A Morning Cup of What?

What am I drinking this morning? A morning cup of what? It is not whisky to slay the dreams or coffee to wake the churning mind. It is not a Bloody Mary to heal an evening of carousing, though carousing was surely done. It could be a cup of orange juice to greet the morning sun, though I do not care for the acidic nature of OJ. I stand before the fridge and ponder the consequences of such a simple decision. I glance out the window and feel nothing special. I pour a glass of water.


4 thoughts on “A Morning Cup of What?

  1. Question: Do men ever feel anything special? Not a derogatory question, because my husband was the only one crying when our son was born. I was just glad to have him out of my body. But, as I mentioned before, we have a kind of gender-bender thing going on here…. soooo….?


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