Lucid Dream

Lucid dream, I dream you not. I do not sip from the cup of sleep, it taunts me with sights of overflowing wealth. And yet nary a coin has fallen from that blessed heap and rolled by divine chance to clatter at my feet. Would I pick it up? Would I even see it? Or would I instead look over it through eyes glazed by misunderstanding of the moment.

I sleep, I nap, and my mind is tickled awake by fancies of a thought. They tantalize me awake with dreams of speeding fingers. Music to my ears, the chatter of my keyboard is to me. I push their poor souls down and squash their lettered heads into my meaning. The meaning of the moment.


21 thoughts on “Lucid Dream

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  3. Nah, you sound like you are sleep walking(working). Happened to me recently. Went to sleep then awoke with a glass of milk and peanuts in my hand snacking. The cold drink going down my throat woke me up. Huh? W


  4. Ok, yeah, sure…funny, too, LOL..but lucid dreams are not (for most people) about getting rich or gaining in a material way. They just are what they are and anyone can cultivate lucid dreaming, but it takes alot of focus and practice for most of us to develop. Once developed, the art or faculty of lucid dreaming truly can and does bring many valuable benefits including problem-solving, sometimes prescience and prophetic awareness, and deep insights. LOL!


  5. Finding the meaning in the moment. Clattering coins and tap tap tap of keys or rain. Thank you for the mind tickle, a modern Shakespeare is amongst us!


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