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Welcome To My Blog!

I know it can be confusing to new readers trying to figure out my blogs. I have had some confused inquiries as to who Jason Cushman, OM, Opinionated Man, and J.C.C. are. Now that I run two blogs it can be even more puzzling to people that have just started to visit. My name is Jason… Read More »

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Looking for promotion? Etsy or website?

I am opening up my offer to promote people. I will include etsy shops and anyone looking for some help to promote their websites. If you are interested email me at aopinionatedman@gmail.com I know many of you have online stores that might simply need a hand in getting advertised. I have no niche here and… Read More »

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Trial Period Ending In April On Book Promotions!

I will end the “trial period” for Book Promotions the end of April. The new pricing is listed as a note at the end of the Book Promotion Terms Page HERE! Currently I am charging $50 for the first 3 month contract. After April the price will be $100 for the first 3 months. Please email me… Read More »

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Book Promotion Terms

I have posted the terms for the author promotions in the following link. Please check it out! The terms are hosted on my main top menu as well. www.aopinionatedman.com/book-promo-terms/  

My Little Authors

Anna Bear Journal 1 – Florida 5-4 Gracie Journal 1 – Florida 5-4 My little writers. I love it. Jason


I’m on vacation if you didn’t know. My response time is slow to both comments and emails! Please be patient and hate mail is always answered first. Have a great week bloggers! Jason

Night terror

Come terror my heart till it beats for you to stop. But you won’t stop till the dream has stopped. Don’t let me go as we both know. As our beats become one beat together. Turn my dreams into evil things. Walking beings from my past. Take my past from the very last. Terror me… Read More »

Social media marketers

It may seem strange for me to say this considering what I do on the side marketing other people… but I wouldn’t buy or pay attention to 99% of the social media “gurus” out there. Most of them don’t have a damn clue what they are talking about. Also a lot of them steal ideas… Read More »

Daily Florida


A Nod to Poe

How sweet is the tender touch as I caress your every limb. Our lips meet and thoughts collide on each and every sin. Even as I take you into my warm embrace. I smother the image by destroying your very grace. Transforming now our reality to fantasy. Pain brings the passion to ecstasy. You shudder,… Read More »

Apply To Be My Friend

You must fill out the survey to apply to be my friend. Failure to finish the survey will disqualify you. 1 – During an alien invasion who would you save first? Your family or me? 2 – A zombie has bitten me and I need you to cut off my limb before I turn into… Read More »

My Degree

I feel like people keep challenging my well thought out relationship advice and my degree from the Intergalactic Academy of Women so I took a photo of it. If it looks like it was written in crayon that is due to the pixelation of your computer monitor. I highly suggest getting it replaced and maybe… Read More »


Trickle down broken crown. My dreams seem to run. Passing by without a sound. From the sun they run. Terrors of the night my friend. Good things weren’t meant to be. Terrors of the night are sent. I run but cannot flee. They say to wish upon a star, But all the stars are taken.… Read More »