An Introduction to Powerblogging – Part 1

There is a reason why I have waited this long to write this post and also why I have shared articles on blogging this past week. They were leading to this point, one which many bloggers will hate. That is the price you pay when you share information freely, especially about topics people dislike. If you were to browse the tags “blogging, bloggers, and blog” right now you would find countless articles on blogging and how to successfully make a blog. You won’t find many people writing on powerblogs, except in the most general way. That is because the term “powerblogger” was given as an insult to label those of us that WordPress and Blogger deem to be all about the numbers and audience. The insult is in the assumption that we also don’t care about our writing.

This post will be longer than usual for me and I plan to cover what I have learned about powerblogging this past year. Yes, you heard correctly, I have only been a powerblogger for a year and ironically I have only been blogging for the same amount of time. Success is a distant marker that we each get the freedom of chasing. I did not wait for someone to tell me the “rules” I made my own. I didn’t wait to learn “how everyone else was doing it” because I have often found that people have very “small minds” when it comes to ideas and execution. The human brain can often not be bothered to think outside the box, thus what we readers get are blog after blog of regurgitated, politically correct crap.

We blog for different reasons and I can confidently say that I blog differently than most of you… probably all of you. Some of the following will be known, but I hope some of it is new and might open your eyes to what a powerblogger is and does.

When I began HarsH ReaLiTy on January 3rd, 2013 I had no real plan other than trying to get my writing seen. That was the number one goal, “how do I get people to read my stuff?” It was only later on that I adapted the “wish” for comments as well, because to be honest a view is a view. Period. There is no “fake view” or “fake follow” the bloggers that claim that are idiots. Did a person not have to see your blog title to press like? Did we not have to read at least a word of your article to like and follow you? If you judge your popularity by “likes and follows” then you will have a fruitless writing career. I don’t pay attention to those numbers, they mean shit other than providing a basic understanding of daily traffic. This understanding can ONLY come from studying your numbers and seeing what gets viewed and why. Many might find this boring, that is understandable, but if you are serious about self-promotion, business, and selling those damn eBooks then you might want to start paying attention to your stats and dashboard. That IS your link to the outside world for your blog.

I value every view, regardless if someone follows me, comments, or presses like. I also don’t “like” any article I have not read. I will generally “follow” a person off the reader, so that connection will show up in their email notification as a “like and follow” by me. In truth I have not pressed “like” on that article. I followed a person because I skimmed their post, liked their title, or I see they are an active blogger. I then will wait for that connection to be returned in many cases. Is this a game of “I follow you and you follow me in turn” like I have seen post after post about? No, it really isn’t, because I am not studying the number of followers. I am waiting to see if a person that just visited my site has gone on a “reading binge” and has “blitzkrieged” my website. That to me is the indiciation that a REAL connection has been made. The “handshake” connection is actually where someone reads my about or bio, likes it, comments, and then disappears. That is STILL a view, I still value that interaction, but it is set in a different category from a habitual visitor.

I have repeatedly said that powerblogging is more than just “randomly” clicking on websites in hopes that people will visit you back. If it were indeed that easy, everyone would be doing it AND successfully, which is not the case. “Following” people is a large part of pushing your website out to the public. You will read and hear endless posts and comments on how bad of a practice this is. “It is insincere” or “I think every blogging connection should be a real relationship and not a ploy for business.” If you powerblog you WILL get these comments. You might even make it to the “big time” and will “randomly” happen upon those awesome posts about you while browsing WordPress. The awesome part is because they will be directly about you and your blog, they will name you, and they will villianize what you are and what you do. If this bothers you or if negative feedback causes you hesitation, powerblogging is NOT for you. You will need to be made of tougher stuff than that. Currently I could rattle off a dozen posts just this past month about me. I can also name many bloggers that think what I do is pathetic and a “low” form of blogging. You will have to decide whether or not public opinion matters to you and if it does you might want to reconsider taking any of these pieces of advice.

Generally I follow about 500 blogs a day. On a good day or perhaps a day from last year where my motivation was much higher, I would follow or connect with around 2000 blogs a day. My hope for a “return” on this practice has always been the number 750. I set that as a buffer number, because it is just high enough to push me but not to burn me out. I seek 750 new eyes on my website every day. To an author or someone that is pushing their business or books, this is where I say the marketing really IS. With every follower or every glance at your website you are realizing a “possible sell.” THAT is the name of the game and anyone that says differently is a fool and you should NOT listen to them. But if you instead write “for yourself” and are happy selling your books to only your friends and family… by all means listen to “Cindy and Jack” your kind supporting friends that will never tell you a negative bulletpoint. These people are not helping you though in the long run and an attitude that thinks that they are is the wrong attitude for self-promotion and success.

I listen to no one when it comes to self-promotion. There is so much bad advice out there. So many people with wishful thinking and sugary thoughts of “success will come when it is meant to.” FUCK THAT! I go out and I search for success because success is in all reality the ultimate mythical hart that every hunter seeks. Those that say they don’t care about success, all the while they pour their hearts into their words and product, are not only lying to you but to themselves as well. Living a lie can sometimes be the best remedy for failure. If that is your poison have fun foolishly enjoying it.

