They will always have something to say. They will try to compare and contrast your actions to their own lines of thought. Similarities between lives become instant points of contention because we as humans take different things to heart from each situation. One person focuses in on the pain, another praises the presence of God, and still the third mumbles that at least the devil wasn’t involved this time. Separate points of view focused on the same scene, we all reach for the white elephant and feel different portions in the night.

Do we live a single life only to try and impress our lessons upon another? Is each step walked in hope that an opportunity will present itself to give a lesson instead of merely living our lives? I see doctors and professors in every direction, desperately they seek a student to teach each day. We scream at the wind without concern of sound because our action is just that… an action. There is no will for reception from them.


16 thoughts on ““They”

  1. We express ourselves that way we think. If for some reason, others disagree to what we say, we have the option to explain. For me, the essence of communication is the exchange of views. To cut that out is what you aptly said, “scream at the wind without concern of sound.” Profound thought, indeed.


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