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Social Media – My Biggest Mistake

I have built some perspectives on social media platforms through the years. My entrance into the “internet” was actually not like most other kids. My parents were very religious and hesitant about the internet and the content we might find on it. I got a late start, but quickly connected with people through different platforms such as mIRC, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Trillian, avidgamers, and a lot of gaming sites at the end of high school and through college. People might not realize how “geeky” gamers can get, but I think that most gamers were the first to begin social media connection purely for the sake of video games. I built forums, created webpages, slayed some dragons, and enjoyed learning about social media during those years.

My biggest mistake when creating was not making mirror platforms on Facebook and Twitter (@smokendust) sooner. It just wasn’t important to me at the time and I also hated Facebook. I am now rushing to try and catch those numbers up and it is simply not possible. Google + is also a great tool for social networking that I wish I had begun when I created the website. I regret that the most when I consider the road of this blog and that is honestly saying something considering I have already tried my hand at a number of things. I don’t look at “attempts” as either a success or a failure. I just see opportunities to learn, try, and do. I have always been what I consider a “doer.” I absolutely hate procrastination… I mean you still have to do that “thing” later right?

I enjoy the interaction without obligation that I get on social media. I blog because I like to write and once I pen my thoughts I can lay them to rest. Mentally at least. I really don’t strive for perfection on HarsH ReaLiTy. Instead I hope that people read what interests them and pass over the things that don’t. Someone once said they love my blog because they never know what to expect. Well I appreciate that description and it amuses me, but I also work hard to present a forum of possibility. I don’t live in a “busy city” so I created a place where I hope something is always happening. Consider it the ADHD in me.


My Twitter Purge

I just completed my first Twitter purge. I never understood how someone can have 10,000 followers and only follow 200 people back. Are those people that interesting? I wasn’t aware anyone could be that exciting in under 140 characters. Well you aren’t that interesting to me! I have decided it is annoying to see such an offset number and will probably do this regularly. To those following me @SmokeNdust I appreciate it.


Disabling comments is Weak

I don’t understand bloggers that write highly charged articles and then disable the comments section. Are you that weak in the backbone that you won’t allow anyone to make a comment that might not agree with you? How sad must your world be where you only wish to spout your views and not allow anyone to disagree. I am as stubborn as they come and don’t “change my views” just because people or society tells me to, but I still allow people to call me an idiot in my comment section. It doesn’t faze me because I hold onto my beliefs. I need no help from moderation to do that.

If you feel so scared that you need to disable your comment section you should probably stop writing on social media. In fact I would suggest buying a notebook instead. You are obviously not cut out for this.

Yes, this rant is because I tried to comment on someone’s article and there was no option to. So freaking lame. And YES I do read blog posts daily…


You Need “Thicker Skin”

We hear this often when we enter into social media, but the reality of it doesn’t always register for most. That is because most people don’t encounter that much abuse online. Oh sure, you will get the occasional troll or “outrageous” comment directed to you on your blog or in the comment section of a website. These encounters though are usually mild or “as dramatic as you wish them to be.” Some people actually like drama.

In 32 years I have never had this amount of attention focused on me or my writing. It can be exciting, daunting, frustrating, and an adventure all rolled into one. I have found that I sympathize with celebrities and public personalities more and more. I place no lofty airs around my persona, but I have also read more hateful words directed towards me in 15 months than most of the previous years of my life. This is not a complaint, simply a reflection of fact, but it shows why I can understand how celebrities get fed up easily. I brought that attention on myself when I decided to write my thoughts in an unfiltered manner.

You need “thicker skin” if you wish to truly place yourself out on social media. When I mean “yourself” I really mean all of you, documenting your life and thoughts on issues is not something to take lightly. The world looks for the next person to persecute and who better for any angry mob to pick than one that actually speaks their mind freely? That is the REAL danger of social media and why people must be careful about what they say or at the very least they should have the balls to back it up. If you aren’t prepared to defend your view don’t put it out on the internet.


Guest Post – Five Mistakes I Made as a New Blogger

I’m still relatively new out here but I was your poster blogger for clueless newbies a year ago. I wasn’t familiar with blogs; it was a friend who introduced me to WordPress. Once he sat me in my dash and taught me how to pilot the thing, I just wrote like I was drunk. Well, writing is one thing but getting it out there another. These are some things I wish I’d known in the cyberworld fresh off the ship from Earth.

1. Don’t wait last-minute to come up with a good title. After putting in all that thought and time into the post, I would scrounge for a good title just before publishing. There were times I didn’t do justice to the text just because I hadn’t prepared. I’ve since learned: good title, good views. It’s our first – and possibly last – shot at inviting a reader in. It should be catchy or intriguing and while it pegs the topic, you don’t want it giving everything away. Though a finished post will often suggest its own title, I now sometimes mull it over before or during the writing. Point is, I don’t want to be grasping at straws at the eleventh hour.

2. Deleting a category will create 404 “Page not found” links. WordPress Support said, “all the category links assigned to the posts will become broken links in search engine results. Every time a person anywhere online clicks that deleted category link they will be presented with a 404. The exact error message they see will vary from theme to theme.” So especially if you’re starting out in blogosphere, give good thought to the categories you create. I don’t think you want detailed technical advice from me. I might break your blog. Ask Support if you’d like more information.

3. Don’t tag out the wazoo. WordPress will accept up to 15 tags and categories combined on a post. Exceed the limit, and your tags will not appear in the Reader. You are way ahead of me. I didn’t even know what tags were those first few months!