You cannot randomly click “follow” and hope to create a powerblog. There is so much more to this “art” then it appears. I say art because the process itself is an art. Anyone that has blogged on HarsH ReaLiTy and has seen my stats knows I am speaking the truth. They have seen my numbers and even more they have witnessed the fluctuations. Not an hour ago I was asked “why have your numbers fallen since last July and can you explain the bell curb?” Of course I can, it is the product of effort and lack thereof. I have not clicked follow or pushed my blog nearly as hard as I did last year and for good reason. They are my reasons. Last year I was actually “following” and actively pushing my website to the number of around 2000 clicks daily. That is not an exaggeration either. What a person must realize is there is a percentage to explain everything in life, especially a blog. Numbers don’t lie and if you know how to read them they can actually reveal the “heartbeat” of your blog. When I was actively pushing my blog I would have over 750 new visits a day and the retention rate of those visitors was higher as well. My content also has a large amount to do with this rate. Removing an offensive title and tagline would be an immeasurable help in gathering followers, but I refuse to change that. A Good Blog is Hard to Find is actually my new sample test against this theory. I can firmly say that it has shown me I have lost A LOT of potential followers because of what HarsH ReaLiTy now “stands for.”

The amount I blog on HR has fallen this year because I always intended it to be so. I never really planned on devoting more than a year to HarsH ReaLiTy, but I have also adapted that plan slightly. The problem with HR is that it has capped in many ways. I still gain followers daily, but the issue is when you get to a certain size people stop seeing you as an attraction. You gain a label and an outlook, regardless if your practices stay the same. When I say practices let me elaborate on what I mean by that. Last year I received anywhere from 300 – 600 comments daily and much of that is due to the fact that I posted on average 5 times a day. I want to reiterate here that “over posting” doesn’t exist, but pushing out tons of posts ALSO won’t gain you tons of followers. The reason being is that you will find few bloggers that actually read ALL of your posts. I have a few people like that, but it is rare and it basically takes time to find a reader such as that. They are what writers seek though. I spend a lot of my time responding to comments, reading blogs (yes, contrary to popular belief I actually read around 200 blog posts a day), and writing articles. The addition of the comments and emails adds considerable amount of work. I work four days a week in Information Technology and have the luxury of being able to blog at work. I therefore spend around 8 hours daily on my blog and often this includes weekends. I sleep very little and because I have kids I force myself to do a lot of my writing at night. This is neither practical nor possible for many people, but I am trying to provide a full picture of what I do.

7 days a week I was on my blog last year. It has only been recently that I have started to take weekends off and my guest bloggers will attest to the fall in stats because of this. I don’t care because I KNOW what drives stats and views. There is no “dormant stage” for a blog. There is either motivated blogging or lazy blogging to me. I hate laziness and will never entertain the thought of being called lazy by anyone. I have had this word fielded in my direction and honestly, it didn’t deserve the snort that it got.

Powerblogging is about money and making money. Whether you are pushing a product, sharing your writing, or basically trying to create a business for future ventures powerblogging is where you want your website to go if you are truly after numbers and success. Writing is a skill and something to be treasured, thus I have time and time again tried to present the difference to my readers. I take writing and blogging seriously, but I separate them. I always have and always will and this post should share why I do. Blogging is the business and traffic aspect of pushing my website, the writing is something I am always working on and trying to improve. As one commenter said, the reason I post so much is because I am not hindered by public displays of negative feedback. That is why I am writing, any review is welcome. To pick and choose is to pick and choose your followers and that to me is a mistake in principle.

I wrote an eBook back in May of 2013 and I shared my blogging principles and methods. This is a much larger elaboration and I have more still to share. The irony is that this post is probably more in-depth than the eBook, but I have also learned a ton since last May. Well, that is debatable, but I think I have.

Mirror blogs and secondary blogs are becoming more common. You will see many current “powerbloggers” (some of which don’t meet the description to me) hosting mirror sites in which they are simply refunneling their previous posts. While this in itself is not a bad practice, nor is it a bad idea, there needs to be some clear understanding as to what, why, and how this is done. There are some bloggers that will reblog themselves to gain views. The issue I have with this is when they reblog their own post… ON THE SAME DAMN WEBSITE. Who wants to see you reblog yourself? If you have been blogging for years and think you have posts hidden at the bottom of the pile that people might genuinely enjoy “again or for the first time” then simply repost that article. Don’t reblog it and make it obvious you are recycling your posts. When a singer lip sings do they make it obvious? No, they try to play that shit off because people don’t want to think that YOU “think” they are fools. Treat us like adults and instead just repost that entry and see if people like it again.

