Perfect Moments

Perfect moments, given flight.

Dare I hope? I might, I might.

Trample me, come trample me.

Trample my beating heart.

Come to me, do not flee.

Our journey I hope to start.

Making moments while moments make me.

Is it meant to be?

i hope i hope, a single wish.

this chance, this moment, I will not miss.



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A Train of Roses

Opinionated Man:

Where did you go? Give me the keys to your blog and I’ll take care of it while you are away! lmao! :) -OM
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Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:

orange roses
the aisle
full of song

white roses
the bath
full of reverie

petals crush
under our weight and i
smell like roses.

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Cecil who?

I don’t get the outrage over this lion being killed. It was a lion… not a puppy. Lions eat puppies actually. Beloved? To whom? Did he give out hugs and do selfies with people?

Yes, let us send this MURDEROUS dentist back to Zimbabwe for shooting an animal with a permit. People act like this guy baited and killed a handicapped animal or something. Was Cecil retired from the circus and famous? Did I miss that part of the story?

I did notice that this lion’s death bumped down all the horrible tragedies that actually affected real human beings. That seems logical. I mean that lion did so much good for this world. He… what did he do again?

The words people are using are so amusing. “Vile killing” and “murderous.” Give me a fucking break people. The man killed a lion with a bow and arrow! In some places he would be awarded a tent and a few wives.

[insert as large of an eye roll as a Korean can get away with right here]



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