10 Things I would Do As President

This is hypothetical since I was not born in America… but this is what I would do.

  1. I would pay for and “forgive” the SCHOOL DEBT of all tax paying citizens. There you go Middle Class, problem solved.
  2. I would buy out and stop the forming of medical insurance companies. I would form my own hospitals, pay doctors and nurses better, and insure higher standards. We are the Greatest Nation in the World… there are reasons we can’t fully get behind this healthcare. I hate Obamacare, but if you want Government Regulated Healthcare then give it to EVERYONE! Get a clue, I’ll pay for that shit.
  3. I would kill Kim Jong Un. Judge me all you want. That would be one less evil, fat BOY KING on this planet.
  4. I would build the Death Star. We recently submitted a potetition through the government website and there was a VERY FUNNY response written. You can read it here. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/response/isnt-petition-response-youre-looking
  5. Legalize Online Poker. Not for me… necessarily… don’t leave me wife!!!
  6. Legalize and push forward with stem cell and clone research in a controlled fashion. But hurry up. There are diseases we could be curing and god wouldn’t have given us the ability if he didn’t want us to use it. This doesn’t mean start creating two headed humans for fun, but why not cure Alzheimer’s and possibly Cancer. Artificial limb research as well could use these advances. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and I know they are trying hard for a cure. I believe they should already have one.
  7. Legalize the selling of marijuana across the United States. I live in Colorado and guess what people? NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I don’t see wrecks at every intersection or people blowing smoke in kid’s faces. Grow up and get with the time, Colorado is about to take in close to 125 million in tax money for the year. What could that money go to? We just want to sit by god. Don’t hate us, we need it for poetry. Some of us need it for our crohn’s.
  8. Bring back Tupac. I know you know where he is.
  9. Ban Male Sex enhancement commercials during all hours of the day. That shit is annoying!
  10. Make Father’s Day once a Month…


Monetize Your Blog – Don’t Ask Me How!!!

Monetizing your blog is pure common sense. You either sell your soul, sell advertising space, sell a product, or you sell yourself to a company and become sponsored.

I make ZERO DOLLARS off this blog currently. I have been called everything from a moron, lazy, to just plain stupid for not making “money” off my website. That is cool, you can call me what you like.

I sold a couple eBooks for a time, it got boring and I wasn’t particularly impressed with them so I trashed both the blogging manual and the poetry eBook. I was paid by WordPress through WordAds for about 4 months, but the Ads became intrusive and I hated them. So I removed those and have given a firm “NO” to anyone asking to advertise on my website.

I won’t sell my soul… at least not yet. I also won’t sell myself, but I will not write off the idea of one day being sponsored… although who would sponsor a blog like mine is anyone’s guess.

I realize I have a strong following. I know my rankings on all the major websites, I don’t need those quoted at me. I also realize it is odd that I preach about marketing, publishing, and powerblogging when I am not even selling anything.

If you are looking to monetize your blog don’t ask me. That isn’t my area and if you find fortune through social media I wish you the best.

Don’t mind me… I am just another blogger doing my thing. I have a plan, but it isn’t the type of plan most people would care to follow or even understand.

-Opinionated Man

Why I Don’t Need Feminism and Why Women Probably Do

I don’t need feminism because feminism obviously doesn’t need me. I was blacklisted apparently… all I did was show up with a plate of snickers… for hunger… because hunger makes you… Never mind.

I don’t need feminism because I am pretty aware of what I do and don’t have in life. I don’t need another group showing me one more thing to be unhappy about… or are you also handing out guns with a single bullet too?

I think women probably need feminism because if they don’t have something to complain about they begin to age strangely. It puts them off center. Women that are constantly arguing are far more beautiful to behold… some might even say exotic.

I think women need feminism because they finally realized those other “parties” they are forced to go to really are boring as hell. Tupperware party women? Really???… I would need feminism after one of those parties.

