What is Poetry?

What is poetry to me? Poetry is the ability to capture the moment in words. To provide a description so strong you can taste it, feel it, and your emotions react as such. The power of imagery is the mace of Poetry and she wields it with the strength of the writer. I believe poetry can be written by anyone. The simplest of words placed with the care of a Japanese stone garden can create remarkable art. The influence of the poem is measured by a full spectrum of attributes and it is thus very hard to compare and contrast one poem to another. It is like comparing art, for who can truly say what the artist intended but that person themselves.

My attraction to poetry is centered on the fact that a poem is written for me first. If I understand the lines and the meaning behind them that is all that matters. Your enjoyment is secondary. But if I succeed in my goal I should be able to take you places with me. Every time I write a poem I slit my proverbial wrist and pour my soul onto the page in hopes that a single feeling is felt. Whatever feeling that might be.


25 thoughts on “What is Poetry?

  1. Love love! I just recently (about 3 weeks ago) started writing poetry… I agree with you, that anyone can write poetry! Never thought I could until I actually sat down and opened my mind to new possibilities. Just thinking of one scenario or taking an observation I had and explaining my experience from it. It’s so great to look back and read that and it brings it back to life for me 🙂


  2. I cannot write poetry. Well, I cannot write anything poetic that I like. And if I don’t like it, I can’t expect someone else to. Which is a shame because I love good poetry.


  3. Your poems are good, it takes bravery to write poetry, it is difficult. I also think the best writing comes when you do indeed write for yourself without fear of rejection or pleasing others, that is how authenticity is achieved.

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  4. Poetry is when your lips are numb, ur heart wants to be heard, ur soul craves and somehow u fly into the clouds and breathe out..and what u breathe turns into words…


  5. The poet does write for himself/herself first. It is through the poet’s words that we are able to relate to those emotions the poet felt as the poem is written. The goal is to make people feel, think, and remember.

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  6. I love poetry especially when it’s not long. I know that sounds strange maybe but I’m not much of a reader anymore so I prefer things succinctly said rather than droning out in some sort of drama before me. lol. Therefore, I like your blog and your poems!!! 😀

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  7. You capture my thoughts on poetry exactly. If I were to write poems for others, I wouldn’t right them at all. Poetry has a way of breaking boundaries (you don’t need to make sure you dot your ‘i’s’ and cross your ‘t’s’ or use that prepositional phrase correctly etc. etc.; it’s all about allowing those words from your heart to leap from within and onto a page. There’s no right or wrong in poetry–it just is: pure words reaching out for the emotional connection, or self understanding. 🙂

    Also, Thank you for sharing–I enjoyed reading your poems.

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