Illusions of Fantasy

Think you know imagery? Think you have read it all? Have you observed the moment the sun has fallen into the ocean? Have you truly watched as the light meets the water’s edge and droplets of aqua fire are shot spitting into air. You can observe the eerie green flash of light that comes for a second, a tale the seaman share when lonely docks are walked at night. Have you seen the illusion of fantasy?

I have not.


10 thoughts on “Illusions of Fantasy

  1. Spectacular. I’ve seen the green flash. Or at least I thought I did. Twice on a super clear horizon. But I’ve wondered . . . did I really? Or is it only because I wait and search for it always when watching the sunset.


    • I am glad you liked it. I like to hope I might see a bit more of the world one day… I’d even like to see that flash of green on a cruise, but I don’t trust boats so that might be an issue.


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