I think women need feminism because they have run out of ways to bond with their daughters. They decided “women’s rights” was a safe bet and decided to run with it. The aggressive side of feminism was simply a pleasant bonus of it all.

I don’t need feminism because I won’t feel guilty for what I haven’t done and what I don’t have. Entitlement? Some… but it wasn’t due to having a penis ladies. Sorry. Hardship? Had it and I saw far more “rides” being given to the ladies along the way. Get real.

I don’t need feminism because I don’t need to see your boobs. I only need to see my wife’s and possibly a strippers if I really feel the need. People have to go to medical school you know.

I don’t need feminism because I don’t need to see another lame movement. Can we all just accept the fact that everyone in society is out for themselves and start rowing our own damn boats for a change?

-Opinionated Man

Don’t Blog Like Me

I would never suggest anyone take on my blogging habits or methods. I present them in articles for your reading enjoyment, but the pace at which I have pushed this blog is not for everyone. It actually isn’t for most people.

Do what works for you. People say all different reasons for blogging. Personal, reflection, a release, practice, business, and a trillion other reasons for publicly displaying your immediate emotions. I blog for all those reasons and continue to enjoy writing whatever I wish, whenever I wish. I never dreamed when making this blog that I would be creating this much work for myself. I actually thought I was doing what everyone else was doing.

I probably should have suspected that I would go against the grain. I always have. I can’t count the number of people that told me I was “blogging wrong.” That my methods wouldn’t work, no one would care to read my writing, and that my “following” of random bloggers was annoying and would get me banned. I have always had a “better than you and them attitude” and I use it as a crutch during the times I am unsure of my own steps. I still walk for myself, as should we all.

I will never make apologies for the way I blog. People can love it, leave it, or ignore it that is their prerogative. Mine is to sit in my corner and write my heart every day… and sometimes even show my ass.

Because I can. And none of you can do a damn thing about it.

-Opinionated Man

9.5 out of 10 Women would Divorce Me

If you are curious if the “.5” is a typo, it is not. I added it just in case any woman or feminist got offended by me leaving someone out. Lord knows I wouldn’t want that to happen. So I added the .5 for the shorter women or women that might be classified as midgets. Technically my wife might be short enough, she looked it up and legally she may qualify. So after ten minutes of considerable thought and a lifetime of wrong turns, I have come to the conclusion that 9.5 out of 10 women would divorce me. I am very lucky to have found either the 1 or the .5 that did not.

I always see lists from women on guys that “are” or “are not” acceptable marriage quality. I am already married, I have been for over five years now, so it is a bit easier for me to name off what a woman would have to put up with. I can honestly say I have no idea why my wife does. She is truly remarkable, most of you would have left me long ago. Let me list some of the reasons why and I will number them for fun. I will be as specific as possible because we wouldn’t want any generalizations here…. We hate generalizing at HarsH ReaLiTy…

  • Women that “have to win” every argument. These women would divorce me because I don’t lose. I DON’T LOSE! Also that whole “bringing up the past” is so lame in arguments. I am sure men do this as well, but I don’t know that for a fact because I don’t date men. So I am only commenting on women.
  • Women that want a “dream wedding.” Thank God I found a rational woman that understood buying a home within two years and starting a family were more important than a dream wedding on some island. Granted I would love to give it to her and in Hmong culture I think I have to give some cows or horses or something… I should really look into that. What is the interest rate on a cow and two horses over five years? Jesus probably a village… we do plan on having a renewal on an island though.
  • Timid women that don’t like displays of anger… ever! I know there are calm and complacent husbands out there that are the model fathers and husbands. They never yell and never get upset. Good job, I congratulate you. Meanwhile back at the Bat Cave, Reality gets angry sometimes… and sometimes he yells. I don’t think you are allowed to be a Korean father and not yell at least once a week. It is in some book somewhere… where did I put that thing.
  • Women that have to be in my bubble all the time. The clinger, yes they exist and regardless of what you thought about 1-3 you know a number 4!

