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Opinionated Man:

Awesome new avenue you are taking! I wish you the best with your new Web Radio Show! -OM
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Originally posted on Darie's Daily Dish:

Here’s my first show as blog reporter of Darie’s Corner atTry This Dish Radio!

Please comment and share! If you or someone you know has a food blog that is six months or younger, please let me know!

I would love to feature them on the show!

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Let’s Shame the World Together!!!

Does this sound at all familiar maybe in a different context? Perhaps even recently? Maybe this post will show some people how ridiculous shaming someone into a cause really is.

Korean Pride: Hey Billy I dropped by your facebook page today and noticed you aren’t flying the Korean flag for Asian Week. What up with that man?

Billy: Oh man! Is it Asian Week? I had no clue!

Angry Korean: LIES! I am your neighbor Billy! I saw Korean take-out boxes in your garbage just yesterday! You mean to tell me you didn’t see the happiness seeping from your delivery guy’s pores and had no clue it was due to Asian Awesomeness Week? Why do you hate my people Billy???

Billy: I… just… I don’t know what to say…

Aggressive Korean: Don’t say anything! Do! Show support! Change your damn background or I will unfriend you! I have my finger on the button now and it isn’t red!!!

Billy: OK! I get it! I should support you and your people! I am changing it now!

Evil Korean: Good Billy. Good. And don’t forget Chinese American Pride week next month either. I have my eye on you… friend.



Twitter is Brutal

You authors may want to think twice before doing a Q&A on twitter if you know for a fact people hate your books. E L James probably won’t be doing another one. Twitter users are brutal man! I thought bloggers had rough edges.