Murder Me

Murder me with a dagger of physical anger. Beat your chest and take comfort in the fact that you have a cause. How does the weight of that banner feel while you balance it against your large ego? A giant of a man standing so small on social media. Crying to the wind because no one else cares. Slay me with your fury and shake that small fist in my direction. I smile in amusement at your attempted aggression.

You are nothing.

I am still here.


6 thoughts on “Murder Me

  1. Good one, with a nice rhyming scheme towards the end! 🙂
    But let me ask you something OM. Are you angry these days? Your posts seem to be somewhat violent…as if you are being infuriated with something.


  2. I love it, OM. You have such delightful prose.

    As to murder, what usually stops me is the thought of having to do paperwork and clean up the mess. Yep, there are people alive today only because I didn’t think it would be worth the paperwork 🙂


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