[Adult Language] I am going to vent

I thought about it for a few hours… and I am still mad. But I am not angry for the reason most would think. I am actually more frustrated that someone would come to my website and steal my highest viewed article, but never read my articles on blogging. If they did that they would know that article wasn’t why it got views. I am why that article got those views. See that is something a lazyass like you wouldn’t comprehend. It is hard work. I would give you the benefit of the doubt in this whole thing, but you actually altered my article just enough to try and “make it yours!” Seriously… Leila?

I write freely and I know people will steal my stuff. It has happened before, but this time was different. The sloppy as shit edit job you did on my article is actually insulting! Especially compared to your other “work” which has such great English… By the time I am done with this beer I will be done with this topic. Enjoy the article dick.

I’ll be taking a break for a bit. Be back soon WordPress.

-Opinionated Man








Women Are Crazy..

I am not a relationship blogger, but occasionally I will write about and share some of the experiences I have had, and truths, discovered along the way on a journey called “relationships”. Here is one important truth about women: Women are crazy and the funny part is that, they make sense to each other. This truth is hard to debate because my “evidence” below is so sound.

Women pick arguments on purpose. The only time, men pick arguments on purpose is when we do not like someone, we are drunk or when we decide to act macho in front of our ladies. Men do not often like to argue and do you know why? because men are lazy and its hard to argue with you when Manchester United is playing. So why is, women arguing so crazy? Because, the reason they pick up fights and argue with men is “to test their relationship” That is the whole “what if the glass breaks” concept that women are always trying out. They obviously have not heard of the “if it is not broke, don’t fix it concept” that we, men love.

Women ask questions, they know the answers to and they still expect an answer. And God save your soul, if the answer is not a positive one. You have to back your different answer with hard facts, though these facts will help very little since your answer is different from hers. These Q & As sessions can sometimes be tests. Your girlfriend becomes the English teacher from Hell, you hated so much in High School..
Women really dont care about your opinion most of the time. You know “they” say a good conversation is good dialogue between the two participants. Whoever “they” were, “they” were obviously not talking with a woman..

A woman does not want your input on a topic she has already decided upon. You are allowed a couple sighs, hmmmmmms (confirmation noises) to let her know that, you are are still listening and a “yes dear, that is true” at the end of her speech. That is all that is required.

One last thing, if you even dare to talk about a subject she knows nothing about (example football)- JUST GIVE UP!! Women quickly get bored with topics that don’t interest them. Notice her long silence when you are talking and the snobbish “okay” at the end of your talk. Yep! That is it right there..
Give up trying to keep up with her. Be you. Be real. Keep it short and simple. Don’t dare support her friend Leila against her or your jollof rice might just taste differently for a week. Women break down- Just be prepared for it..

I think women came up with “BBF” and “Bestie” so they could have one more thing to break up with in this world. Women are crazy.


For Males Only – “Women are EASY to Understand”

I see a lot of articles by both men and women claiming that “women are hard to understand.” Why do people find women so complex and difficult to decipher? I figured it was my duty to provide some basic pieces of information for those “lost souls” that cannot understand the opposite sex. You may thank me later world.

Women want a manly man. They want a guy that can rundown a bull and belt out poetry while fighting bad guys with one hand. One tip I hand to men is to always carry a whistle on a date. This isn’t a “rape whistle,” but in fact a “notice me asshole Taxi Driver” whistle! Nothing is more emasculating than franticly trying to wave down a taxi and getting passed by time and time again. Then the woman raises a pinky and “WALLAH” your chariot has arrived! I have solved this problem by carrying a whistle because I can’t do the cool “two finger technique” from the movies. Instead I will blow the shit out of that whistle and hope to impress the woman with my large, bulging red cheeks. You know what they say about large cheeks right…

Men understand that women like flashy things and “the moment.” I have found a way to make ANY moment special. I walk around with a pocket full of glitter and will spontaneously shout “PRESTO” while throwing a handful in the air. The only time this fails to impress is if you happen to be dating a circus performer… they generally expect a second act.

Many females like active and athletic men. I am lazy and get tired just thinking about running, however, I have solved this silly expectation by pretending to get ready to “work out” multiple times a week. I never actually do anything, but the glamour of seeing me “warrior up” normally does the trick. If that fails I MAY do a couple of pushups if the gravitational pull of the earth feels particularly weak.

Apparently women think that men don’t clean… or cook. Men are also really lazy when it comes to remembering when we did it last during arguments. I have solved this issue by creating a Facebook page called “Look honey I did the dishes.” Providing an easily referenced source for women to ponder over BEFORE the argument will always benefit you in the long run. I suggest secondary and third sites for cooking and chores which we men “don’t do ever.”

