The Killing

Could I slay the heart with a dagger of intent? Closing your eyes for the final time and embracing that last precious moment. Savoring the taste of simple air. Air we take for granted as we thoughtlessly breathe it every second and yet this second, this single second it tastes like water. Would you see the dwindling light like a closing sewer cap, slowly shutting out the sun? A scream of screams erupting from your throat as your soul climbs slowly out of your mouth. I murmur a thoughtless poem as I revel in the thought of your departure.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


11 thoughts on “The Killing

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  2. I hope this isn’t a plan! Sounds like you’ve done this before. Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest! LOL! You are a nutbar… A class ‘A’ nutbar, so your very flavourful! Oooo! Very scary! I want my Mummy!


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