You think you know the bite of the wind? The feeling of despair as despair itself swallows you? Think that you know pain and what causes it? Is the meaning solidified in your heart? How much pain will you feel when my anger crumbles the very definition that you know? Think me afraid of wielding fire if that is what it takes to slay my foe?


21 thoughts on “Anger

  1. I have been feeling pain and anger for months now. What bothers me is even when it passes, whenever that will be, I can never go back to an innocence of myself. I’ve grown and matured and will never be looked at as a sweet person!


  2. Pain comes with suffering my friend and certainly not with a definition. It is sometime the solution and at times the only questions that marks utmost disturbance. Well, it is a subjective debate 😉


    • I have a constant daily pain actually from crohn’s which lets me know a “small” portion of what those with true pain daily feel like. Such as cancer patients. I put my pain scale at around a constant 1 out of 10, but even having a “constant” is a stressful thing on the human body.


      • Okay. Hum. Several years ago I had this really painful digestive issue. I did not like or trust going to the doctor, but I did get my blood worked up by a naturopath and said there were some weird parts of the chart. The white blood count for one thing was off like my body had been fighting something for a long time. Also he suggested a candidas fighting diet. I took 1 Tablespoon of flax oil and something else daily. Raised electrolytes as well. And did a lot of cleanses. It was 6 months of being in horrible pain all the time. And I elimated all sorts of allergen foods, which meant I ate hardly anything. No sugar, no grains of any kind, no dairy as I discovered I was lactose intolerant for a while, nothing unhealthy, no preservatives. Even after the 6 months when I had been able to manage my symptoms, I had to keep up this extreme diet for 2 years before I started to get better. Anyway I will just say that in my opinion that often a person Can do things to get control of their health. I hope you look into this. I heard good things about coconut oil for Crohn’s. Not as a cure all by itself, but it can be helpful.


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