Morning Bright

Morning bright I see the light. As it glances off the glass just right. It shimmers over waves of golden calm. Calm that has been captured inside a manmade glass. How sweet is the ability to open such a moment with the crisp sound of escaped air. No fancy umbrella or exotic fruit is needed here. Simply a sure grip and a few ounces of motivation. Several times over.

I have no idea what time it  is. Those two extra shifts really messed my sleep scheduled up!


6 thoughts on “Morning Bright

  1. Is there a way to rate a comment as stupid beyond belief? Who, beyond the person who posted it, cares if a comment is the first, or what time it was posted?

    OM, my daughter would empathize with you. Earlier this week she got home at 4am, just to have to be at work at noon. Technically, she was off for 8 hours, but with the drive home, then having to get up early enough to eat, shower, dress, and drive back, she was lucky to get 6 hours sleep.


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