Wounded Hearts

Wounded hearts they sing a song. Of disappearing times and other people’s lives. Through misty images of walking past. We see our dreams as they everlast. They stay with us through the liquored breath. A simple thing, a simple test.

Could I but take these memories and extinguish the need that has been bred by knowledge gained. I would turn back youthful hasty feet and tell him no… do not return to distant shore. There is nothing there but broken dreams. They glitter like diamonds on the beach of Busan.


Tear drops full of dreams

Tear drops dangle till filled to the brim. Finger tips grasping, one last limb. Tear drops full of dreams they are. I taste the salt seeing broken stars. I wonder why some dreams must die. A ticking time bomb of bundled lie. Do I pray for a wish to the east or west. Or inner self turned strong through created test. A sparrow’s company I would take tonight. To strengthen resolve and know what’s right.

-Opinionated Man

The Killing

Could I slay the heart with a dagger of intent? Closing your eyes for the final time and embracing that last precious moment. Savoring the taste of simple air. Air we take for granted as we thoughtlessly breathe it every second and yet this second, this single second it tastes like water. Would you see the dwindling light like a closing sewer cap, slowly shutting out the sun? A scream of screams erupting from your throat as your soul climbs slowly out of your mouth. I murmur a thoughtless poem as I revel in the thought of your departure.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


I’m frustrated.

Opinionated Man:

The transition from writing “for yourself” to starting to care if people read your blog is a hard one for many. The reality is most people DO care… they just never admit it. Thanks for the kind mention and I am glad you have found some useful information on my website. I haven’t been blogging as long as many people, two years only actually, but I love WordPress because of the community and I also learn something new each day. That is living. All the best with your blogging and I hope you don’t mind the visitors. -OM
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I started my blog a week ago as a form of self therapy and didn’t care if anyone read my stuff. Or didn’t think I cared. But I admit it: I do.

I read a lot of other blogs here at WordPress and some of them have thousands of followers and hundreds of comments for each post. Of course I realize most of these people have been at WordPress for a long time, and naturally those people will have more followers and comments than a newbie. Some of them may be professional bloggers who have paid for SEO and know all sorts of tricks I don’t to increase the numbers of hits they get.

But all that said, I still find it frustrating and disheartening when I spend hours writing a post and then another hour or so editing and trying to make it look great, only to come back…

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WordPress – The Truth About SEO

Let me share what I know about SEO, Google SEO, and how it all connects to WordPress. Some of you may know this info, but many are clueless. I’ll explain.

If you are hosted on WordPress.com you do not need Google SEO to find an audience. Your audience is right here already waiting for you to connect. That is on you and how much you want to be “found.” That doesn’t mean SOME of the advice you read on SEO isn’t relevant because it still can be. Photos will make your post more noticeable (I rarely use them), the title does matter (my titles suck), tags really matter (I mainly tag with the top traffic tags), and the time of day in which you post is also important (for me that is about 10 am – 11 am MDT due to a large American audience). If you self-host or cannot access the WordPress Reader you must rely on Google SEO to be found and that is why I strongly encourage “new bloggers” not to go that route.

WordPress is already setup to “step you through” creating posts that are easily found by internal search. It also helps that WordPress has its own search engine internally built. That is why you don’t have to rely on Google to be found by a “random reader.” To have your post read, however, does take effort and some of the “tricks” SEO experts preach are relevant in this regard. Bloggers still need to realize that if all you are seeking is new connections those connections can be found right here on WordPress without ever stepping off site. Think of WP and Google as cities in this regard. To have people from the Google city find you they must search for you right? That is where learning how to create the right posts with the right titles and tags can be important if traffic from a third party website is your goal.

Why would someone care to be found through Google? You have a far greater chance of going viral from a Google connection because you honestly have no idea who that is finding you. It could be a Congressman, it could be a Instagram forum with tens of thousands of members gawking at your post which someone has pasted on an alternate site. It has happened to me before and trust me I was a bit surprised to find one of my “feminist posts” on a forum with about 40,000 feminist followers. That was an interesting day. Your chances of going “viral” on WordPress aren’t as good. You can get Freshly Pressed by chance or have a larger blogger share your posts… which most powerbloggers don’t do. I think I may give the wrong impression by how I act towards my fellow bloggers because most “large bloggers” don’t give a shit about you unless you can offer them something.

I quickly learned that my target audience was other bloggers. That is why my readership is 100% WordPress. I learned this after only a few weeks of blogging and the proof of that is my graph below where you see a sudden upsurge in viewership around February to March of 2013.


I also want to show you what I have said before and that is the fluctuations that take place from the work and lack thereof I put into this website. That can be witnessed by this second graph.


