Morning Sun

I meet my fears daily. They stand upon the deck with me, I feel their hands upon my shoulder. Their added weight does not comfort me, it in fact causes me to lean slightly to the left and may cause future harm to my knees. I think I will ask my doctor about that.

The coming sun does not portray a singular shadow upon my unswept deck. Instead I see a crowd behind me. I turn my head, there is no one there. Their voices are clear in the morning air, we pause in debate and watch a duck fly by looking for the lake a block over. It captures our attention for a moment and we forget our prescribed parts in this play. Reality quickly fixes this momentary lapse in attention.

I look down and see their eyes upon me. My eyes. A new day begins.


32 thoughts on “Morning Sun

  1. I’ve been scanning your poetry. I like you’re style. I also read in part of your blog that you think poets shouldn’t read your blog because you don’t conform to poetic standards. I like that. I consider myself a writer more than a poet, although I do dabble in poetry. I don’t like conforming either, so cudos. You’re writing is great!

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  2. Very pretty! This is where the line between poetry and blogging blurs.

    I especially liked the first paragraph. Your fears lean on you and cause you knee damage, ha.



  3. Beautiful allegory – lost my flow when “doctor” is mentioned. Expand this – it needs to be published somewhere – The Sun , The Writer , or Narrative Magazine. I like this soft side of you : )


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