The Stranger

He writes with borrowed passion because he does not feel everything possible in life. He is only aware of what he knows and his knowledge is based on experience. It is not in his habit to pen grandiose statements upon topics he knows nothing about. I leave that to the fools. Their numbers outshine the stars.

Can I write a feeling so intense that you have no choice but to feel it? Will you taste my lips upon your own? As my hands tease their way down your spine will we share an opportunity or instead lose the moment to a trick of the mind?

I speak to your heart with an openness that I do not normally direct towards a human face. The heart never lies and yet the mouth is quick to. Silence your outlet of deception and instead open yourself to the possibility of a random union. Take my hand and follow me into the darkness away from the light. It is here in the night, away from questioning eyes, that we can probe each other’s desires, dreams, and even our fantasies. Let us compare our minds like open novels. What is your ending?



47 thoughts on “The Stranger

  1. I really like this post, maybe it’s just how I read it or my frame of mind, but it feels very dark, and maybe not sinister but I can’t think of the word I want to use here, I sense something spoke from the heart but with a need or passion that must be fulfilled … Was this the intention?


  2. I too agree…words would ruin what was written. Simply moving 🙂 Thank you. I love writing and this made me love it more.


  3. My ending is a blur, an indistinct line, a spot in the middle between right and wrong, where no one is able to point a finger and draw attention to time or space. I’d like it to be evening, when the colors lie low, the dew leaves the air and eyes are open, but no longer darting, seeking to dissect, only resting on the imperfections and taking in the beauty of the flaws that equalize us all. And give me a cloak, a transparent one, that moves like silk over my soul and slows my breath so it beats in time with my resting heart.


  4. An ending is always a new beginning, is it not? As far as feeling, you actually gave me goosebumps with As my hands tease their way down your spine. So the answer would be, yes.
    I enjoyed this. You should do an audio of it. 🙂


  5. First of all Opinionated Man, thank you for following my blog! I had to check out yours and Love it! I Lovelovelove the prose written above. Beautiful and eloquent. I am a novice blogger, so I will look in on you often! Thanks again!


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