A Mistaken Light

Is that the light I see ahead? A way to an easier path and an escape from the perils that haunt previous footsteps which I have taken. Is one light the same as the other? How confusing it must be to test the sanctity of a ray of sunshine. And yet we taste and sample the differences continuously throughout the day. It is a wonder that the taste buds of our tongue can differentiate between the good and the bad when we are continuously assaulted by the unknown.

We glance at bending stream of crystalized essence as it spreads across the floor before us. The pureness of the beam gives its edges a sharpness that steel would be jealous of. As we pass our hand through the illusion it cuts in half, broken immediately by the touch of human skin. Have we broken the perfect picture, or has the picture retreated from the imperfection that has touched it. We can but stare and wonder in tears at the hint that we are no longer as pure as the image in front of us. We are instead the shadows that define the light, and any goodness that others see in us is simply a mistaken light in itself.


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