Honor Lost

I have given my word I say. I will be there on that day. The price I will pay. Nothing can turn me away.

The days have passed and the night has come. Honor is lost.

I live my days a shadow. I am no longer what I was or am worthy to call myself by the same name. I don’t give my word, because my word means nothing. All the passion and anger inside matters for naught when the world doesn’t trust your voice. Without honor I am bound to nothing. When you are bound to nothing you are unpredictable and a rogue. The world hates the unpredictable… the uncontrolled.

And thus without honor I live. The one thing given, the one thing now lost. Who cares about material things when the one priceless thing was wasted for nothing? There is no price that could make this emptiness worth it. I am now the soulless, for the soulless have lost their honor.


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