“Where are you going?”

“To the store with Rob.”

“Can I come?”

“It is a two-seater”

“I can squeeze in!”

… we are going to go now…”

  • The “let’s fix this right now right away” woman. My wife and I will sometimes just “drop a subject” and come back to it later. Now some relationship counselor is going to tell you that you need to tackle that issue then and there or go run to some secret red notebook and journalize why “he just made you so fucking angry!” Or… we could just drop this topic and deal with it when we are calm and collected and hopefully it becomes a discussion and not an argument. You good with that babe? Cool! (I am almost positive somebody got offended by now knowing the fact that I will text my wife and call her babe… such a misogynist OM.)
  • The defeatist. Look I know I will never be president, I will never be on congress, and I will never be a judge in this lifetime (I really wanted to be a lawyer sigh…). That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a “move a fucking mountain” attitude occasionally that I have grown to understand IS a wave and needs to be ridden till it runs out. Why not? Why not get a little further in life and always seek ways to improve. There is so much every day to learn and that might sound cheesy, but it is true. So many opportunities if people just take the chance and go find them.
  • I am going to wrap this up with “anyone but my wife.” My children are perfect and I couldn’t imagine having any different daughters. That doesn’t mean I want more though… we have two fish as well. Actually one died this past week, Dori, but I didn’t feel it was a huge deal because I don’t cry over food. All water leads to the ocean. What ocean is close to Colorado…


PowerBlogger Part 3 – The Dream

And so I come to the goal. Many of you have asked “why do you do it OM? Why invest countless hours in something you claim you only make a few hundred bucks off of a year?” What is the goal… what is the dream?

It actually wasn’t until recently that I learned what my dream was. You see before I thought the dream was what every other “aspiring writer” (how I hate that phrase) claims they work towards. Publishing a book and realizing millions is our dream right? I thought that was my goal. I built this website to realize that “aspiration” actually, but things have changed slightly. I have a new dream which might not happen and if it doesn’t it won’t happen for a reason.

I have read some articles and done a little research into being “sponsored.” It is much like a race car really, someone likes the way you “drive” and decides to “sponsor you.” I always thought this was attributed only to small businesses and maybe a few corporations looking for websites to run their Ads. In fact being sponsored appears to be the “holy grail” of those bloggers wishing to blog for a living. Yes, I said “blog” for a living, not write a novel.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t feel like writing a novel now. Could I? Sure, not hard. Would I appreciate it right now? Probably not and that is the reason for not writing one. I go back and forth because I know one day I will write one. Not now though.

I once asked my followers “why do you blog?” I got a lot of different responses because there are many different reasons for blogging. I have adapted my own reasons and I suspect many others do as well. I feel like I can still come back and write a “book” and market it later on if I really want to. There isn’t a sense of urgency in that regard. What I have felt is some uncertainty as to what I wish to do. At first I thought there was no future for the quick writer or the flash pan fiction I write. But as I have considered and balanced my website against what I have seen out there more and more I have come to realize that maybe I can reach the level needed to get sponsored.

The biggest complaint against powerbloggers that “make it” and become sponsored is that they “lose their voice.” Their style changes and their website is suddenly “cut and cropped to perfection” the way any corporate site should be. I actually appreciate that my website isn’t perfect, it lets my audience know that I am not a corporate sellout. I am still working for my meals and blogging “on the side” because it is my passion. I only wish I were getting paid “real money” for it.

Most of the time I feel like I am blogging on “credit.” It is a hard thing to feel like you are giving yourself for free, but what you must remind yourself is that every step in the right direction is still progress towards a goal. I have to remind myself of that to this day. We put on the face of confidence in the presence of self-doubt because doubt is a passing ailment. I do not allow it to stand in the way of my dreams.

One day my dream is to have an “established website” that more than just WordPress knows about. One day I will look back and say it was all worth it. One day… one day I will sleep.

-Opinionated Man