You will find many bloggers are using “separate” mirror blogs to push their current blog. This is a GREAT practice that has been in use FOREVER! People that think this is a new idea are either not in marketing or failed out of marketing 101 in college. Business owners and strategists have been using the “wall theory” forever. Bouncing ideas off a smaller target or “sample audience” OR simply using a secondary website to get eyes on a topic or issue. There is nothing wrong with this, WordPress isn’t going to run out of room because you decide to make a second website. Anyone that tells you that making new websites is “clogging WordPress” is OBVIOUSLY the best network engineer in the world…

Another thing some powerbloggers do is they create a second website that is completely unaffiliated to their first. They will then “rehash” their previous year’s materiel onto their new blog and by using the scheduling features they are essentially able to create a blog with no new materiel and one that is ready for a year. It is still their writing that they are proud of and are trying to push in front of the public’s eye, so fair is fair when it comes to motivation and even more importantly dedication to promoting yourself.

I don’t schedule my posts, but I have before. I enjoy writing “real-time” and allowing my audience to feel and understand what I think of the moment. I also don’t try and cram every single thought for my day into one post. Many bloggers create well thought out, scripted posts that read like a novel. That is great for them and all and they deserve the recognition and likes people give them from doing that type of task. For me I don’t think a post has to be perfect. When I press publish on this post, an article that is about 7 times longer than most I write, I will probably have a ton of grammatical mistakes that will be obvious to the reader that cares. The thing writers need to remember, especially writers of a blog where they are pushing their thoughts out every day, is that there will be just as many readers that don’t care and will still read. They will also come back and read more, as long as you are putting out new content. If you sit there and second guess your worth and the readability of your articles, you will only filter your website down to a point where it is no longer you. It is a filtered you and who really wants to read that? You should also take note that finding people that are writing about similar topics is the best practice in finding bloggers that “might” like your website. This is particular telling when you actively find people writing about your subjects, even as your topics change daily. This provides a mixture in viewers that will pay you back.

I post lots of times in a day, but each post is generally directly related to a singular topic. I don’t try to carry my readers on some long epic journey through multiple layers of thought because blogging is a “quick fix” type of enjoyment. People read blogs, instead of books, often times for a fast read. Under 1000 words and they really don’t want to think too hard. This is not the case for all bloggers, but understanding the existence of this predominate group will help you when considering what to write, how to write it, and how to present it. If you bury your audience in tireless posts and an overwhelming amount of imagery and mental pictures… you will lose most of your audience.

Titles are everything if you are a writer. If you run a photography or art blog, your titles “might” not matter as much because pictures will show in readers. I don’t post a ton of pictures, actually I rarely do, and because of that I must hedge my bet on a catchy title. But the title won’t make or break your article, it will simply go hand in hand with the percentage that you gather while writing it. It is thus harder on a “true writer” in many ways to gain an audience. This is also why I don’t stick to one topic, theme, or type of writing. I try my hand at anything and that “unpredictable nature” is also a bullet point in my “how to blog” manual. Humans are creatures that grow bored faster than any other animal on this planet. Keep that in mind when you are wondering why people aren’t returning to read the “same type of post” you have been doing for years.

WordAds is a great feature for WordPress users to see at least “a little” monetary gain from their efforts. Why write for free? Also, if your followers aren’t paying the price tag, why should it matter to them if you have Ads? I once had an “Ex-Follower” (yes, we powerbloggers actually get “ex-followers”) who claimed that it was shady of me to gain anything from my followers. I responded with a wake-up call. You do realize that you are paying someone every time you log into any website right? Gmail, google, and EVEN WORDPRESS ITSELF makes money off your usage. Don’t feed me this crap of “it is bad form to make money off anyone” because EVERYONE is making money off EVERYONE. Wake the Fuck Up!

This is getting long and I may come back and add to this later or write an addition. There will be many bloggers and powerbloggers alike that will absolutely hate this post. They will hate that I share this info, or that I do it in such a nonchalant way. As if I am supposed to care about what other bloggers think of it. Unfortunately for them and perhaps fortunately for my audience… I could give a shit less what other bloggers think of me or my methods. To prove this, I will even post this article on my new blog and see if it runs any new followers off. If you are always worried about what others think of what you are doing, saying, or thinking then blogging for an audience is not for you. Save yourself some heartache and instead take on knitting.

-Opinionated Man



Guest Post – In Praise of Survival, by an Unviable Man

NOTE: This is a rewrite of a post that originally appeared on my blog under the same title.

In a blog post I read recently, a peripatetic fellow describes the various hitchhikers he has picked up during his long commute-style drives through the rural American West. Many of them are a type of person I didn’t think existed any more: hobos. Not the inert homeless you see lying on the pavement of a city’s banking district, sleeping their lives away while people in suits step around them. No, these hobos are proud and resilient in their transience and homelessness, doing very well despite not having even the most basic security net, and living lives that, in spite of frequent hardship and privation, are odysseys of romantic freedom.

An unviable guy like me gets charmed silly by stuff like that.

