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I have developed some “tricks” to promoting or pushing my posts so that they get seen by as many people as possible. These are methods I use and I have created my own terminology which is probably inaccurate. I think the words I use are self-explanatory, but if anyone needs clarification feel free to ask.

The rescheduling of posts is a huge tool for bloggers that really want their posts to be seen be the largest audience possible. Some people overdo this method and I actually have really overused it the past few months in an effort to reshare some of my older posts. The great thing about the rescheduling of a post is that it will only show up in a person’s reader and won’t spam them with new emails. It will sometimes, depending on your settings, reshare on your other social media platforms if you have them directly linked so be careful.

I consider the first 4 posts of mine to be my “front page” even though my web URL goes directly to my blog as a whole. That is because human interest is limited and I never expect anyone to read more than the first two posts of mine. Bloggers become so focused on their current post they forget that presentation is everything. I am always moving, writing new posts, rescheduling lately old posts, and moving the ones I like around to directly tie in with the timing of when I go to find new readers. This is where the schedule button really comes in handy for me.

Often we write posts that are in some way connected with a previous post, be it a series or they are on the same topic. I like to reschedule the old post about five minutes before I post my new one. It sometimes clumps my posts together in a reader and although some people may get annoyed it ensures your posts are seen. The relationship between the two posts also helps to promote them to each other. That should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. Someone asked me in what order I do the portions of my blogging model. The two parts where I gather my audience and I publish posts is easy to portion out in my daily activity. In a realistic world wouldn’t you place your blog out there first and then find the audience so that they see the posts you want them to see? That is why I publish and then I gather in that order.

Probably a lot of over information there, but just remember that readers are always scrolling down and growing so your posts get buried on both personal readers and the overall WordPress reader. The only thing you are doing by rescheduling is placing your posts on the rail again and letting people see it. The worst that can happen is you overdo it and someone either unsubscribes from you because they don’t know how to “hide your posts,” or they hide your posts which is pretty much the same thing since that is permanent. Either way if you have put in the effort to write something great why rewrite the exact same thing again just to be able to publish it? Simply press the quick link and reschedule it for a future time and date.

One last trick, but first this is assuming you already know that when you reschedule a post it will only break the reblog links from external websites back to you. The links internal (from your blog) out (external website such as by clicking a blogger’s username) will still work. I do not rely on my blog traffic from reblogs so breaking those links is no big deal to me. If you learn how to gather your audience for yourself and stop relying on others it won’t be a big deal to you either. The one thing you may want to keep in mind is that when you move a post the link to the email sent to your email subscribers WILL break. That is important to note because you then don’t want to immediately move a post you just published or your email subscribers will become frustrated from the Error Code they get when no website is found. There is still a trick you can use if you really want to promote a post in the same day that is for some reason to you important. You have all the way till 23:99 of that same day to republish that post. If you were motivated you could use a mixture of the methods above and keep republishing the “newly published post” up until the end of that day to ensure it gets seen and it won’t break any links externally or internally. There really is no limit to that… I’ve known someone to push their post every five minutes for a day. It can help. Just a tip.


Blogger Review – HarsH ReaLiTy

I have never asked for this before and this might be a huge mistake. I would like for anyone to write a “review” of my blog and perhaps touch on things you might like to see in the future. I won’t promise to follow any “advice” given, but I have a lot of readers here that have watched this blog grow from follower 1 in 2013. I would really like feedback from those that have watched the different directions this blog has taken. It might be helpful to touch on what posts are more enjoyable than others so I can consider that in the future.

Thanks to anyone that takes the time!


-Opinionated Man

Prince Charming? Ha! Welcome to Reality.

Opinionated Man:

Prince charming exists! He just drinks beer and likes football and sometimes… wants to be left alone. Thanks for sending me the link! -OM
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Originally posted on APCFuture:

My random thought of the day has caused inspiration to write. Random thoughts can be fun but this one comes from things that have taken place in my life and what I have seen from my other married friends.

Ladies we are brought up to be completely ridiculous and insane in our notions of love, romance and marriage. The fairly tale prince charming who will walk in and sweep us off our feet with romance spewing from his ears. Then we begin to date and find that men do not compare to much of what we thought we should expect in a relationship. Our notions are torn down and everything falls apart. This leads to many good guys being tossed aside for not being enough.

