Steady Hand

I do not know what time will bring. What sunrises may be seen or songs we might sing. I do not worry about the ending of a story until it comes. When your eyes are always focused up ahead you tend to trip over the smallest stone.

Being caught by your steady hand allows for some divided attention. For when support is felt, courageously do we strive on towards common goal. Let us never feel the weight of the vanguard, for there is no lonelier soul than he that guards the rear.

You will never keep the company of only a shadow as long as I live. For a shadow has no soul and you lose a little of yourself when you willingly connect with the soulless.

Choppy waters turn into placid lakes of calm. We bask in the peaceful bliss of being unafraid. Your hand steadies my nerves and calms my demeanor. The sureness of your touch is equal to the solidity of your presence.

I will miss you.


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