The Rain

A concert of nature takes place today. It starts with a steady rhythm of tears from the clouds of above. They strike the window in death and the sound that comes forth joins the rest of the chorus.

Queue the thunder now. It rumbles in the background trying not to outshine the rain. And yet it will willingly block out the sun while turning face to darkness.

Sound and light are needed. Where is the lightning? Ah, there it is. Steady, powerful, and yet we love the unpredictable nature of it. The lightning presents a variable for this symphony and the crowd is delighted by the display of aggression.

Through it all is the main duet. A waltz between the beating of the heart and the consoling rain from above. They sing to each or are they actually competing for your heart?

Who can say… but today there is still the rain.


5 thoughts on “The Rain

  1. And tomorrow all of my newly planted watermelons will be rotted and Pensacola will be flooded again. But yeah, rain is nice to listen to!


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