What do I mean by “unviable?” I mean exactly what the word says: incapable of survival. My practical intelligence has always been zilch. I can’t problem-solve my way out of a wet paper bag. The few episodes of homelessness I’ve had, including the voluntary ones, have ended in mere hours with me igominously begging for rescue from birth family. Without the help of my aged father, my late mother and my younger brother, I would long ago have died of thirst, because I wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to get a drink of water on the street. Yes, I can write up a storm, but writing is the only thing I’ve ever been even passably good at. I don’t even wipe my ass all that well.

The hobos in that old blog post are my idols and heroes, people who have the intrepidity to survive and even prosper in absence of even minimal support from any quarter. Sometimes they accept the generosity and fellow-feeling of strangers, but they rely on nothing. They are the finest examples of humanity, those who would have been just as good at survival at the dawn of our species 200,000 years ago, or as late as 200 years ago, as they are today. And there is an added benefit to the way they live a life they often choose. In a world of strangling confinement filled with social security numbers and credit ratings, they remain free.

Kheleya Fahrmann
blog: Verbal Diary-Ea: The Life Journey of a Prolific Diarist

Dear Guest Authors

I am going to save some time and answer the “same question” to everyone at once.

“What type of article are you looking for?” That is up to you. If someone were to offer you a spot in their magazine for a one time only publishing opportunity… what would you publish of yours? Look at this as a chance to really promote what YOU do. So don’t ask me what to write on, I accept all topics as my original offer said. Ok… within reason. Obviously there are some things I wouldn’t want on my website and that shouldn’t really need to be explained. Just show us what you have, even if it is an old post that you REALLY love that is ok as well! Don’t ask me what I want to host, tell me what you want to host ok?

I’ll still respond to the emails, but I just woke up and almost thought I was reading the same email over and over.

What do you want to share?

Note: About photos. I will only allow photos you own yourself. No “free google images” are allowed on my website or any image you do not own yourself! Please don’t make that more difficult than it needs to be.


Guest Authors Sign-up

I will host some guest authors over the weekends and during the “hours” I sleep. That isn’t many hours… but there are a few during the day. I am asking ONE POST only per guest author though, which is different from how I did it last time. I also have a few things to consider before you take me up on this.

1. I only moderate “hateful trolls” on my website. I do not deny the privilege of commenting to those that may disagree or even “hate” my work though. Neither will I mod people that hate your writing either, so if you are timid in the face of negative comments you may want to consider before signing up. I worked hard to create a diverse group here that are equally diverse in what they enjoy. Take that into consideration and make sure you look at who is commenting before responding.

2. If you are the type of blogger that doesn’t respond to comments don’t sign up. If I see your post grow with comments and no responses I will trash it. I make no promises how long I will keep a post up.

3. Please ensure you at least spell check your posts. If I proof a post and it hurts my eyes I will either email you a short “what the fuck?” or I will trash it. I don’t have time to babysit anyone and if you are serious about writing you should at least run your articles through spellcheck. Also, I make allowances for international guests and understand English is the second language of some. I am not an asshole and will take that into consideration, but know and recognize that my audience is mainly English speaking. They won’t read garbage and neither will I.

4. If you are only seeking to “write a post” so you can add hundreds of links to your site and books… don’t sign up. That gets so old and honestly it turns people off. I WILL ALLOW authors to put a signature, link to their site, and even “tasteful” links to their books, ebooks, or work. I do not want an eye sore on my website though and if you need further explanation on this feel free to ask.

5. HarsH ReaLiTy was built under the ideal that opinions are valuable. Even opinions you disagree with. I allow writers on here that share topics even I don’t agree with. Don’t allow the fact that you write on a different topic to dissuade you from signing up.

6. 18 years or older only please. Look… I have no way of knowing if you lie obviously. But understand that I am a father, I have two children and a wife, I have a life outside this blog… don’t put me in a situation I don’t wish to be in please. Like I have said in the past, I do these guest blogging opportunities as a way to give back to my readers. I don’t even require that a person BE A READER of mine to sign up. Don’t ruin this opportunity for others please.

7. DO NOT HOST STOLEN MATERIAL ON MY BLOG. EVER! THAT INCLUDES PHOTOS, WRITING, A BUNNY PICTURE… ANYTHING!!! DON’T BE A THIEF! I have had my work stolen a few times and it feels like being raped. While I wouldn’t know what being raped feels like… I am guessing. Don’t do it.

8. I will not do back and forth emails over a certain point. If it takes you far too long to figure this whole process out I will bow out. I just have better things to do like watching ice melt…

Thanks to all those that have already shown interest. As of now I should have responded to ALL emails that inquired about guest posting. If I missed you please send me another email at

Thanks again,


Just Write

I am often asked how I come up with my posts. At first I took my prompts from fortune cookies, but those got old after awhile. Truthfully I simply write when I feel like writing and I feel like writing all the time. When I look back over my posts I consider most “sloppy” and very few do I consider “good,” but I do appreciate that other people enjoy them. I believe there are some people that always love there work, some that never like their work, and many like me that rarely like their own writing. I once said that I came onto WordPress to improve my skills, but that is a lie. I come on WordPress to write my current thoughts because texting is so tedious and where better than here to rant at the world?

