The Dance

They seem to float, limbs extended beyond the possibility of extension. Their minds are focused and locked on each action, outwardly they portray a grace that cannot be learned. As they dance the audience is captivated by the moment and all anyone wishes to know is why are these people dancing? What is the meaning and purpose being shown? For all we can do is sit in envy at the perfect beauty of the moment. We are fascinated by the connection between humans and their art. A very real connection and one that often times eludes us ordinary men… we do stare in envy. But our envy does not overpower our appreciation for the accomplishment that two dancers have made us feel emotion by perfect motion.


6 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Its like really bad hip-hop…I will read no further. Do you know that space in this ADD world where such decisions are made? I love ya’ bro but im not diving deeper. thats the answer to the question you said you’d regret asking. I know nothing of this ‘thing’.

    And im sure to regret feeding it.

    (oh yeah, like the guy in the Corrupt Lieutenant)

    oh yeah…lol.

    keep smackin’ dem bitches up.


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