Spiritual Babylon?

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I am unsure what was more amusing the post or the comments/arguements that followed. LoL -OM

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So Violet asks, “I was wondering if you have a post that explicitly addresses how you believe a Christian who experiences same sex attractions should live their lives in terms of romance. I’d be interested to know if you think they should attempt a heterosexual marriage or just remain celibate….”

First let me tell a story. Several years ago I tried to take care of a man at the end of his life, racist, bigoted, sexually immoral to the point of believing that all marriage was a sham, intimacy with women was a pipe dream, his only worth and value was in his own sexuality, his conquests of women, of which there had been many. He had an extensive collection of art, all nudes of women, but he also had an intense rage and frustration towards women as a whole, because we allegedly had all failed to love him the…

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Morning Sin

I wake up to my night each morning. My desires and sins of the previous evening wait to greet me. They shine their different shades of sin through differing shaped cups of objectivity. I ignore them with the sunlight. A new face awakens. I walk past another lesson learned. Another poem written in the night. Another page of my life. Another promise to be broken.

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Weekly recap!

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You found an old notebook and I found a new one! :) -OM
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Wow, I ALMOST forgot this post! What a disaster (not)! What did we do last week? Have a crappy week! That’s what! Nothing but bad luck. Of some sort. I had some major rants here (part 1) and here (part 2). I’ve updated part 5 of Escape. I had a MAJOR huge rant for my 1 year of normalcy anniversary! And I have some neurotic tendencies that people seem to find funny..

My last visit at the dentist.. Well. I wept. Big tears. Pain. I swear. I cried and sniffled. Like a little child. But, since I have a really nice dentist, I had a nice comforting “that moment“. I have a fun post on how to post like I post but, that doesn’t mean you have to do what it says. ;) I also have a little something right here that might…

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Stereotypically Able Movement–A Time of Change and Recognition

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Sounds like a great reason for a blog to me. Fight those stereotypes for us all! It is always fun to revisit “why” we started our blogs. -OM

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With the society we live in, stereotypes are everywhere we turn. Whether it be the popular girls being stereotyped as being “bitches” because of their social class, or jocks being stereotyped as “dumb”. One stereotype that really gets under my skin is that all disabled people are considered “dumb” or “retarded”.

For those of who know me, know I hate when I get put into a box or have people tell me what is best for me, or what they think is best for me without really knowing me as a person. Yes, I have cerebral palsy, and use a walker to help me walk, but that does not make me any less of a person. I have heard people flat out say that they feel sorry for the person because since they have a disability their life would be too hard, or that they cannot go for their dreams…

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Reality Floats

Wishing upon anything that floats.

Objects of reality are weighted down by human expectation.

We anchor our hopes and dreams upon anything that flies.

Hoping that our thoughts will find the light before they die.

Blaming the light when our wishes don’t come true.

Never knowing that we are pirates trying to steal wishes away.

Away from those that are already being made for someone else.

We pray upon another’s star and wish from afar a perfect impossibility.

An unreal reality.