Social Media and Youthful Advantage

The young have such an advantage these days when it comes to marketing and social media. They have loads of energy, little of the life stresses that adults have, and their borderless sense of imagination allows them to accomplish things “impossible” in the minds of experts. It truly is a blessing to be young and driven in this day of mass media.

I read many blogs and I can often tell if the speaker is young of age, as well as of heart. Their written expressions and lyrical dreams are often hindered by their own lack of vision. Right now is when they should be building their media empires, while they have the energy, tenacity, and stamina to do it. If I was 18 again and social media were what it is today, I would own the internet. I would have a million people under a common banner, ready to wave it with all the youthful vigor I lack today. I often reflect upon what type of “blogger” I might have been at such a young age. It would have been interesting to say the least.

If you are young and lack many obligations and you have the drive to be an author, a writer, or a journalist of some sort start now to begin to build your credibility. There is a free audience waiting for people to touch their shoulder. You do not have to wait for people to tell you that you are worthy before speaking to them.


Ten Reasons I am NOT Afraid of You!

  1. You keep saying “Bro, we…” and we are the only ones out here. Am I stepping on your other friends?
  2. After every insult you take a step backwards. Where are you dancing off to?
  3. You allowed your woman to pick this fight for you. We can definitely tell who wears the pants in this relationship.
  4. You just waved an imaginary wand at me…
  5. You asked your friend to hold your man purse so you could “handle your business.” A man purse… really???
  6. Your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is figure skating.
  7.  You keep telling me how big you are over social media. Anyone that makes such repeated claims online must have a serious self-esteem issue that is naturally born from being a runt.
  8.  Your attacks on me read like a video game. “I am going to dragon punch, lizard trip, tiger slash, and panda hug you to death!”
  9. You keep referring to your time in the Star Fleet. Which fleet was that again?
  10. You just told me you are a level 85 Druid. On second thought… I am scared of you.

-Opinionated Man

Take it While It Is Free!

Business Tip:

You never know when success will come so this post is for those looking for success down the road. Everyday I get offers to sell me URLs and even email accounts related to my website or similar to it in some way. If you have a catchy phrase or own a brand name go ahead and take the accounts you can now while they are free AND to keep others from creating them. This might take a few hours, but it IS worth doing. If you use slang in your name then go out and make a wordpress account, gmail, and whatever other platforms you can think of that might be associated with your name so others can’t. Now I am NOT encouraging everyone here to make thirty accounts. But it may behoove you take certain ones… in the interest of your name recognition. Just my business hint of the day.


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