I don’t understand why guys give up so easily in fights. I know the enemy is cunning and will use loose historical fact to back their attacks. This can easily be repelled, however, by simply never admitting anything. “Did you eat my leftovers from last night?” Nope, no idea what you are talking about… maybe it was the dog…“We don’t have a dog…” Are you sure we don’t have a dog? I have seen many dogs today. You see what I did there men? It isn’t lying if there is enough truth to make it float. If all else fails… use the backup plan and throw glitter in the air and run.

-Opinionated Man

My Mom’s Blog

Someone asked for my mom’s blog address because the link wasn’t working from “The Other Woman” article. Here is her address if you want to visit. I would advise politeness if you visit…





It crossed my mind while driving today that everyone on this blog still calls me Jason. My friends actually don’t call me Jason, they call me Cush and always have. I love my last name and it provides endless scenarios of amusement. For instance I once sat and watched a job recruiter walk past me three times while muttering my name under his breath. “Jason Cushman… Jason Cushman… where the fuck is this Cushman???” Obviously not the Korean guy sitting in front of you right.

My family name is old and my father’s line is directed related to David Cushman who helped organize the Mayflower. Yea… I am bragging a bit. I am NOT related to the Cushman that owns Cushman and Wakefield that I know of. I hinted in a post months ago that I was reminded at how unsuccessful I was by a sign with my name on it… yea that was a Cushman and Wakefield sign. Mystery solved!

I have a Korean name… but I was told it was a girl’s name. An older Korean lady told me the name is actually the type that was once used for males or females. I am not sure what my “birth mother” was thinking when she named me Soojin. Maybe a Korean can explain it to me? I do know the last name Ahn is pretty common, you could throw a rock in a Korean market and hit four or five Ahns at a time. They probably will kung-fu your ass though, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


I am a horrible writer

I often get amused when I get such positive feedback and wonder whether honesty accompanies the words given to me. I think I am a horrible writer on most days, but like every writing blogger I still write. Because I love it.

I dream about writing and hope for the prefect sentence. It is the ultimate quest and I love that it is endless. For what sentence cannot be trumped by a better one? I can only fantasize to write a line that may be considered in that same topic.

I rarely like my writing and I wonder if that same affliction affects other writers. I call it an affliction because it can be taken in one of two ways, as motivation or as a hindrance. I choose to use it as a motivator and always push myself to write new things. I don’t think I have ever written two posts exactly alike on this blog… and that is saying something considering I have written over 4,000 posts in 15 months. How many of those were good though, I catch myself pondering the thought.

I judge myself by myself and always have. I absolutely hate being compared to anyone and you know what I AM BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. Sometimes it just feels good to say that because “fuck it” why not? The only person that can prove me wrong is myself.

-Opinionated Man

Glass Heart

Shatter me with your lust. Listen for the echoes of bewilderment that sound from this empty vessel. Do you hear a beat or instead the slurping sound from the straw of life. The finicky thief steals my last desire, but still the safe is left behind. What good is a door that guards a wish… I wish for it still, if only just for a single beat.


Dear Followers

Opinionated Man:

What an awesome list and a great way to connect with other bloggers! Thanks for taking the time and for the nice mention!
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Happy Monday fellow bloggers/followers! I wanted to say once again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you. I LOVE when people come up to me at random, or text me, message me, instagram me and tell me that they can relate to a blog post or that they enjoyed what they read. It means the world to me to have what I have written inspire you. Or make you laugh. Or to make you think “Lord have mercy I am glad I’m not that girl” Whatever it may be, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. I realized I didn’t know much about my followers on my blog, so I followed almost everyone back and read through your blogs over the last few days. I am so glad I did this! I was so pleasantly surprised and…

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Midnight Passion

We share a stolen moment. Innocent it was not, as thoughts collided like meteors in the sky. Leaving flashes of wonder, clouds falling in the shape of question marks. What was lost. What was gained. We contemplate meaning together and from that union… a definition is written. Left unsaid by words engraved in lustful sand. Next to our forgotten feelings, litter on a beach once more.


I hate you

What stands the test of time like hate? Love comes and goes, sadness is coffee’s companion, and yet hate is enjoyed at all hours of the day. What is more liberating than hate? Free of constraint and obligation, I freely spread the flames of my fury without hindrance. In my need to destroy I will often burn the unsuspecting. The guiltless will look on in bemusement as the guilty are stabbed by the spear of aggression. Do I need permission to wield this mace of vengeance simply for the sake of spite? Who dares stay my hand with words of law or an overwhelming feeling of “wrong?”

There is one that dares. Might I not hate “him” the most for that very reason?


