I Could Change the Stars

I could change the stars with a single hand cupped with desire. Pointing them in the direction I wish, a God walking among men. Or are we perhaps fools amongst fools as we walk with our heads down and ignore the light? Would anyone even notice if I were to alter your perception or would it be lost through the glaze of routine.

I see the world through mirrors because staring directly at pain is far too hard. How much easier is it to accept an image at a glance than one before your eyes? I weigh this thought even as my mind decides for me. I shatter the glass ceiling in hope of seeing the sky once more. I lay down and dream that I could change the stars.


32 thoughts on “I Could Change the Stars

  1. I looked at the hole in the ceiling, where I broke the borders between fate and my life apart. I stared at it as one does a hole in the arm, with a pile of blood oozing up. I reach out my arm, grabbing at stars, even though they hundreds of thousands of miles away.

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  2. This was nice. Sincere.
    I am actively staring at my pain these days, or trying to at least.
    Avoidance and dismissal have only left scabs that prevent me from experiencing life authentically. It made for a delicately pleasant life built on my pseudo self. Much less fulfilling than I had hoped.
    So I’m picking at scabs.. or smashing through glass as you so eloquently put it.


  3. The glaze of routine.
    A shared struggle, for sure. Thanks for the reminder that we’re all paddling the same boat. If we could just paddle in the same direction, what a difference that would make.


  4. This piece reminds me of a passage in the scriptures when Moses came down from the mountain and his visage was shining so bright the Israelites couldn’t look upon his face; he had to place a veil over his face to minister to them. Are you familiar with the reading?

    Almost compared to a murderer asked to look the family of the victims in the face and sadly cannot because of the guilt.


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