The Light

You cannot see the light, as it fades into the night. It tantalizes your sight and urges pursuit. Where do the lights go when humanity’s cruelty has dimmed the voice of reason that we seek… that we need. We shatter illusions by caring and in that compassionate act, we often times give birth to fury. For care, passion, and fury are made up of emotion and the commonality is the connection to that which we decide to fight for in life. We fight for things that are right, even when those that do wrong hold their hands up in supplication… or ignorance. Dare we allow the guilty of society to slip silently into the night? Or do we instead chase down those demons with our own light, the light that man carries when they truly care.

-Opinionated Man

25 thoughts on “The Light

  1. something to think about further though I think I could probably give a fast response but I don’t to choose to. Seems to be the evening for philosophical thinking! I’m in the middle of writing a post about a poem and its meaning to me –all because I finished a small sewing project tonight! lol I know you are wondering what sewing has to do with poems and philosophy. Check my blog shortly and you will figure it out.


  2. For evil to exist does not take evil men and women to do ill but good men and women to do nothing – that has always stayed with me and I know it has become almost a cliche in its commonality but that does not take away its truth. I try to hold that in my heart – a beacon to guide a moral compass that can at times spin like a game dial and like all I have failed but I do continue to try.


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