Blogging on WordPress – A Willingness To Share

The blogosphere is as connected as you want it to be. You are as connected to it as you wish to be as well. There isn’t an “online community” here on WordPress. There are thousands of communities, groups, and support groups here doing our own thing. We all contribute to the noise that is the blogosphere though and that is what binds us even if we don’t care for one another or one another’s views.

1) I am a blogger. I support bloggers because that is part of what blogging is about. At least to me. The reason people seem to care so much about what I say is for two reasons. I help a lot of people daily. You may consider a “reblog” or a share of a post a small thing and that is your right to an opinion. But let me ask you this unnamed blogger. Have you ever had someone do something randomly kind for you with no obligation for repayment? That is how I view the way I share blog posts and bloggers on my website. I don’t expect their “loyalty” or patronage back. Half the time I don’t even get a thank you and that is ok.

2) The other reason people care is because “other people” care. If I were writing to myself in a corner no one would give two shits about HarsH ReaLiTy or my opinions here. It is due to all of you and your comments that people notice… and in turn feel a need to care.

I share posts on topics and from blogs that I don’t agree with. I don’t feel I necessarily need to agree with their posts (for the most part) to openly share it to the blogosphere. I have a little bit of a reach and if I can connect you with similar minded people that is never a bad thing. That is my intended goal. I have no niche on my blog and no target audience. My only “target” is to find open minded people that also have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously. Because of this focus I gather many bloggers from many different genres and niches. Those differing groups are who I am sharing your blog posts with.

I know my blogging “power” right now. I make it my business to know. While I can’t guarantee numbers obviously, I do know that when I share a post at least a few hundred people visit that blogger. That is due directly to my willingness to share and more importantly my lack of selfish feeling. I don’t feel a “need” to protect what I have and greedily horde readers I will never control. That is stupid. There are so many bloggers online these days that there is absolutely NO NEED for any bloggers to “fight” over readers. And yet some bloggers still do and accuse people like me of “over posting and hogging all the attention.” What those people fail to realize is that it is not me that hinders their dreams and goals. It is themselves and their small perception of social media.

It is also their expectation that other people should do “random kind things” for them like share their blog posts. I ask you again unnamed blogger… how much do you do for others while you sit and expect favors from everyone else?




Smile for me your painted smile. How you lean so beautifully upon your own grace. Are you truly happy as you spread your happiness? Do you droop under the weight of obligation, an unwanted task of unburdening others?

Shed for me tears of happiness, flower mine. Dripping, dropping joy from nonexistent eyes. You present the perfect smile to the sun above. A perfect mask of sun and flowers that only cracks as seeds of desire spread from your existence and show a need to move on.



High Five!

Opinionated Man:

I wonder if it is a measure of a person’s personality if they impact others or are impacted instead. An interesting post! -OM
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A colleague recently suggested that you are a reflection of the five people that you spend the most time with. My first thought was to be alarmed and run.

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Patience Please

I would love to share everyone’s blog daily. Unfortunately that just isn’t possible. Please be patient while I share what I can and make my rounds. Contrary to popular belief I do visit a ton of blogs daily. I haven’t always been the best at sharing posts from old readers and I am working hard at correcting that. I also have a lot of blogs to visit so if I don’t “revisit” yours quickly please try to be understanding about it. I am not sure if people really get how many emails and requests I receive daily.



Blogging – Tag Help on WordPress

Read these first.

There are two categories for “tags” in my book. You have unique tags and you have generic tags. There are reasons to use both and people should remember that tags are little banners flying in the wind that announce your presence. It is therefore in your best interest to spread the tags to maximize visibility across the board and not just in a specific genre.

Tags are as specific as a Google search. The more precise you are in the description of what you are looking for the more likely you will be to find a post that matches that exact description. A more generic tag search will yield results that are more broad and less defined. As bloggers we are normally concerned with two things, gaining readers and expanding our reach. Our reach on WordPress is shackled to how far and wide our posts are seen.

The reason I say tags are specific is to break the misconception that WordPress is somehow internally categorized. It is not. If you tag a post as photography, photo, or picture all three of those tags will place your post in separate, specific categories. This is directly related to how you word the tag and just goes to show how “broad” a genre can be in relation to the tags being used to promote that genre. Photographers might see the same word being used in many different ways simply to generate a broader tag reach. For instance if I were a photographer I would immediately use the generic tags picture, photo, photography, and blog for all my posts. From there I would spread my tag love by using less obvious “generic” tags such as photos, photographer, photograph, pictures, pics, pic and so on. Even though those appear to be the same tag we all know they are not due to the difference in spelling. This is how generic tagging can be enlarged and broadened.

People have asked me how I tag and I have my own method which people can judge for themselves if it works. Every day I post at least one post with my generic set of tags. From there I work out from those tags to broaden my reach according to the subject matter and topics I am touching on that day. Often I will group articles together that match the same genre because multiple posts run together are far more visible than the lonely boat sent once. This is also why I handhold my posts through a 24 hour period for greater exposure. I only do this on the first day I have published something and I have found that actively pushing that post each hour helps get more eyes on it. It is hard work, but the “gain” is worth it.

Everyone knows I respin some of my posts habitually. It is something I like to do to float work back to the top that I think people may have missed or might still enjoy. Respinning is a great way to reschedule a post without annoying your email subscribers since it does not send a “new post” email when you do it. There is also another benefit to the spin and that is the “related articles” presented from these old posts are generally older write ups as well. This helps bring even more of your old work to the forefront and helps to keep your blog fresh in my opinion. I will often piggyback an old post on the back of a new one so that new and old readers will see the same active feed. Some people may look down on this practice, but I normally count that towards them being lazy and mad that someone else is more proactive.

There is no better way to brand yourself than to use the unique tags associated with your blog. I use HarsH ReaLiTy, aopinionatedman, and Opinionated Man as my unique tags to show ownership of those names and because Google search now picks up my tag usage. Other people use these same tags now to gain exposure for themselves off the back of my blog. That is OK and that is part of the game! In fact one of the smartest bloggers I have met has added my blog link internally to their page so that their blog and new posts now show up actively under my site google search. This is just savvy SEO and a great way to piggyback off exposure. Well done!

Think basic people! Think generic! If you are a food blogger tag under food, dinner, lunch, breakfast, meat, fruit, cooking, baking, and things of that nature. Those are generic food tags that are always active! Do you know how to see if a tag is active? Simple! Go to that tag and look at the current posts and their time stamps. You can then, hopefully, decipher what is active and what is not! If you are using specific words and tags and see no views from it try changing it up. Why keep doing the same thing with no results?

Note: I have written several articles on tags by now. If you still have a question or still don’t “get it’ feel free and email me or ask below.

-Opinionated Man