The Daily Opinion – Why do you reblog?

I have many people that mass reblog me and leave the same generic message which is actually just a self promotion post. While that doesn’t bother me most days, what does get on my nerves is the fact that I have to manually approve these because Akismet catches them.

Why do you reblog? I get very few views from sharing other posts and I do it obviously to share a little attention to things I find worthy of time. Do you reblog to make people visit your blog? Does that work for you? Why wouldn’t you instead just write posts. Notice the lack of question mark.


You People Don’t Know Offensive

I get a real kick out of people that think they offend me with their comments. No one has yet said a single thing on my blog that has offended me I am sorry to say. Hate to kill some of your dreams here, but WordPress is a soft website that houses a bunch of nice people. Genuinely nice. Honestly you can save some finger energy by just not writing “I hope this doesn’t offend you,” because chances are you will either get a smile or an eye roll from me when I read your comment.

I seriously wonder sometimes where some of you live. They must be very nice places. You want to know offensive? Try being Asian and going to a 85% black school your whole life. The shit I have had said to me throughout my life trumps anything said to me on WordPress thus far. You want to know offensive? Try being an adopted Korean with a white name and having every Asian you meet call you a banana and white-washed and THEN they laugh at their own joke and expect you to laugh as well. You want to know offensive? Try being a minority in the United States Air Force and being stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a couple years. Or have a blogger write posts about you for two weeks straight and when you finally do a retaliation post (less than 100 words) they file federal charges against you. Try getting some blogger emails saying they hope you die, you should move from Colorado, or that they want you to burn in hell.

Kiddie punches are thrown here people and I laugh when people say on other blogs that all I do here is “rant.” I actually have yet to really post a RANT on this blog in my opinion. When you see a 5,000 or more words post come up with a big “FUCK YOU” in the title, then you will all know it is on like donkey kong. Until then nothing you can say about me is going to phase me… but feel free to keep trying. Telling me to burn in hell eternally makes my day and gets me to chuckle in real life. If people want to see what real “attacks” are like go troll the CNN or Yahoo boards for a bit. I was a commenter and a commenter for years (got perm banned from CNN actually) so… I have some experience with both trolls and aggressive comments. Online poker tables are notorious for trolls as well and I saw my fair share of those playing poker for many years.

Just know that I write and share what I wish. I expect “attacks” and nothing any of you can say will offend me. Now… talking about my daughters is a different story. I moderate only two things here, comments directed at my family and also hateful people that claim they want me to die and still visit my blog. I just don’t see the point in A) acknowledging their existence and B) allowing their names to be highlighted on my blog that I work hard on. Disagree with me or even send me a hateful comment, that won’t make me mod you. Come on people… you don’t know offensive.

-Opinionated Man

Stop Blasting Large Blogs

There are some bloggers on WordPress that are so disgruntled their daily activity in the blogging world is to find something that angers them. The main target – large blogs with large audiences.

I have never understood why people look to the sky to find things to complain about. I normally look to those doing “better than I” for motivation to push myself. We all have things we are good at and things that come easily to us. Blogging and writing for this blog is easy. It is stupid simple. That is why I do it so well.

The perception of large blogs has been heard by many.

  • Large blogs don’t really care about their readers.
  • Large blogs gained their following by mass liking every post they can find.
  • Large blogs gained their popularity by providing click bait to the masses.
  • Large blogs don’t care about comments and rarely respond.

The amusing part about this topic is we have all heard the reasons why we should hate large blogs. People still yammer on about it though as if it is fresh news. I once had a blogger email me saying that “you made me fall into depression when I finally realized you didn’t really care about me.” While that is flattering and creepy as shit, people should realize that blogging is simply another platform of social media. We are all here for our own purposes and MOST of us are NOT here to find our next best friend. Or our next best pen pal. I am 33 years old and carry the ego of an 18 year old still. I do not read blogs to “learn new things,” I read blogs to learn what other people think. Perhaps some bloggers are here to learn, enlarge themselves, and gain a newfound appreciate for the world… that isn’t why I am here. I am here to blog and share the writing that floats in my head.