Just write. Don’t think so hard about it is what I tell people if they ask. If it is interesting to you that is the first step. I have never understood why anyone would write on topics or spill out long articles on subjects they don’t have any concern over. Why write about it? If you see a post on this website it is because I thought about it, I cared about it, and hell… I decided to write about it. I think fear stops many people from voicing their opinions on the world and that is tragic to me. The day we give up our voices and the right to our own opinion is the day we might as well place the chain around our necks and stop caring. Because you are then truly a slave to the world at that point.

My parents brought me up to take ownership of my own views and not only that, but to stand behind my convictions. We are given so few things on this earth, but the one thing no one can take from you is your internal opinion. Now whether or not you can actually voice those words is a different story, but that should never stop someone from formulating their own outlooks on what is going on in their lives and in this world. Break your bubble people and more importantly share your thoughts. You never know how many people might relate or find courage from your actions.

I wish I could write more and had the time to write more in depth on this blog. I micro blog because writing is only a portion of what I do on WordPress, as I said in my blogging model I only spend 33.3% of my time on WP writing posts. I do sometimes wonder at and envy those “celebrities” that can just write and have people read all the time. They have no obligation to interact back and their fame brings them view after view. I will never be famous in this life and because of that I have to work for my views. Each and every one. It is called “the grind” people and we do what we must for things we care about. I care about writing because I love it.

-Opinionated Man

Rescheduling Posts

A few people have asked me about rescheduling posts and the pros and cons of it. Rescheduling posts is a great way to “rehash” articles you liked and want to publish again. Often even a person’s own readers will miss posts so if done in “moderation” it is a great way to reshow them. I don’t follow a rule with it, but I do try to limit my “mass rescheduling” to once a month. I will still republish some of my top articles such as the ones with blogging tips and the meet and greet posts when and where I wish.

Your likes and comments will stay with a rescheduled post, however some things are affected when you do this. Internal links can be “broken” when you reschedule a post because the link to your article actually changes. For example my current meet and greet post’s actual URL is Notice the bold part of the link shows the date it was published, so if I reschedule this post it will change to the new date and thus it will have a “new” URL. If I have linked this post internally to any other articles those links will no longer work because it is sending the reader to 2014/08/18 and that no longer exists. Make sense? If not feel free to ask and I’ll try to explain it better.

Internal links to “external” websites will still work which is why rescheduling for me is not a big deal. What I mean by this is that all the links bloggers are leaving in my example post above will still go to their websites because THEIR articles haven’t changed, mine has. So you don’t have to worry about disrupting that portion of the thread, however, REBLOGS WILL BE BROKEN. For many this “might” be a big deal, to me it is a non-factor because I don’t depend on reblogs for views. So if you are worried that a friend who reblogged you won’t be able to find the article then that might be something to consider.

I have run into one issue with this process and that is when I “republish” a guest author post and that guest author has linked to the original on their own blog. Those links will be broken and some guest authors may get frustrated by this. I don’t mind and I forewarn all bloggers that write on this website that I WILL republish some of the posts so they will either need to “relink” or deal with it. Hopefully this clears up some of the questions fielded towards me about rescheduling and if you have further concerns or inquiries feel free to ask below or reach out to me at


WordPress Meet and Greet #3 – All Bloggers Welcome

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network.

All bloggers are welcome to use this post as a “Self-Promotion” thread for their blog, projects, causes, writing, books, eBooks, food, fashion, or whatever you are into. You may post links, book covers, or whatever you like and feel free to revisit and leave a new comment as this thread will quickly fill up.

Hopefully some authors, photographers, painters, writers, and bloggers will take the opportunity to push their work. Please keep promotional comments on the posts dedicated for that purpose.

Feel free and re-blog or share this post. Thanks!



Bloggers… make sure your username goes to your website!!! How? Simple, click your dang name! Do you now see your blog? No? Then it isn’t linked!

It is very frustrating when people want to visit your website and they get “page not found.” Go to your settings and put in your URL! It “might” help you get reads, views, and comments… you never know.


A basic Dosirakbento and thoughts on blogging

Opinionated Man:

“Why do I blog? And for whom?” The magic question! ;)

Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their blog.

Originally posted on dosirakbento:

Basic dosirak bento

A basic dosirakbento

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about my blog and she remarked that my recent blog posts have received a lot more likes than before. We tried to pinpoint the blog post where my “followers” and “likes” count suddenly started to go up, but couldn’t really decide when it happened. After that conversation, I actually went to have a look at my stats and saw that in July the numbers trebled from 522 (June) to 1465 views (July)!

But my stats are not the reason why I wanted to bring up the subject “thoughts on blogging”. Because during that same conversation I said something along the lines of “well, yes, I’m very happy that I have new followers and likes, but I do sometimes feel obliged to make sure I create nice and interesting looking lunches / blog posts”.  Her response was to ask…

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“I like your blog!”

