“How do you visit all those blogs?”

I hate this question because this question already shows the mindset of the blogger. Many bloggers feel that “subscribing” to another blog is in essence an online contract. That you are dedicating yourself to be a lifelong reader of that website. I have seen this said verbatim actually and I rolled my eyes then just like I did when writing this sentence just now.

“Who would want a reader full of random posts?” I DO. That is who. I also hate THIS question because it assumes that the goals of one person are shared by everyone. It also is normally an introduction into the whole “blogging etiquette” debate that I love so much.

Everyone has their way of blogging. For me I use a matrix for everything. I use a search matrix for copyright purposes, a matrix for networking, and a matrix for folding my underwear. I think it is the little bit of Korean inside of me. I was never good at math to be honest.

I live my life by lists. As a parent of two kids and a busy day everyday, I generally must depend on lists to keep track of things. I have a mental list of posts and what I want to discuss daily. I also have a list of blogs I plan on reading.

People often wonder why other bloggers don’t come back to visit them. I use 33.3% of my time online making new connections and refreshing old ones. Some people reciprocate and others ignore me. That is life. That is blogging and blogging is life. We must always remember first and foremost that bloggers are generally real people. Well I am not real… but most of these other screen names are. Because of this realization we must always work at reconnecting and reconnecting again. That is how “online friendships” work. The people that get hurt over not having every post read will never last as bloggers. The people that appreciate gestures for what they are will always be better online connections in the end. It is due to the simple fact that they understand one thing.

You are a real person.

Note: Before you ask why people have not done things FOR you ask yourself what have you done FOR other people.



Doing Me

I can only do me. I can’t control what people think or say about me. Let them type.

I will continue to promote bloggers because I enjoy doing that. I feel like I started that trend.

I appreciate the patience people.




Opinionated Man:

Where is the love for the griffons these days??? lol ;) -OM
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dragon 4

This is my experimental style that I decided to try out.

dragon 1

I named him Nemo because of his lucky wing that got injured during baking.

He loves to explore and see new things. He also loves making friends and hopes to see the world one day.

dragon 2

As you can see, Nemo is very colorful with the cool palette.


Nemo is also the last dragon in my batch and the last for this particular nest.

I’m currently trying to decide if I should start a new nest or if I should work on their next stage.

Either way, I’m sure it’ll be fun and interesting!

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I’m watching the Shining on AMC…

Opinionated Man:

Definitely watch that with the lights on! An oldy but goody for sure! -OM
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I have seen it many times b4 but I like the movie still. Elena brought a container full of Tim Horton’s coffee bc most of us are coffee addicts LOL We did an abstract painting with Elena.  I already yakked about my bowling score. I am going to get my vita very soon, I can’t get it today bc of the Sabbath. Dave is Jewish like moi. It’s going to be either tomorrow or Sunday. :( I want this done soon.

I forgot how awesome this flick is. :)


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56,000 Subscribers! Thank you everyone!

Thank you to everyone that has recently subscribed to one of my platforms. I appreciate it! HarsH ReaLiTy has finally broken the 56,000 subscriber mark (I had doubts I would ever break 55,000) and I could not have done it without all of you. No really… I couldn’t. WordPress no longer allows me to promote my blog freely so I do appreciate all the shares and reblogs! I rely on those to spread my posts so thanks to everyone that takes the time to do that. It really means a lot and I do notice! Again thank you to everyone for your continued support as this blog transitions and my apologies if I have missed anyone’s comments!

Note: A small reminder that I no longer offer “guest blogger” spots on this blog. Please blame the bloggers that posted articles with copyrights on my blog and ruined that opportunity for everyone.

-Opinionated Man



Windows and Mirrors

I see a social media of hanging windows and mirrors. Brief glimpses into the lives of some, reflections of the moment from others. Represented by cookie cut square images, we are how we portray ourselves to the world. Photos spinning in the wind chased by the concerns of the daily. We present dots waiting to be connected, tiny bubbles of light that represent the importance of events. Our precious moments join those of others and create a constellation of bloggers in the sky.

I walk the online aisles daily. Browsing this mall of bloggers, window shopping like many of the fashion bloggers I see around me. Instead of clothes I shop for original thought as I casually glance from one memory box to another. I observe the mind of an older woman as she writes. Her graceful letters match the graceful moves of her younger self as she dances across the stretches of her imagination. I ponder for a second the life of a dancer and give a nod in thanks to the blogger whose thought I have borrowed, if only for a moment.

I see them all. Introverts putting on displays that awe even those devoted to extraversion. Artists that have never held a brush but paint daily with their minds, all here to share productions of mental image. We are all the same. Producing open windows for adventurous eyes. Pausing realities of the moment forever in hanging mirrors so that we might marvel at our past another day. Social realities built on social media in the gray of fontless clouds. We create them daily, our castles in the sky.

-Opinionated Man