The Dock

I see them passing by. Different colors, sizes, holding occupants from different places and off to see some new adventure. It is like a reel of life playing before my eyes.

The emotion that wells forth is a longing, a fleeting fancy of jealousy. It is the same notion I get when I hear and then witness a plane passing overhead. I want to be there on that plane.

It is not a depressive want for escape from my life, for I would want my wife and daughters to see the world with me, it is instead an inner urge to never feel settled. It is a wonder I am so complacent on a daily basis for I feel this nomadic tedency to strike camp and see what is out there…just over there one more horizon away. It is hard to shake this feeling when it occurs, maybe one day soon we will fold our tents and see the next city on our list. Hopefully somewhere with an ocean view and endless inspirations for pages yet to be written.


4 thoughts on “The Dock

  1. Hey. Just one question:
    Have you ever had a problem distinguishing truth from fiction in reading or in thought? Perhaps, that’s what it means to live your dreams. Just a thought you conjured in my mind while reading this post.


  2. The places wonder will take us. This encapsulates the thoughts I have every time I pass by the airport, see a plane flying in the sky, see a commercial about a cruise ship, venture to the website of all inclusive getaways in the isles of Tahiti and Fiji, or simply view pictures of destinations abroad. In that instant of wonder, I see myself in those location. Awesome read!!!!


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