This past month I have had a first for me. Believe it or not I rarely have anyone in my “everyday life” approach me about my blog. That is probably a good thing if you ask me, but regardless I have been a little tickled by the fact that a few people have approached me and said “I like your blog!” Who would have ever guessed I would have that said to my face? I normally stammer for a second for a response. I don’t like talking to humans for the most part.

I never guessed at any point I would have to justify or physically talk about my blog when I created it last year. This was merely to be a forum to present my opinions and I expected nothing in return. That outlook has changed/adapted since then, but I am still astonished when people I know read my writing. There are so many blogs, websites, news outlets, and other “things” to do online that for anyone to take the time to visit my website is thrilling. I still get thrilled by it.

There is no shame in taking joy in the knowledge your work is appreciated. We, as writers or bloggers, take those acts of kindness and use them as motivation. It helps us to press on when we feel liking quitting. It inspires us to write our thoughts when we think no one is listening. We blog to be heard.


9 Reasons Not to Sue Opinionated Man

Don’t hate me for using third person above. I couldn’t help it.

1. Capture


2. Although the Cushman family traces its lineage to David Cushman who came over with the Mayflower our family fortune went into golf carts and property. Unfortunately I have never been invited to the investors meetings… but I am holding out hope I am the illegitimate son of someone rich out there! Hopefully not Kim Jong-un.

3. You won’t find me! I am changing my name to Chang and moving to China! Good luck!

4. I can’t afford a lawyer so I would have to defend myself in court. I guarantee it would turn into a circus that no one, you included, would want to observe. Trust me on that.

5. My wife will beat me.

6. If I fail to pay and have to go to jail I would look awful in an orange jumpsuit. Yellow and orange really don’t go well together.

7. They don’t serve kimchi in prison. Don’t send me there… that would be hell.

8. If you sue me I may die laughing. While that sounds like a pleasant way to “go out” my kids would just be baffled and confused. “You mean daddy actually died laughing?…”

9. I would have to take a second job to pay off the debt. The only other thing I am qualified to do is make French Fries and I really don’t want to do that again.

-Opinionated Man

Unimportant Me

I revel in the fact that I am unimportant because if I “mattered” then I would have to watch what I say. I will never run for political office, will never be Star Fleet Commander, and will never appear on TV to defend my views. I have always found it amusing how “random people” get thrust into the limelight against their will and often times it is due to the “one time” they dare to express their true opinions. Isn’t it amusing, for instance, how the Freshly Pressed staff normally picks very soft bloggers to feature and in turn forces them into the arena? They rarely pick controversial blogs that I have noticed and I wonder if that is on purpose.

Unimportant me lives an unimportant life and that life gives me the freedom to say what I wish. There will be no blow back from my work, family, religion, or conscience from the things I write and I must admit… I thrive on that freedom. I love it.

Blogging is for real forms of expression and writers come on here to write. If all I wanted to do is share thought farts I would stick to Twitter.




I really have no post in mind for this title. I just felt the need to use it because it is a really great hook AND the word itself seems so offensive. I rarely curse myself compared to most of the sailor mouths I hang out with, but I will use them because the word “termagant” just doesn’t pack the punch like “bitch” does. You see I haven’t even addressed this word to anyone and already I am sure some feminist has thrown her hands in the air or one of my Christian followers has started an email to me like the last one I got. “Your usage of foul language shows your immaturity” I think is what the last one said. While I respect everyone’s right to their opinion in their space I also demand the right to speak as I wish. I know that is crazy huh. Well thank you for flying with Air Korea. Goodnight.


This Isn’t Me…

Rate This

// I like my china!I acquired them one other day in deep Atlantic I presently have a person certainly one of china but I are unable to wait for it to snow so i can deliver my new ones. Their so fairly and fuzzy. Truly worth the [$] love my china.

Don’t be Afraid

I am writing through the tired. If you get bored or annoyed with my posts please refer to this article –

I constantly have people comment and write to me asking how I am so “unafraid” to write on sensitive topics. There is an easy answer. I look down on all humans, therefore their opinions don’t affect me like they would a normal, rational human being. Many are probably laughing right now and thinking that I am joking. I look down on those doing that.

I write what I want on this blog. I love the freedom. I am not Matt Walsh (who I have no issue with by the way) and I don’t write controversy for fun. I honestly believe everything on this page, that is the most amusing part to me. If it serves your own purpose to laugh off my posts and stubbornly adhere to the “idea” that I am just joking, so be it. That is your right. I look down on you for doing it though.

Don’t be afraid. What are you afraid of? Trolls? People telling you that your opinion sucks? That you are a racist? That you are worse? Laugh with me as we roll our eyes at the world. What I did was build a moat and filled it with dirty diapers. No sane person would swim through a river of dirty diapers to attack me and if they did I would smell them a mile away. I also am the first Korean pirate full on with the bird and everything. I sometimes walk around in gold armor too. So yea… if you are looking for concerned you came to the wrong castle. I look down on you… from my castle wall.


