HarsH ReaLiTy on Social Media

I do not run this blog on any other websites other than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I only mirror my posts on those accounts.

https://www.pinterest.com/source/aopinionatedman.com/ – This is not run by me. I did not create this and I don’t even know how to use pinterest.

Bloglovin – I do not own the page on Bloglovin that my website appears to be hosted on. I have sent letters asking for these websites to be taken down on Bloglovin and they did appear to do so… but then the websites reappeared. Again, I do not own the bloglovin website and I do not know who is pinning my stuff there either.

I am not angry when my work is shared and I encourage people to do so. I do “wonder” if certain websites are hosting my blog so that “someone else” can reap the benefit from it. If that is the case and someone is doing that I have one thing really to say to that person.



How dumb are you?

Don’t message me with this crap. And the reason you have 1 follower and I have 50,000 is because I didn’t waste my time interrogating each subscriber as to their motives. The bloggers with this much time on their hands are truly pathetic to me.



Social Media & Fear

Social media is a growing beast. It grows every day and because of that the “dangers” also grow in number. What are you afraid of when it comes to social media?

I am lucky. I have an occupation that doesn’t care about my social media presence, I have a wife that encourages me, and I have a free tongue and even freer fingers. I write through my fear and I live for those moments when my spine begins to tingle and my skin crawls just a little bit. That is when I know it is real. That is when blogging matters the most to me.

Everyone is seven feet tall on social media. Everyone also has huge nuts and a giant dick. That includes the women actually. You will find as you grow on social media so will your experiences and not all of them will be good. You will run into people that hate your opinions, hate that people agree with your opinions, hate that you freely type your views, hate that you have views, hate you, and hate your people too. It has all happened to me and will probably happen eventually to you. Does that cause you fear?

Humans tend to be passive creatures so when one comes along and upsets the pond the water ripples. It doesn’t stop rippling till either the human realizes they aren’t a fucking duck or other ducks come along and beat that human into submission. It is a sad day when a man gets smacked down by a group of ducks, but it happens every day. And every day another blogger is silenced by the masses that do not appreciate your freedom. Because they do not have it themselves.

Who owns your fear? I don’t allow anyone to intimidate me online. One day that may come to a head, but for now it is the attitude I have. That I must have to be me. Sometimes bloggers will try to silence your voice for no other reason than to show they can. Who will you allow to silence you? Who will own your fear.



I am on twitter @smokendust, but I will admit I am not a huge fan of that platform. It really gets annoying receiving all those “buy followers now!” emails and messages. Some people have a ton of time on their hands to actually make 16,000 accounts for spam use and RTs. Get a fucking hobby!

I also can’t stand arguing on twitter and refuse to. I got in one debate and gave up. Who the hell can argue in under 140 characters? I know no women can.

Anyway, feel free to add me if you like. I’ll add you back, but I really only use my twitter for drunken rants. Oh wait… I do that here as well. Never mind carry on.


Twitter is lame

Apparently you can only follow 2,000 people on twitter and if your numbers of follow to follower ratio are to far off you get blocked from following anyone else. If you newly followed my twitter I’ll follow you back when I can. There must be some premium package… there is always a premium package deal.

My twitter is @smokendust