One Direction

I am really sad that Adam is leaving the group One Direction. I really love their music and who doesn’t get down to “I wish they all could be California girls???” I think they should seriously consider asking my boy JB to join the group. Of course then Eddy, Fred, Scott, and Ben would have to share the stage and fame. I can see why they wouldn’t like that. Anyways I wish Adam the best on his own and I still love One Direction! Biggest Fan Here!!!

I won’t be uploading a video of me crying like so many others have, but I am weeping inside. Trust me.

-Opinionated Man

Include your URL!!!

When you email me with “Hey Dude, read my post please” include your damn URL. As much as I would like to lie and say I have photographic memory I don’t. Usernames are almost impossible to keep up with unless you have a unique serial killer picture. Do you know how many Helgas email me monthly? Too many.

Include your link!!!


Dear WordPress Support

I know what you are doing wordpress and I think it is pretty shitty. Setting a cap on how many blogs someone can follow is one thing and I have adjusted my blogging habits according to your new rules. But this new method of keeping everyone at “a level” you consider acceptable by depreciating people’s account numbers is bullshit. Your terms and policies are bullshit because it is never mentioned. I have hundreds of bloggers each month confirm they must refollow my blog. It isn’t me dropping them, obviously, IT IS YOU. I am tired of fighting this website. I’ll begin looking into self hosting soon. I appreciate your free platform for bloggers, but I am a paying customer. Unless your janky ass website is simply glitchy, you need to just announce that is what you are doing. Otherwise you are as bad as some of the old forums I followed. This is completely fucked up. Fix your shit.

Jason C. Cushman
-Opinionated Man

And fuck your support forum and the bunnies there as well.

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WordPress – You don’t decide who is Popular

How does a person create a popular blog? The normal response one will receive is that you “don’t create a popular blog,” instead popularity finds you through blogging habits, techniques, writing ability, and content. But what if you could directly control how many people view your website daily through hard work? What if you could build your own popularity and viral nature by mass networking and pushing your name to the ever growing public?

WordPress has been a great platform because it has offered every blogger an equal opportunity to be noticed. By offering the same methods of interaction for everyone, WordPress created a fair playing ground for bloggers to grow, network, and promote themselves at their own speed. Unfortunately that culture is changing.

When I began blogging two years ago I found, read, and met some great bloggers. These people had tens of thousands of followers, massive subscription lists, and many of them worked with teams so as to keep their content fresh and continuously populating. WordPress built this platform for the “users,” they created the game and rules, but they do not get to pick who is popular. We as bloggers and readers get to choose that. That is what is so great about blogging, the unpredictable nature of who will be popular and what will garner the most attention.

What happens when the platform begins to pick favorites? Suddenly the rules change, punishment and “moderation” are handed out unfairly, and bloggers who are only copying the early practices of many popular blogs on WordPress are suddenly hit with limitations on the very features that make WP what it is. How is that fair? How is it ever fair when a website, service provider, or host suddenly changes the rules midgame? It is the very example of favoritism.

HarsH ReaLiTy is what it is because I became addicted to blogging. I loved being able to physically pump my blog’s numbers and popularity through increased effort. Unfortunately WordPress is now limiting the number of blogs people can follow daily by limiting the actual account. While I understand the frustration people feel over “fake likes” and “fake follows,” people need to realize there is nothing spammy about pressing a single button. I personally never press the “like” button unless I have read and enjoyed the post. I will, however, press the follow button many times a day. It is one of the many examples that WordPress’s Blogging University offers as an important way to not only network, but also to publicize your blog. Again, by limiting my ability to do so you have sold me a product I never agreed to buy WordPress.

I have spent a lot of time trying to promote other blogs and help people to network. This was when I actually thought WordPress cared about these things… since those methods are what make this platform buzz. Without the bloggers, readers, writers… us, there is no WordPress. As I said WP, you can build the platform, but you don’t get to decide who is popular.

Due to these recent changes I am strongly considering moving off platform. I enjoy the pool of readers and bloggers here, but if I cannot access that “pool” there is no reason to be near it. I also don’t see a need to run Meet and Greet threads when the very community I am promoting doesn’t seem to care about us anymore. Instead WP would love for all bloggers to sit around and pray to be Freshly Pressed as the only way to EVER get noticed. As I have always said a successful blogger doesn’t sit back and wait to be noticed. They go and find their audience. As long as this ability is impaired on my blog, I will not blog publicly on WordPress. As long as this platform plays favorites it will never be as great a platform as it once was. And that is a fucking shame.

-Opinionated Man

One thing I am bad at

For the first year of this blog I was so focused on building the walls that I did not take the time to recognize many of the people visiting my growing garden. While some may disagree since I have worked hard this past year to promote others, I still know myself better than anyone else.

I once wrote an article called “Bloggers – Missing Opportunities” which really highlighted this struggle. It is a struggle and very real because there are so many focal points one must concentrate on to create a successful blog.

What is a successful blog? I have my definition and you probably have yours. To me a successful blog is a blog that never sleeps. It pulses, it lives, and people can feel it living when they step into your realm. It becomes a second home, a place of solace, a place of inspiration, a place to ponder in the dark. That all goes to shit when you begin to really pump your numbers and push your materiel to others.

I have repeatedly said there is nothing wrong with wanting more. So many people tell you to be patient these days. I hate patience. We were never meant to be lovers. Instead I thrive on perseverance and ambition to fuel the daily fire needed to seek the next step. To take the next step. Those characteristics are what rub when I realize that a blogger I know and recognize has begun to drift away. Not necessarily from me or my blog, but in general away from writing and blogging. Away from the social aspect of media we all appreciate and enjoy.

I spend a little time each week searching for lost connections. Real connections, the people that have been there to support this website. I see and appreciate everyone that takes the time to visit, read, comment, or rant on my blog and it means a lot to me that some people are daily browsers. It takes a lot to develop that type of connection with anyone, especially on social media. I hope that in turn people get something from my website and my attempts at writing. Even if it is just a smile I will accept that any day.