BLOGGING 101: Commenting Boldly

Opinionated Man:

I appreciate the pingback and mention! Thanks for taking the time to come give my site a read and for boldly making that comment. I wish you well with your blogging and I think it is awesome you are taking part in blogging 101! -OM
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I am not politically motivated in any way.  I do love my homeland and often worry about the turn our government is taking, but I generally keep my opinions to myself.  My head is not in the sand. The nearest I have ever come to making a public statement about my political preferences was on MULIEBRAL VIEWPOINT last year and the only two comments under the article were sage.

Opinionated Man had some good advice today about controlling the comments on his blog—Harsh Reality.   These two suggestions, plus the comments that follow show what every new blogger should know. I dared to comment on his previous article about feminists—hoping nobody I actually know reads what I said.

Hoof Beats and Foot Prints had a great article, “Worth the Wait.” about a cat watching the bird feeder. The actual point of the article was that the photographer and the cat were both watching…

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Mehl the Anti-Blogger

Opinionated Man:

I thought this was a great introduction and I really liked those last two lines. I follow the same logic to never allow other people to make me doubt myself. Well said and welcome to WordPress! -OM
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In a day and age where the thought “I want to start a blog,” crosses the mind of all the 20-somethings out there, I am here to say–My name is Mehl and I am starting a blog. Shocker, right?

Like any college student avoiding 10-page papers and responsibility I love blogs. I have read them for years to help me feel inspired and motivated to do more than eating chicken Ramen while watching Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong–chicken Ramen and Harry Potter is where it’s at. But that isn’t the point.

Writing has always been a passion and blogging has been an interest I felt I was suppose to pursue for awhile. But like anyone who feels they are being asked to be vulnerable, I denied this any chance I got. I never thought I would or could fit the mold of what I thought a blogger was.

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WordPress Tips – Comments/Disabling

I have been asked this a number of times in the past few weeks so I’ll make a post. You have two options to disable comments on posts. You can disable per post, which I do for reblogs because I have better things to do then to comment back on another person’s article. This option can be done under the quick edit function. Once you press that click the comment box.


Some people have accidently disabled comments for their whole site. This can be done through the settings/discussion link. Once there it is the third option down. Only do this if you hate talking to humans.


Those are two options to disable comments on posts or on your blog. Feel free to ask me if anything is unclear.


Don’t do this bloggers…

Don’t email me with this stupid shit. Per WordPress policy, if you have a “follow button” ANYONE can push it. Do you really have nothing better to do than to email people that randomly follow you? And honestly… grow a brain and look at who you are emailing. I swear some people just ask for it…


Why are you following my blog at your wordpress account?

This one:

Do you have some kind of mental problem?

Well… I entered in your site and I didn’t see nothing related to japanese animes

Do me a favor, FUCK OFF!!!


You are lucky I am in a nice mood and I don’t put your link. How about you fuck off? You are capping off an awesome day asshole.


Writing for Response

The balance between caring and not caring, of seeking a response and yelling at the wind. We writers of blogs struggle with this balance daily as we strive to fulfill our personal goals. Writing for response is different from simply pollenating the internet with your thoughts. There is real technique that must be used when not only gauging your potential audience, but also realistically assessing your current one. Often writers feel above the need to cater themselves to the possibility of a relationship with their reader. Those writers mistakenly feel that their way with words should by itself garner the interest of an audience. That just isn’t the case.

What is your goal for the post you are about to write? Is it to gain hundreds of comments or to only provoke a thought which the reader can then carry on with them through their daily life? Writers write for different reasons and we share those reasons through how we present our writing on our blogs. The “tone” in which we approach our fictitious audience is important because that “possibility of a connection” becomes a reality when another blogger actually reads our posts. Do you know how you sound or the affect your writing style has on someone that reads your words? Some people never take the time to actually analyze this and then they wonder why no one gives feedback.

Do you allow room for interaction back? Often I will read very well constructed blog posts that cover everything there is to know about a subject down to the current updates minutes ago. While people love reading informed articles, we also read blogs to seek out personal opinion and daily fault. If you act like an expert it can benefit you while establishing your basis of viewpoint, but it might also drive away the very people you are hoping to garner responses from. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it all depends on a bloggers goals. If you seek interaction allow room for that interaction to take place by allowing your reader room to not only breathe, but also to think. Leaving well placed open ended statements and not answering all your own questions within the same text helps to provoke the reader.

Links are great but don’t “link” me to death or even provide me too many golden roads away from your blog. I may never make it back to Oz! While displaying appropriate links to sources and citing the right websites may help back your article up, it can also provide far too easily lifelines to carry your potential reader to another website… perhaps even a better one. Provide what you wish on a topic, but be hesitant in making third party information overly accessible. If people want further sources on a subject they can google it. Don’t always do the “work” for them.

How do you draw a response from your readers? Are there tricks you use or techniques that you have found helpful?


Sisterhood of the World blog award!

I am pleased to accept the Sisterhood of the World blog award! I feel I deserve this due to my contributions to both women and men around the world. As a somewhat leader of the feminist society, I consider this a great honor to be recognized in this way. Now I won’t embarrass the blogger that nominated me for this award, but obviously they understand the valuable relationship advice found on this blog and the golden nuggets of truth about women as well. I am not surprised, I feel I likely save a marriage a day.

Thanks again WordPress! I am proud to be a member of the sisterhood!

-Opinionated MAN