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Floral without a flower. Can I still bloom? Standing by a completed womb. I can’t help but to ignore… Falling petals, how they implore, to last just for a second more. Fallen beauty, how do you stand? A trembling body without any hands. How do I make you whole again? When does the cycle of life… Read More »

What is your goal with your blog?

People often email me for advice and their emails are usually very “general” in nature. They will ask for “blog advice,” but what does that really mean? It comes down to one question for me really. What is your goal with your blog? It is an important and necessary question because your goals and reason for… Read More »

Fallen Beauty

I walked upon a fallen star and sat to contemplate once more. How beautiful a torn wing can be as it extends past its meaning. We wept, remembering the feeling of floating. Of flying. Fallen, but still beautiful. You are my fallen beauty. -OM 44.1 @smokendust

How to find out if people are stealing from you

Most people may not have to worry about this, but some of us will find that people will steal anything. I have had my articles and posts lifted from my sites since I began blogging in 2013. It never gets easy to accept and it grates at you as you see your words highlighted on… Read More »

The Blogging Debate Part 1

There are a few topics bloggers love to argue about and many of us end up having an opinion on them. I have written a ton of posts expressing my views on lots of these subjects, but I thought it would be fun to blast them all out together for you. To niche or not… Read More »

A Perfect Fit

There was never a more perfect fit. Your hand inside of mine. Two hands meant to hold each other through life. Or at least as long as there is life in mine. I watch you step as I step, we step together through life. Watching as your steps grow larger and my steps… they slowly… Read More »

Setting Sail

I could set my heart to sail and watch as it becomes another’s heart. Would I blow a little harder to make that dream come true or hold my breath and hope it does not shatter. That I do not wake up. One hand on the tiller and another upon a hole in my chest.… Read More »

Protected Blog

Protected blog. What do you hide? How do I sneak inside? Protected from me, a place to be. How curiosity tickles me. Hidden posts. What do you say? Something that might serve my day? Rants and words secreted within. Or perhaps a blogger began again. Tantalizing hanging locks. The single eye of entry mocks. And… Read More »

They will come

They will come with their anger. Ready to shatter peace for existing in the way of their rage. Raging against everyone because it is impossible to rage against yourself. How they beat their chests to ensure we know their emotion exists. There you stand. A rock for them to break. The peace that they hate… Read More »

Blogging Past the Doubt

We all experience doubt at some point while blogging. We wonder if what we are writing is good enough, worth reading, or will be read at all. We see all these other bloggers sharing posts and content that we sometimes consider is better than our own. It is at this point that we must make… Read More »