to those in need of them and to share my crumbs with many who are starving.

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  3. My opinion is that it would never create peace. We are not perfect and with happiness and love come greed and envy and sadness. Right now we are conditioned for these certain problems. Without them we would be conditioned for something else :/


  4. Id say that world must be where my unicorn and castle are hiding and dreaming about it has not yet made my Prince Charming appear. So now instead of dreaming, I’m doing, and creating my utopia right here right now with what I got…. I bought my dog a unicorn costumn, moved near the beach so I can build sand castles and loving a boy as if he were my Prince Charming. I’ll let you know how it turns out 😉


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