Tagging – Spreading the love

I know everyone by now has read a post on tagging. I have read many of them and I find that sometimes people leave out some key pieces of info. I thought I would share some of the points I think people leave out.

Yes, we know by now that you are allowed up to 15 tags per post. These tags will then “filter” your post into the appropriate category and they will then enter the overall WordPress reader. Categories count as a tag so if you add a post to one or more categories you must then remove some of the additional tags or your post will go “p00f!”

Here is the part that people miss. Humans are creatures of habit and that flows over into blogging. Often people will habitually use the exact same tags over and over and that is a huge mistake. For starters if you are only using the overall general tags of WP, such as blog, blogging, wordpress, writing, life, love, sex, relationships, food, photography,  and art, then your posts are only visible real time. They get flooded out. Some people will suggest that you use “unique tags” to make your post stand out. That is true BUT to get noticed someone actually has to think of looking for that tag. So if you use a tag like “my cute red socks” your post will never be found off that tag search. Generally people only search for a single or a double word phrase.

I follow a lot of blogs, obviously, but I ALSO read a ton of blogs. I am a silent reader for the most part unless I feel prompted to comment, but one thing I always look at is how people are tagging. What is trending and what are people using these days. Tags and titles ARE the SEO of WordPress. Not of google. The truth is you don’t need “general SEO” to grow an audience if your blog is on WordPress. Your audience is already here and all they are waiting for is an invitation to come to your site.

Tags are almost as important as titles because both serve the same purpose. If you truly want your articles read you need to understand “how” to get them read. Understanding tagging is a good start.


Thank You WordPress

I just wanted to thank WordPress and their staff for the incredible job they do. Too often do we take for granted the free platforms that are created through the engineering, work, and backing of others. Instead we moan and groan when things don’t act “just perfectly.” Heaven forbid there is an UPDATE!

Everyone that is using WordPress for free, as in you are not paying for a premium account or domain, needs to take a second and reflect. What are you offering to the world? If all you are giving is complaints about a free website… check your attitude or go make your own platform.


I do what I want

I do what I want. I understand that some people get angry over my reposts because they clog of their readers. I suggest either blocking my posts, not subscribing by email, or simply unfollow my blog. I never understand why people begin to think a blogger “writes for them.” I suppose if this website said CNN or Yahoo people could claim that… but it doesn’t does it? It says HarsH ReaLiTy which just happens to be the title of my personal blog. Imagine that.

I write whatever I feel like here because that is the freedom of blogging. Do I want to bash the president? Do I want to complain about the cold French fries I got for lunch? Do I want to complain about trolls that write posts about me? I make the decision what to write, no one makes that for me.

If you are put off by my current content stop visiting. Feel free to come back another day, but you won’t get an apology from me. Why would I do that? I do what I want.


Kaufmans Kavalkade – Troll

Dear Kaufmans Kavalkade,

We all now see how pathetic you are. You attack smaller bloggers that can’t fight back and when a real challenge comes your way you run like a coward. Stay hidden and back off my friends.

-Opinionated Man

Facts To Consider About Opinionated Man & The Wine Wankers Before You Follow Their Blogs on @WordPress

Opinionated Man:

I won’t be deleting anything. You keep pingbacking my website and sending me emails and it is getting boring. Don’t you have a job? Anyways, I am reblogging this to document your continued harassment of my mother and I. Thanks. -OM

Originally posted on Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet:

When The Wine Wankers published their blog entitled, “The 100 most influential wine peeps on social media” it garnered news media interest.

Deputy Editor at The SOMM Journal Jonathan Cristaldi questioned The Wine Wankers about the veracity of their list after seeing a @klout share of my blog post entitled, “The @WineWankers “Top 100 list” Is False.”

And subsequently Opinionated Man, a friend of The Wine Wankers  threatened me to “stay hidden and back off his friends.” after I reported on that list being false.

Blog post

The Wine Wankers Blog was newsworthy, being shared by Wall Street Wine Writer Ben Lyons.

TV Correspondent Lori Moreno questioned The Wine Wankers on the list.

The Wine Wankers responded that the list was based on social media presence.

The Wine Wankers list includes The Wine Wankers as a whole, not Just “Conrad.”

So why Conrad chooses to IGNORE Lili Coffin and her wine…

View original 2,087 more words

I don’t write for you

I don’t write for you… any of you. I am not bound to any group, race, nationality, or view point. All my opinions are my own, they are not any of yours that I am sharing. To be honest, your opinion doesn’t affect my own. I will listen, I may nod in agreement, but the determination of my beliefs will always be done by me.

I don’t care if you read my articles. Whether I have one follower or a million followers HarsH ReaLiTy will always host the opinions of myself. I will not water down my drinks for you, we do not serve water at this bar. Try the bunny blog a few posts down if you are looking for “fluff” you will never find that here.

