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Great photos of New Hampshire! Thanks for sharing them and for taking part in the HR Challenge! -OM
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In response to Jason’s invitation to share daily life around the world, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the area that inspires me, beautiful New Hampshire.

Just outside my yard…


some scenic kayaking…


and the all-season the hiking I love so much…


I hope you enjoyed a piece of my Daily Life. Thanks for checking in.

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Social Media – I am not impressed

I encourage people not to get a big ego on social media. I suppose if you are Kim Kardashian that ship has sailed, but for us “average humans” we should always strive to keep our feet on the ground. I often have bloggers try to impress me with their background or what “they have accomplished” in life. I am not impressed. I also don’t impress myself and do not howl at the moon nightly… regardless what some bloggers write of me.

I am not impressed by glory found on social media because there is always a bigger fish out there. Many bloggers that have taken my tips and “run with them” are even now working on passing my small accomplishments here. That is how it should be! I don’t share tips with bloggers in hope that everyone stays mediocre. I don’t actively work to keep others “lower than me” so that I always feel good about myself. Sadly some bloggers do that. They want to impress people so bad that they lie outright about their methods and how they blog. Those bloggers, those powerbloggers, are pathetic as hell. I will never be like them.

I once had a “debate” with another powerblogger that was gaining a million views every few months. Granted he had content, a community, and he did interact with other bloggers, but what angered me was the image he was putting off. “My writing is just that good. I have worked on it a lot! You can “make it too” if you just put in the effort like I have.” It is all the normal bullshit that bloggers hope you “buy.” In fact they feed this bullshit to the WordPress community daily. It is a horrible way of blogging.

I created this blog January of 2013 and what I found immediately was a responsive platform that was waiting to be engaged. I interact, I build, I push, and I promote myself daily on this website. That isn’t all I do though and I have never once lied and tried to impress upon people that those are the only things required to build a popular blog because they aren’t. I have freely shared how I follow a lot of blogs. I have also shared that I don’t “mass like” because I think it is a turn off. Those are just a few of the things I do daily to generate “notice.” If I were like some powerbloggers I might allow you to all “think” that is ALL I do. Generating admiration in that way is lame.

There are so many tricks in the bag people. Tricks I don’t even feel like taking the time to write down. Mirror sites, phantom posts, multi pushing, piggy backing, buzz words, and a strong tag recognition spread are just some of them. The point of this is that you need to recognize whether or not a blogger or powerblogger is being truthful. If it sounds “too good to be true” it often is. And if someone claims their “great content” got them millions of views and they can’t even edit their first sentence… they are a fucking liar. You should tell them so as I do.


Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I watched you today. I watched you tentatively step into my domain, eyes wide at the banner that hangs on high. I saw you process mentally the idea of “an idiot that wishes to offend them all” and was happy to see a brief grin of amusement spread across your face.

But it was your next steps that brought the most appreciation. Observing you as you sifted through my dung pile of posts. You did not worry about getting your sleeves messy, in fact I watched in admiration as you began to delve deep with both hands into the waste that I write.

Like a new father I sat nervously as your comments began to pour in. But your words were not to me. I watched you as you met others through my site. I watched as you grew and in doing so you did what you came here to do.

Today I watched you blog.



The Daily Opinion – Blogging

How quickly do you respond to comments? I normally try to respond within a few hours at most because my blogging style is all about presence. I don’t revisit blogs where the owner never responds and if I ever miss a comment here (which unfortunately does happen occasionally) I wouldn’t expect that person to return either.