Hammer and Steel

Here I sit feeling sorry for myself and I see your story come on CNN. I find your video easily on YouTube, it wasn’t hard. I listened to it twice, it touched me. That might be an overly used statement, but I am not easily affected by things. Your voice spoke to me though today. And now I sit in reflection.

Hammer and steel are used to forge my soul this afternoon. I hammer out the bullshit that I thought was keeping me from progressing. The excuses, the anger, the stupidity are all attacked equally. I am steel and as I burn hot I realize that my inspiration is within… not without. I need no liquid or solids to persuade my mind, I am my mind.

I see you singing with joy. Your happiness has inspired me. Thank you, today I needed it. You deserved two posts Olivia Wise.

We battle demons in the night and in the morning we put on a smile. But as mortals… sometimes that smile slips. I know why and who I have to be a better man for. I will do better.


3 thoughts on “Hammer and Steel

  1. Words spoken by a wise man! I remember this saying my great grandfather told me, “War is a game, not of survival or killing, but a game of chess. Always anticipate the next move, or it is you who will be checkmated”
    -Col. Albert Jerry Richmond


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