I think a large part of why people fail at blogging and eventually fizzle out is because they don’t take themselves seriously. I hate when people loudly proclaim “I am still a newbie at this,” because it shows a weakness that I think can be done without on a media form where no one cares how new you are at it. If you make mistakes people don’t care when you started blogging, if you make it “big” people still don’t care when you started your blog. There is always a “reason” in everyone’s book and that reason is rarely “hard work” in their minds.

People need to first realize why they are here. Why are you blogging? If it is a means to promote something or yourself then do that shit. Promote that shit. Stop wasting your time moaning about what you don’t have and what others do have. In the time you take to word vomit your woes you could have put some real effort into creating the means to an end. There really isn’t as much competition as many people might imagine. We can always hedge our bet that humans are inevitably lazy creatures. And that is why most people spend their time complaining about others.

Bottom line is if you want it go and get it. If you can’t “get it,” go and fucking make it. If you don’t “want it,” shut the fuck up and stop complaining when others do.




Great Golden Achievement! 2300+ WordPress Followers!

Opinionated Man:

So the “Great Golden Achievement” isn’t being Asian? -OM
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Originally posted on Encouraging Life:

Hold on it’s not the followers that I have achieved in one day. I have just asked the WordPress support to help me to transfer my followers from Prefer Healthy Style and Cool Mobile Tips to Encouraging Life. Again it’s my brain problem and forgot her name. Probably Clarine?

I have gained more or less 1950+ followers from those two blogs. Going to remove inactive blogs and I prefer to have Encouraging Life only as my main. It feels great to combine different followers from my other blogs and welcome to my new blog!

I am going to create a tutorial about moving blog and also your subscribers from other blog within the same account. Stay tuned!

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The New Photo Blogger’s Advice Panel – Follows!

Opinionated Man:

I personally like the “share your space” tip. I don’t think many bloggers understand how effective this can be. Thanks for sharing the tips and for the post! -OM
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Originally posted on Sarah Awards, The:

It’s addictive.  We all know it.  And, true, most of us will deny it to your face, and then run check our email for the thousandth time today to see if anyone new has followed our blog.  Follows are like crack.  After the first one, you will do almost anything to get another fix.  Unfortunately, also like crack, they are not cheap.


Unless you are like one of those “I was instantly famous in the blogosphere” people (and they are lying, btw), you know that it is difficult to find a following, and perhaps more than any other factor, this can be massively discouraging to the new photo blogger.  So just how do you go about reeling in the new follows?

First let’s address a few things to avoid:

The Troller: Much like a old guy offering candy to passing children, liking everyone’s everything and following anyone and everyone comes across creepy and fake…

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Notes 4/3

Opinionated Man:

I found this to be on point and much of the views found here are why I look for a broader scope rather than a centralized one. I would say that people need to realize that just because someone has a “large blog” doesn’t mean they don’t care to respond or interact. At least not all of us act that way. “Some of us” do care about other bloggers, we do read other blogs, and we make our rounds. Our rounds are simply larger than most. -OM
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Originally posted on Sabiscuit's Catalog:

This is an update to Art of the Force, specifically about the entitled behaviour I called out.

I understand a blogger’s desire for activity in the comments section. I say again, the subscriber I wrote about should have asked me for a comment. Instead he attempted to coerce me with name calling. It’s hard for even me to ask for comments (and you know how I love to bother people). It is slightly less pleasant than asking a stranger for bone marrow.

And now I will explain why I don’t like to comment on other people’s blogs. I will say why I’ve abandoned comments midway. Or chickened out at the last minute.

I write fiction, but when it comes to accusing people of things, I use the evidence. So, I spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon testing the following assumptions: (a) Bloggers want me to comment on their posts. (b) Bloggers will…

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