Notice the plateus in views due to my weekends and the times I take a break. This is explained in my blogging model in which I tell you that people find me because I work at them finding me. I do not sit around and wait for visitors and again my readership is not fueled by Google. I am almost at 1 million views in less than two years and that is due to hard work. I did not moan about what others have, complain about fake followers and spammers, it is all about what you want to accomplish. If your goal is to have people see your writing, photos, blog, or anything you are promoting you must go out and find those people willing to give you a chance. They won’t find you unless you strike gold and get lucky.

Striking gold DOES exist. Many of you may have a post that sees far more “spam” than others. That is because your post has been flagged by a search engine or a bot that is directly connecting to your post. This is a “good” thing if you are seeking views only. I of course am after interaction (note that I deleted all the posts from 2013 when I almost stopped blogging last December and that removed over 200,000 comments), so bot views really don’t matter too much to me. You can also score big if you are found by someone important through Google SEO. We have to take into account that most CEOs and Presidents of corporations are probably not sitting around blogging on WordPress. Their companies do have workers scouring the internet for relatable websites and that is where you can get noticed. This is all to say that Google SEO is not complete bullshit, I simply don’t rely on it for my website as a choice.

I am sure someone with a marketing degree will disagree with some of this. That is their right and I don’t have a degree in marketing, only a business degree. I do not work in an SEO related field and this knowledge is all from what I have deciphered. I am providing my graphs to show that I am not talking out of my ass though, so the choice is really up to you if you wish to believe this post. The bottom line is that getting “discovered” is rarely going to happen, but if you put true effort in you can guide others to find you. How much do you want it?

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-Opinionated Man



This is worth sharing again.

You will always have doubters. Family members, friends, complete strangers, sort of friends, bloggers, co-workers, and whoever else you decide to share your ideas with. Many will smile, many will frown, many will give you strange looks, and most are probably not even listening to you. No one should allow another person to change their course in life unless that change is wanted by you first. Doubters come in all forms and for all reasons. They aren’t always jealous, they sometimes just don’t understand, but in the end they should all receive the same answer.

“Thank you for your opinion, now fuck off.”

The problem with humans is that we love to share our opinions even if we have no damn clue what we are talking about. Actually, especially if we have no clue what we are talking about. We love to share our “insight” and we don’t care if that action brings the other person down. Because why should it?

It does matter. People don’t always stop and think how detrimental their words can be. They slay ideas, gods, hopes, and dreams with a passing comment or offhand remark. And all the while they do this sometimes with the most innocent of intentions.

Here is what I practice and it is the same as what I preach. I read everything that comes to me or is directed at me. The comments saying I am a poor writer, a novice, I lack any type of style, I have no ethics, my blog is random and annoying, why do I follow everyone, power bloggers are just about money, he just wants to sell his eBook, he is so annoying, what a misogynist bastard, his views on adoption are so wrong, OM is racist, OM hates homosexuals, OM doesn’t read my blog, OM this and that and whatever else you can think of. I brush it off. There are too many bloggers, people, voices, and positive spirits in this world to focus on the negative ones for over a day. Sure, I will give them my attention for 24 hours, but after that I try and cut the festering wound off. Do the comments and remarks bother me? Yep, I am human, they do bother me sometimes. But what makes me smile is knowing that in ten years I will have completed my goals and dreams. Where will those doubters be? Still on WordPress writing their posts about how they are happy doing what they are doing… all the while not really being happy.

Facebook was considered a business model with zero chance of success. Critics did not think there was any way people would share that much personal information or care to network through that site in the format Mark had chosen. The guys that decided not to join in on Facebook when Zuckerburg started it are probably very unhappy now and their reasons at the time were most likely “I have been doing marketing for 20 years and there is no way this will work!” Do you all realize there are kids in college making websites and generating millions in online income this very second and day? Do people think that is fantasy or that only outliers can accomplish this? Those doubters lack any type of original thought and thus will always be sheep following the pack.

These are all easy things to say and hard concepts to “do.” Especially for one such as me that has a depressive nature. I try not to allow my true emotions to bleed over into my blog. Sure I will get annoyed (none of my “followers” have managed to make me angry yet) and my writing “style” (yes… I THINK I have a style regardless of what THEY say) is aggressive and pointed. It always has been. I can make a post-it note into a bullet, trust me. This is all to say that you can’t allow people and their opinions on what you are doing to alter your course. Especially if they say “you are doing it the wrong way.” Thinking outside the box will always generate scorn and condemnation. I think this is amusing because honestly there are very few “out of the box” thoughts when it comes to blogging. What I am doing here isn’t new, it isn’t savvy or brilliant, but instead it is simply hard work. Maybe the doubters are just lazy and are in fact people that could never do what you are doing. Consider that before changing your plans because of the “words and opinions” of some random fool or even someone you know and trust.

-Opinionated Man