Color by Number

You predefine where I can draw a line.
Or tell me how to write a rhyme.
But you cannot choose the color of the day.

You tell me what goes with what.
If I am silly or acting a nut.
But a question I have if I may?

Who has the final say on matters?
On this, that, or the later.
Whoever made these rules we use.

For rules are at the root of the issue.
I despise them, I will never miss you.
For with them I feel the abuse.

You confine my creative nature.
With your color by number legislature.
Free me from these external constraints.

And with the bonds now loose, I walk free.

To soar like a bird, whatever I want to be.
To color anything, free of restraint.


18 thoughts on “Color by Number

  1. It got busy there!! – nice to come here and drink these words in. Missed this one.

    Who indeed…made them?
    Poetry really does bring such wonderous ways of putting across shit. 😉
    Nite J


  2. If you got your fat crayon, go color the world… Mine is always green… And if you add water… Everything bleeds through… The colors blend, run outside the lines…. But most importantly… The human body is mostly water. And the world is also mostly water… Hmmmm


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