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America the Beautiful

Are we the real thing?

by Susan Irene Fox

During the Superbowl, Coke aired a commercial of a diverse group of people singing American the Beautiful. Each person sang in his or her own language. Let me rephrase that – each American sang in his or her native language.

Apparently, there was an ugly Twitter backlash, showing that once again, many people in America think that Americans should be are white, European, straight, and all speak English. Even the people with whom I watched the game immediately reacted by yelling, “Sing it in English!” I was horrified. I left the room and didn’t return.

When did the idea of America being a melting pot disappear from our country? When did the value of “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” disappear from our value system? When did we forget that Europeans weren’t the first Americans? When did revisionist history become truth?

Frankly, I was sickened by the initial Twitter response; but later, an overwhelming number of level headed Americans came to Coke’s defense. Most Americans realize that “America” isn’t – and never was – a country of one color, one culture, one language or one religion. It began as a republic of people who wanted an end to the tyranny of one color, one culture, one language, one religion.

And for those of you rooting for your favorite teams during the Superbowl playoffs, how many of your favorite players fit the mold of your narrow idea of an American? Let’s not be hypocrites. If you can welcome them and cheer for them on the field, you can welcome them and cheer for them off the field, too.

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