“How do you visit all those blogs?”

I hate this question because this question already shows the mindset of the blogger. Many bloggers feel that “subscribing” to another blog is in essence an online contract. That you are dedicating yourself to be a lifelong reader of that website. I have seen this said verbatim actually and I rolled my eyes then just like I did when writing this sentence just now.

“Who would want a reader full of random posts?” I DO. That is who. I also hate THIS question because it assumes that the goals of one person are shared by everyone. It also is normally an introduction into the whole “blogging etiquette” debate that I love so much.

Everyone has their way of blogging. For me I use a matrix for everything. I use a search matrix for copyright purposes, a matrix for networking, and a matrix for folding my underwear. I think it is the little bit of Korean inside of me. I was never good at math to be honest.

I live my life by lists. As a parent of two kids and a busy day everyday, I generally must depend on lists to keep track of things. I have a mental list of posts and what I want to discuss daily. I also have a list of blogs I plan on reading.

People often wonder why other bloggers don’t come back to visit them. I use 33.3% of my time online making new connections and refreshing old ones. Some people reciprocate and others ignore me. That is life. That is blogging and blogging is life. We must always remember first and foremost that bloggers are generally real people. Well I am not real… but most of these other screen names are. Because of this realization we must always work at reconnecting and reconnecting again. That is how “online friendships” work. The people that get hurt over not having every post read will never last as bloggers. The people that appreciate gestures for what they are will always be better online connections in the end. It is due to the simple fact that they understand one thing.

You are a real person.

Note: Before you ask why people have not done things FOR you ask yourself what have you done FOR other people.



Adoptee Search Update

I really do appreciate everyone that has shared my search post. I have attempted to visit each reblog, but I am sure I missed some.


I know many people reblogged my post that don’t normally reblog things on this site and for that I really do thank you.

An update – Still no word.

You weren’t expecting something different were you? I gave up a long time ago I think… but force myself to “try” again each year.

Thank you all for making me want to try again.



Doing Me

I can only do me. I can’t control what people think or say about me. Let them type.

I will continue to promote bloggers because I enjoy doing that. I feel like I started that trend.

I appreciate the patience people.



Surprising My Little Sister

Opinionated Man:

What a thoughtful thing to do! I remember selling a ton of copies of that game while working as a manager at Gamestop. I hear it is addictive! :) -OM
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So last month my sister’s favourite DS game went in the wash. Well…all her DS games went into the wash but her favourite one was the only one that didn’t recover after the tragic incident.

So today I had to go pick up some groceries and I decided to walk around downtown, because there were a few shops I wanted to check out. I never left campus last year because I didn’t have to buy food and I was always home on the weekends (I couldn’t sleep). While I was walking I came across this little video game store and decided I’d pop in and look around.

Then girl asked if she could help me find a specific game and I told her I was looking for “Fire Emblem.” The girl thankfully had the game because I couldn’t find a copy of it on the self, and I bought it.

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The Best Cover-Up Ever!

Opinionated Man:

LoL thanks for the chuckle. I think I have ruined my cover story in such a way a few times! -OM
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My sibling: Hey mom! (Just came home from school)

Mom: (looks) Why do you have your gym uniform on? I thought you had Spanish today?

Sibling: Nope, had gym.

Mom:  (buys it for minute) Oh, okay. What did you learn in gym today?

Sibling: Spanish.


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Broken, but not breaking. Will I break today?

Will this pain stay or melt away?

Can I wish, just a single wish, upon a single star.

Hoping it rises, please keep rising. Don’t let it fall.

I would pray if one prayed in a dream.

Instead I accept small bites of reality it seems.

Sometimes the pieces of the puzzle glow so bright.

Missing pieces, forgotten pieces, they fit just right.

I cry for the holes that will never be whole again.

Broken pieces of me left in the sand.

I ignore the pain as pain again begins.

Cycle of life, will life ever win?