I don’t hold the keys to your success. I may write articles to encourage or feel the need to “try” and inspire bloggers, but those decisions to do so are my own. I am not obligated to help anyone. I don’t need to do favors for views or “follows.” I don’t get paid to help other writers, I find real enjoyment in doing so. If I didn’t get that I wouldn’t ever re-blog, promote others, or answer the hundreds of emails I get a week.

I don’t write for you nor do I consider anyone else before pressing publish. I will always post what I want, even if that should result in a mass exodus from my blog. So be it. At least I will still stand for my beliefs. At least I can still say I have conviction.

At least I can still respect myself in the morning.

-Opinionated Man

Blogs are like homes. Don’t fart in my home.

I am constantly amazed at how unaware people are of their surroundings. This would explain how a person is actually able to walk into a lake following Google maps… and then get mad about it and try to sue. That is a true story by the way.

One of the first things I noticed about blogging is how quickly people can build loyalties online. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are self-proclaimed introverts (has anyone noticed how trendy it has become to call yourself an introvert these days?) or people that were probably Mr. and Mrs. Popular in High School. We all seem to rub shoulders equally on the blogosphere and that is what makes blogging fun for many of us. Half the time we, or perhaps this is just me, don’t care what your avatar or picture looks like. Besides… most of those are fake anyways or they are the “REALLY FAR AWAY SHOT” that might as well just show a landscape or the sun.

As with anything you will bond and find groups you wish to be a part of. Communities thrive online and are especially important for writers seeking motivation to keep going. Daily. This is also not a bad thing, but here is the part that gets me. When I walk into a party where I know absolutely no one I don’t immediately show my ass and let out a big fart. Instead I feel out the atmosphere of the place, get comfortable, and then I let it out… silently…

Many first time visitors to my blog are surprised by the fact that a response to their comment actually doesn’t come from me. I am shocked sometimes as well at how quickly others respond because I am pretty fast about it myself. Am I going to apologize for having gathered bloggers here that feel comfortable enough to tell a newbie what they think I will say? No, I won’t. We are all adults here, at least we are supposed to be, and I leave people to fend for themselves for the most part in the comments section. There are arguments still going on in threads that are months old on this blog and that is what makes this blog unique compared to most.

I have stepped in a few times and that is normally when I feel that someone is intentionally picking on another blogger on HR. I hold that right because everyone that visits here has the right to safely read and comment without fear. Understand that sharing opinions freely is different from being combative with your comments. I have always had a soft spot for people I see as falling victim to those that consider themselves to be of greater intelligence. I don’t understand the need of educated people to display their knowledge by knocking others down. As much as I may consider myself intelligent (possibly the smartest Korean in the world), I am fully aware there is always a brighter pebble out there… on some planet…


Guess what? I care.

It has become trendy for people to adopt an “I don’t care” attitude in regards to success and failure. I believe it presents an easy way for people to write off their shortcomings and offers an excuse for why failure occurs.

I read a lot of blog posts daily and one of the most popular approaches to blogging “stagnation” is to adopt this type of attitude to explain a lack of success. Some bloggers think it is even cool to throw that personality at other bloggers in hopes of making themselves feel better. “Oh you care about numbers? I write for myself…” is commonly said to me. At this point anyone that feels the need to say “oh you care about numbers” to me is an idiot. Of course I care about numbers that is what blogging is to me.

How many indie authors claim to not care about success, but then they moan about “bad reviews” and people not buying their book. Which is it? Do you care about your work , dreams, and goals or are you going to shrug it all off because that is easier than increasing your effort?

I care about my blog and pour countless hours into it. I am not sure what I will promote in the future, but right now I push myself to network each day with as many bloggers as I can reach. I care to do this because I understand that the results I get are equal to the amount of energy I put in. I don’t sit around and make excuses for why other blogs are more successful than mine, I don’t sit around and claim I don’t care when I really do, and I don’t need any help from anyone else.

The hours I spend on my site directly affect the number of views, subscribers, and comments I receive each day. I do not write stupid articles about “fake likes, fake follows, and fake views” because I value every single view for what it is. Who cares if it is a bot or a person as long as a connection is received? Bloggers that worry overly about whether or not their followers are real tend to miss the point about blogging. It is about who you really connect with and not about whom you “might” be connecting with. Worry about those real interactions instead of wasting precious blogging time.

If you want to care about your blog feel free to be proud of it. Ignore the people that look down on those of us that care. They are simply mad that they don’t share our passion for blogging.


Murder Me

Murder me with a dagger of physical anger. Beat your chest and take comfort in the fact that you have a cause. How does the weight of that banner feel while you balance it against your large ego? A giant of a man standing so small on social media. Crying to the wind because no one else cares. Slay me with your fury and shake that small fist in my direction. I smile in amusement at your attempted aggression.

You are nothing.

I am still here.


My Social Media Platforms

There are a lot of “Opinionated Men” names being created. I ONLY blog here. I have been added as an “author” on a few websites as well… I ONLY blog here…

My social media links are the following and I welcome any connection. All other websites are not affiliated with me. It sucks I have to clarify this, but there you have it.

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