The American Flag

Nothing makes me more angry than seeing the American flag upside down. Protest all you want, but when you disrespect the flag you not only shit on this country you shit on the men and women that protect it. If you don’t like this country get the fuck out of it. If you don’t respect the flag know that I don’t respect you or your “protest.” Learn the correct way of making your voice heard. Turning MY FLAG upside down isn’t one of them.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man

Veteran – USAF

Terrorize Me

Terrorize me with your reality, the reality of my past. Cloaked in darkness you yank me from my bliss and shackle again my ankles to the past. Does this city beckon to me in the night or is it instead the call of vultures from above as the smell of carrion rises to greet them. I am the feast and they prey upon me at my weakest moment.

Who could fear the light as we sleep peacefully in the night. Innocence lost to a struggle within. I see their faces return with glee, demons of my past. Different colors but all the same shade, they share a commonality in their goal. I slay them until my arm grows weary and my strength of will begins to falter. There is no help in this world, a prison of my mind. And so I sit and await the next conjugal visit from myself. Prisoner 108.



If you aren’t willing to self-promote don’t be angry when no one ever hears of you, sees your writing, or even knows you exist. If you want to be recognized for your words you must first believe your words are worth sharing. Self-promotion starts with “self” and that in turn correlates to you putting in the effort. Stop avoiding the struggle, stop waiting for someone to notice you first, and stop waiting for recognition to knock at your door. Recognition doesn’t have any hands to knock.


I can’t stop blogging

I can’t stop blogging… even on vacation. I swear this shit is automatic now.

I’ll keep posting and stop judging myself. I don’t have a problem. YOU ALL DO!!!

I am going to post and catch up to comments as I can. If I miss your comment I hope you don’t take it personally… Unless you are that one blogger. (I just felt like adding this randomly because I know it will upset people and I am kind of a jerk).

Happy Thanksgiving people!


Parenting – how easily we forget

Parents easily forget what growing pains are. How legs, joints, bones, and your whole body will ache as a child. No one ever explained to me why my legs would cramp up so badly I would wake up sometimes in serious pain. My girls are growing so fast and I have to remind myself that sometimes they really are hurting. Sometimes it isn’t just that they don’t wanna go to bed.

Listen to your children.


Your face is going to get stuck that way

I make a facial expression that has literally caused a crease, wrinkle to form on my face. It is when I observe humans acting humanly and I wrinkle my face and try to pull both my lips to the side. It is hard to explain and I really don’t feel like horrifying everyone with a close up of my face. I just thought I’d let you all know it is true! Your face is going to get stuck that way…

This post really isn’t as random as it seems.