It beats. And as you feed it food and thoughts, it grows and forms before you. Ever evolving, ever enlarging, it soon feeds off the emotions surrounding it. Like a whirlwind it forces those around to be pushed and pulled in every direction. It does not care anymore what harm might come, because it does not abide by your rules. You created it, you gave it birth, and now it is free.

It breathes a sigh of relief, a release of tension brought upon by the breaking of bonds placed by others, possibly by you. Like a convict taking his first step of freedom, it has discovered the same joyous feeling of escape. But what other feelings does it also like? What has it grow to love? You can no longer know these things; control has been lost to you. And like the spectator that you are, you can only watch and hope that you have guided it enough. Given it enough love to offset the tempest that is forming in front of you.


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