Dear SEO Idiots

Dear SEO Idiots,

My blog is already on the first page of Google search because I worked hard to get it there. Stop emailing me to offer things I have done for myself. You are a bunch of hawkers anyways and preying on innocent bloggers on WordPress is lame. Go peddle your services where it is needed. You are not needed nor wanted on HarsH ReaLiTy. I get my own shit done.


WordPress – A Site of Fences

Browsing WordPress is much like walking down a fenced in sidewalk these days. Everywhere I look there are walls, protective measures, and anxious eyes watching my every move. Some bloggers are “waiting” for visitors to grace their pages, others are worried about predators and thieves stealing their work and still other writers are busy creating masterpieces that they then quickly erect gigantic walls around to ensure no one ever sees them. This all culminates into the saddest image of blogging to me.

I once had a follower email me and ask “what do you do about protecting your writing? Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your words since you put all you’re writing out there for free?” I quickly replied to this email that there is no way possible to ensure that someone doesn’t steal your words. It will happen, it is happening, and it can’t be stopped. I also pointed out that it is impossible to recognize the “dollar amount” that you are losing due to someone taking and sharing your writing without permission. This is merely to say that the “stress” associated with such cares is generally not worth the anxiety.

I have never been worried about people re-blogging, sharing, or reposting my articles. I do like to ask/demand that people credit the author and the website, but humans will do as they please. In an “open forum” website like WordPress it is basically impossible to regulate such things and I also think that the more eyes that see your articles the better. And for those worried that “someone else is making money off you” stop worrying about that complexity because guess what? WORDPRESS makes money off you currently. Still bothered? Every time you log into your WordPress account, or any website or account, you ARE paying someone, just in case anyone was really that naïve…

Everyone is so quick to erect fences. Don’t you know that is the fastest way to get splinters? I really hate splinters, they are so damn hard to get out, and thus I stay away from arduous woodwork. I will admit I get a bit sad and possibly annoyed when I visit a blog and I read something amazing. I then glance over at the follower count and view numbers and I say to myself “what a shame.” Like a rose behind a wall, a princess locked inside a tower, these are all the same images that define a deprived world. A world that will never be given the ultimate gift, an original thought written by you… that to me is the true tragedy of what blogging is becoming.


Re-spinning your Posts

Opinionated Man:

Do you re-spin posts? I do. Join the debate! -OM
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Originally posted on lindaghill:

I was talking to Jason at HarsH ReaLiTy the other day, as I do, about re-blogging or “respinning” blog posts. Jason does it all the time these days and he swears by it as a practice which allows his new followers to enjoy his older posts. I follow HarsH ReaLiTy by email but I don’t receive notifications for his posts when they’re old ones–respun ones–which makes me happy because I’ve already read them. So it does have that going for it in regards to the possibility of an annoyance factor.

It still concerns me that I might get on people’s nerves if they see posts in their readers that they’ve already read. I don’t have as many new followers on a daily basis as Jason does. BUT, for the new followers I do have, it may give some insight on what I’m talking about half the time.

How do you…

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Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

Opinionated Man:

Thank you for the honest review. I definitely was looking for feedback and I may take you up on the idea of limiting some of my rants to a monthly cycle! I appreciate you taking the time and thanks again for the pingback. -OM
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Originally posted on Blackbird's Nest:

I’m going to do something today I never thought I’d be doing and I don’t think I’ll ever do again. First because I’m not usually very vocal as a blog reader under normal circumstances, –  I’m more of a lurker, or silent follower, but I think lurker sounds creepier therefore is more fitting to my person  – but also because I’m not too keen on writing reviews directly this way. I’ve reviewed fan fiction here, and I’ve talked about the quality in writing on TV shows and videos games I like and dislike. I’ve talked about books. All are those are fair game to me because I can review those works without extending my review to the person behind those works. I can express opinions on those works while knowing nothing about the person, or people, behind those works. With a blog that’s not really the case. Reason why I…

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Half of you are Full of Shit

I think half of you are full of shit that tell me long lists of what you would do if you had a successful platform. I love how easily people parade the good deeds they “WOULD DO” in front of the world and loudly herald what a great person they are without ever having to prove it. How about you do that? Prove it!

Build a successful blog and then take the time and energy from your day to promote other bloggers. See how rewarding it is, seriously. Then come back here and dare to bitch at me about my blogging ethics. Come and say things like “at least you are finally promoting other people.” How about you bloggers take a look before you judge me. I promote more bloggers on this website than ANY non-Wordpress affiliated site I know of. That includes larger powerblogs I follow who couldn’t care less about the success of others.

People can call me selfish all they want, that is their right as a human. But don’t come at me with bullshit about what a good person YOU are and how much YOU would do if you were in my shoes. Stop creating hypotheticals and do it! Don’t be a lazy ass, prove it instead and don’t just talk the talk.

Note: I will keep scheduling guest authors through this week, but may be away tomorrow. Please be patient as I go through the list.


Why I Blog

I have seen these posts and I will admit I always snickered a bit when reading them. I always thought “well I am glad they clarified why they are doing something they like to do…” I am such a hypocrite because I am about to write one myself. It has been a long time coming.

When I began HarsH ReaLiTy in January I stated that I was here to share my writing and to get feedback on my style. I was not lying at the time and that really is still my answer. I am not here to read and I do not log into WordPress with the purpose of browsing blogs. I log in to write and write and write. I have said before that there are many different people on WP for their own purposes, some are here to blog, others to read, some to browse, and others just to kill time during work. All those different reasons combine into a community thriving with potential readers and followers as well as an equal amount of writers. Two “writers” might not ever visit each other’s blogs because guess what? They are busy writing, not reading and commenting. To deny the fact that some blogs might be better than others is to be willingly obtuse. There are differing degrees of blogs much like there are different levels of skill for authors.

I do not think I am a high level writer. I do think I am unique and that I have something to offer that others do not. Luckily I have just enough skill and a large enough vocabulary that I am able to disguise my lack of grammar and composition behind well placed phrases and key words of humor. I am also grateful that most of my readers are understanding, forgiving, and accept the fact that I am not an established author. I believe blogging can be anything you wish it to be. Currently I use it to relieve stress, rant, to talk about random world views, and recently I have decided to share my flash fiction attempt. I love the instant gratification and for a person that is easily depressed it helps to receive such encouragement to keep trying and keep writing. A journal doesn’t give great feedback.

I do accept “fair” criticism, as hard as that may be to believe. I read every comment on my blog and I do try and work on the faults people find. I won’t turn the other cheek or roll over if I feel an attack is unfair, I never have and never will live like that. I think people should be allowed to defend themselves without being seen as the “bully” because they happen to have more followers. I think people also need to remember that my blunt writing style carries over into the comment section as well. I am never mad when commenting, but I will admit I may be annoyed. I did not come on WordPress to engage in arguments, debates, or to battle trolls. I may take the good advice of many of you and just start moderating such garbage.

I decided when I began this blog that I would share some photos of my children and would also talk about my family on this blog. They are my life and thus it would be silly not to include them in a blog about me. I also made a promise that as soon as someone spoke in a derogatory manner about them that I would remove their photos and stop posting them. That ship has sailed, sadly, but I will not stop posting and writing about my daily life, which obviously includes my family. They are more important than blogging.

I blog as practice because the best way to get better at something is to keep doing it. I write daily, I dream about writing, and I wake up in the morning ready to write. It is possibly the only thing I have ever been good at and I hope that one day I will be “great” at it.

I blog because I love to write.

-Opinionated Man