10 Ways to Get Paid to Blog!

1. Keep telling everyone you get paid to blog until people give you money for your secrets.

2. “Borrow” photos from all the travel bloggers to make it look like you live a lavish lifestyle! Never be photographed without a beverage in hand!

3. Replace Blog with giant Starbucks Advertisement. No words necessary.

4. Inform your company you will begin blogging about work. Let them know there is an “easy way to do this” or a “hard way.”

5. Kidnap your neighbor’s dog and create a blog post holding it for ransom.

6. Start the first ever “Blog Maid” business and offer to clean blogs for a set price. English Maid outfit is optional.

7. Replace your blog name with “Google” and see how high your power ranking goes.

8. Change your book title to something about SEO, even if it is a poetry book, and sell that sucker! People will fall for anything!

9. Be sexy and post photos of yourself in various animal costumes.

10. Become the first blogger from China on WordPress.


You Never Know

Opinionated Man:

Guilty. -OM
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Judging people without knowing about them. We’ve all done it; all are guilty. So much of the time, we are looking at people for who they look like at first glance, shallowly feeling as if we know them. We know others don’t know us, or our situations, so why do we assume we know others? It is just a ridiculous notion.

I bring that up because I was ranting on twitter about abortion (I won’t get into that now, but unfollow me if you are going to bully me for being pro-life) and this girl decides to put her two cents in. I am not opposed to people stating their opinions. Not even opposed to them disagreeing with what I say, because that will NOT change how I feel. But, this girl put way more than a comment that disagrees. She went personal.

There is a photo of the encounter…

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Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Not in the WNBA

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You definitely want to work on those free throw grunts! LoL! -OM
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Here are the top 10 reasons why I’m not in the WNBA:

1. Skill, talent, and ability

2. A supreme will to look as masculine as possible

3. I don’t bench press things

4. My free-throw grunts need work

5. Blacklight tests on material in tour busses are usually worse than in hotel rooms.

6. Sneakers make my ankles look fat. I don’t think they’ll let me play in high heels.

7. I haven’t mastered the thick wadded ponytail or cornrows.

8. The attention of the 24 nationwide fans would be overwhelming.

9. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the unwieldy power of commanding $23,000 a year.

10. I don’t know sports. I’ve been practicing with a volleyball for two weeks before someone told me that I’m using the wrong ball. To be fair, I had a suspicion that it wasn’t bouncing properly.

Thinking about finally publishing that novel you’ve been primping for years?…

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Opinionated Man:

Yes the explanation really does help heh. I imagine without it you would get some questionable comments and possible some accusations from certain people. :) -OM
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I wield my words viciously

Like a knife

I slash at her

As I rape her

Hold her down and penetrate her

Blood showers from my blade

As I overwhelm her

But slowly my ravishes

Thrust after thrust

Turn into love

And I wonder

What have I done?

A little explanation on this one.  It was written about a year and a half ago after a particularly vicious fight with my my wife. As most married people know, it is easier sometimes to hurt the one you love the most and know the best.

You know how it is; you know all of their triggers and weak spots. I am not normally a cruel person nor is my wife ,but in this instance, I started throwing low blows while we were going at it. Immediately , I regretted it because I could see that I had deeply hurt her and…

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