Truth is though that we should be better informed and if we were we may open our eyes. Getting married for me was a huge…

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MIRAME Swimwear – Product Review

Opinionated Man:

I kind of see myself as something of a fashion expert. I am in the know I tell you. Anyways… that is why I follow a lot of fashion bloggers. Thanks for letting me share your blog and nice photos! I like the photos a ton… from a fashion perspective of course… -OM
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Originally posted on Lina Bracky:

I learned about MIRAME swimwear through my sister’s hair stylist Lisa DeMaria, owner of Salon Topaz in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Melinda, MIRAME’s creator is Lisa’s client and close friend.

One afternoon after getting her hair cut, my sister came home and started telling me about MIRAME, I googled the website and was intrigued by the various collections. I immediately reached out to Melinda (before even knowing her name), I mentioned what I did and how I learned about her; a few days later I heard back from her and that is when this beautiful journey began.

Melinda visited my website (which was very raw at the moment) and invited me to do a product review on her items, she sent me a few pieces which I chose, and well…. I fell in love.

With Melinda’s permission, I decided to do my own photo-shoot. I am enclosing a description, comments…

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Ideas!! Ideas!! Ideas Aplenty!!

Opinionated Man:

Those look really cool and I am absolutely sure they cast spells on people. -OM
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Originally posted on Cats, Crafts and Chaos:

That special “ingredient” arrived!! The one I mentioned a few posts ago.

I really am starting to feel excited about trying this new technique :-D

I’ve also been playing around with an………extension…….of what I started to do with the resin a few years ago. So far I am really pleased with the results :-)

And some great ideas have come from it.

It would be so wonderful to think that I could work towards making a living out of these ideas. But the reality is always very different to the dream. And if you do the maths, it’s not as easy as it might first appear in terms of the quantity you would need to sell to make a living wage.

As a second income in a household, it’s fine. Potentially. But as the only income, even for one person………it is very, very doubtful indeed.
Unless you have something unique…

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Some HarsH ReaLiTy

I offer some HarsH ReaLiTy to bloggers that feel “stuck” with their blogs.

Your blog will never be found.

Your writing is not the reason why people don’t comment or visit.

Your topics aren’t as offensive as you think they are.

Far less people care about what you are writing on than you think. Don’t let fear keep you from writing on an issue.

There is no “WordPress fact police” that goes around checking the validity of posts. If there were such a thing… 99% of WordPress would be shut down.

Changing your theme every month won’t get you views and will possibly annoy the shit out of your current audience.

Your tagline and username don’t have to be perfect, trendy, or even make sense to get followers.

Constantly posting will only get you so many views. If you threw newspapers from a plane they would STILL only be read by the people that care to read

If you depend on your family and friends for views and comments, your blog will be as empty as a Saturday night party with no alcohol.

If you could tap a million shoulders from the comfort of your room and ask them to read your work, why wouldn’t you? That is what the follow button will do for you. Common sense will tell you to find people writing about similar topics and issues.

People that dream of an audience but won’t actually work to find followers must just like to complain. They will still bemoan the fact that other people are successful. Sometimes people just need excuses for why they are failing, even if they are lies. Whatever makes you sleep well at night right?

The other side of the coin is this…

WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world. There is someone that likes the same stuff as you and reads the same books. You simply have to find them. They may not even be the same “type” of blogger as you or write on the same subjects. That doesn’t mean that the food blogger doesn’t like poetry or the artist over there doesn’t read fiction and creative writing on their free time. If you limit the potential audience you can reach you will simply limit your own blog and expectations.

I know there are many here that want to be authors. Hell, I want to be an author too one day. There are also many bloggers that sell their own products or are in the business of making business for themselves. I find that to be an awesome thing and it inspires me to see other entrepreneurs really going after their dreams. That is why I write these posts, for the people that have “something” to offer and are only looking for a fair exchange for the value of their work.

There are people out there that want to meet you and your website. They want your product. You have to find them first! Many won’t actively search for things, even if all they need to do is type it in the Google search bar. Instead they will create something, a website or a product, and then they will recline back in their chair and “wait” for people to show up. A blog is not a brick and mortar store and even if it were all of our blogs would blend into an apartment complex style background and no one would be recognized. Our websites would never be seen for the potential that “one click” could provide. This is why I preach over and over that people must interact and find others that want to view, read, or purchase their products. So many great writers, so many great books and posts, and they are all bound by the common factor of being hidden behind a wall.

There are readers, browsers, writers, clickers, bloggers, artist, and many other different types of people present here on WordPress. We are NOT all here for the same reason. Be here for your own reason and don’t worry about what others are doing. That sounds odd since this whole post is directed to others and not to myself, but that is the role I have taken upon myself in terms of “giving back” to WordPress and the people that visit my website. There was a day when I would have killed for such helpful words myself. I can only hope that someone out there finds my advice motivational.