Think before you reblog

I have some real haters on WordPress that will attack you for reblogging me. They won’t read anything but the repost of my article and it will turn them off from your website. Think before you reblog one of my posts. Some people are just pathetic.


Current Search – “How to tell if your wife is trying to poison you”

“How to tell if your wife is trying to poison you” is a current Google search for my blog today. And you people think I am not providing a service… I told you!



Author Bios – Got a Good One?

As many of you know after 15 months of writing under a pseudonym I finally shared a photo and my name. I know… maybe the most important thing to happen this year. I decided to review my Author Bio, but after rereading it there really isn’t anything I want to change other than adding my name. I suppose that simply means I was being honest all along.

Do you have a good Author Bio written? If you do and would like to share the link please feel free to do so here. A lot of new bloggers struggle with their introductory pages and it might help some.



I Reblog for my Readers

To answer the question, I reblog to give back to my readers. I appreciate that they take the time to come to my website, sometimes daily, and give my writing a read. That is why I do random challenges or similar offers. I actually annoy the hell out of my followers and even have some unsubscribe when I do reblog “overly,” but that is OK to me. I also lose view count, but I think it is worth it and for a purpose.

Again, to my new followers PLEASE disable the email setting for my blog. You don’t want all this junk mail.

Last post today have a safe Thursday WP.

Note: I’ll reblog the new pingbacks to the Challenge tomorrow!

-Opinionated Man

Signs Your Wife Is Trying To Kill You

She announces one night you are both going “Vegan.” That can’t be healthy… she must be trying to kill you. Get a $5 foot long at Subway.

You walk by your wife as she is stirring soup and say “Hey Honey what is for dinner?” She doesn’t even look up while smiling and murmuring “Ooooo Nothing…” I hear Campbells Soup is now microwaveable!

Your wife keeps forgetting to set your place at the dinner table. She then mutters “he is still here?” each time you remind her…

CSI, I Almost Got Away With It, and House Hunters International are suddenly her favorite shows. Maybe we really should start paying attention to what they watch men?

You catch your wife doing the “weighing motion” for no reason… several times a day. When you ask her what she is doing she shrugs and says “weighing these melons obviously!”

You get ready for bed and suddenly she is sleeping in your spot. She then looks confused for a minute as to why you are asking her to move…

Your wife removes all the good things in life (sports, beer, sports…) and replaces them with the un-fun things in life (Ballet, The Oxygen Channel, Ballet…).

Your wife suddenly disappears for hours and claims she is going to Pilates. Pilates is a myth… she is plotting.

-Opinionated Man

Blurbs of an unfiltered reality

Opinionated Man:

I like it and the flow. Thanks for sharing how you connected music with writing! I appreciate you taking the time to take part in the challenge. -OM
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Remember me

Sweet green, the scent of money trees

When you think about it, think about me

Medusa smokescreened behind a sea of green


Girls are candycane cotton candy kisses.. bubbles blowin in like fishes

Extraordinary riches, 

I kept your name in my sweaters’ stitches, 

Is that a boo boo, baby, let me check lipschitz


I wanna dance for you, take a chance with you, 

Devil’s prancin’ you


My stance is mad for you



Practicing being an alcoholic,  you’re good at that

Another gold star Timmy, pat on the back

Another diffused track, any chance of a plan of attack, fades to black

Ashes to ashes, stack to stack

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Do you have a moment that you consider the most influential on your writing?

Opinionated Man:

My experience was much the same way with my 12th grade teacher. She inspired me a lot. Thanks for taking part in the challenge and for the memory share. -OM
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Originally posted on Goes Hard in the Acrylic:

The moment that I found to be the most influential on my writing was when my Journalism teacher in high school used my work as an example to the other students, and explained that my piece was what soulful, insightful writing looked like, and that others should take note of my technique in order to succeed in their writing pursuits, and ultimately the course. I was shocked by the fact that he would put me on a pedestal in that way because he had often been a tough teacher to please, and I had always cared tremendously about what he thought of my work. It gave me such confidence in my writing that I began refining my skills and blogging, pursuing writing as a passion rather than an assignment. He gave me the encouragement I needed to become better at what I love, and I honestly could never repay him…

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Who would mark that down?

I seriously want to know this and will not flame you if we totally disagree. Because it baffles me. Who in the world would actually take the time and energy to “mark down” a post asking for prayers for a country? Especially for a tragedy? Was it a mistake? I am not asking for a specific post (although obviously a post sparked this), but even an atheist wouldn’t take the time to do that. Because it is a none factor to them. I know, I have a lot of friends that believe in all sorts of things. But who goes around marking down honest posts about tragedies? A troll? A dick?