4. But everyone’s doing it. I wrestled at first with the notion that I had to step out on social media to build my blog, though I had no idea where I’d find the time. Then I came to see some bloggers are able to harness media platforms more effectively than others and I don’t need to spread myself thin trying. I don’t need to anything. It helps that I love my WordPress community of readers.

5. Good luck Ostrich Blogging. I did not know the heart of blogging is relationships. I told you: I knew nothing about blogging but that I could write my art out. I didn’t know to read other blogs or to introduce myself out here. Naturally, my readership took its time growing in the beginning. I hope your head’s not in the sand. Make friends and support others, and you’ll attract like-minded readers. Hope you do better than I did.

Wayfarer on A Holistic Journey

Twitter – @SmokeNdust

I don’t know if I ever said this, but I do use Twitter for drunken purposes. I can be found @SmokeNdust if you want to add me. I try to follow everyone back except for people that send me those stupid “buy follower” messages. I unfollow you. I unfollow you.


Guest Post – The Power of the Virtual Voice

heart copy

I have a purpose. I have a voice. I am not loud, brash or screaming about it, but I am poignant, thoughtful and brimming with everything I could never say. In person I remain prone to freezing up like Frosty the snowman, or stuttering and stalling like a a winter’s morning car engine refusing to ignite. With writing however, I can clearly express my thoughts when they are clear. There are no pressures of someone staring at me, telling me to “spit it out” or interrupting me and not listening because they like to transmit too much. This is the power of the online voice – and I plan on utilising that opportunity, alongside many others in order to free my voice and say what I feel I need to.

Social Media has played a key role in many massive campaigns for tackling mental health stigma and getting people talking in real life about mental health. Time to Talk by Time to Change, Mind, Re-Think and many more have conducted online campaigns to raise awareness for mental health stigma, and how to challenge it. In addition it has been great because if in real life someone does not feel safe admitting to struggling with their mental health and emotions then online can be a great place to start.

Personally, many platforms, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace (back in the day) and forums have allowed me to accept and talk about my experiences with mental illness in addition to hearing from others. Thus leading to me, slowly but eventually, to come to terms with accepting my own experiences and talking about them in real life, with real people, outside of the security of therapy rooms with trained professionals. I can now talk about it with fellow patients I’ve met, with my friends and my partner: whereas before, even in a hospital I was very much of the, “you’re talking about it? And admitting you have a problem?” when considering the environment it really shouldn’t have been a shock to me. I think I expected to go there and for everyone to pretend to be normal or hiding in corners tucked away.

Talking has helped immensely with coming to terms with what has happened in my life and although I will sometimes shy away from these experiences in my real life, and even though I still struggle with acceptance I have found my voice online and am starting to find it in real life as a result. I think this speaks true for many others out there.

As a result of the power of the virtual voice, Social Media has strengthened the anti-stigma, anti-discrimination agenda and brought it onto the public agenda including within the mass media, #FindMike for example. We have moved forward and online campaigns have reached out to our real daily lives. Time to Talk for example is encouraging us all to tackle the taboo of talking about mental health in real life over a steaming cuppa with a custard cream. This doesn’t mean we need to be morbid, negatively focusing on our darkest days or revealing our secrets but being able to answer “how are you?” honestly, being able to accept that we all have mental health and that if you do want to talk about your darkest days, that is also OK. In addition they have previously made campaigns and petitions in order to tackle stigmatising products within our shops, such as “Mental Patient” Halloween costumes, and the “Mental Institute” themed ride at a Thorpe Park, in addition to tackling discriminating headlines and articles within the media.

For me, I have found the social shame, discrimination and stigma attached to mental health to be one of the most distressing aspects of experiencing such difficulties. The secrecy I have felt trapped in, the living a lie, a double life has been very difficult to maintain, and often resulted in complete withdrawal, and because I have been unable to be honest and open about my difficulties people don’t understand. How can they if we are bound to silence by stigma, yet how can we tell anyone if we are shamed?

These fears weren’t based within my own anxieties either. Within school I felt very stigmatised by myths, misconceptions and the generic stigma of, “yes, it is embarrassing. I’m sorry for shouting at you about that in front of the class” – I mean, I shouldn’t have even been shouted at.

Now I know better. Although I am not exactly shouting from the rooftops to my whole town and neighbourhood, I am using social media and online media to find and use my voice in order to help and educate others from a lived experience perspective, as well as encouraging others that it is ok: we all have mental health. Anyone can become mentally unwell and that is OK. The stigma towards those struggling from others though, is not – and the power of the virtual voice is empowering millions to speak up, and participate in campaigns that they might not otherwise have done.

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Monetize Your Blog – Don’t Ask Me How!!!

Monetizing your blog is pure common sense. You either sell your soul, sell advertising space, sell a product, or you sell yourself to a company and become sponsored.

I make ZERO DOLLARS off this blog currently. I have been called everything from a moron, lazy, to just plain stupid for not making “money” off my website. That is cool, you can call me what you like.

I sold a couple eBooks for a time, it got boring and I wasn’t particularly impressed with them so I trashed both the blogging manual and the poetry eBook. I was paid by WordPress through WordAds for about 4 months, but the Ads became intrusive and I hated them. So I removed those and have given a firm “NO” to anyone asking to advertise on my website.

I won’t sell my soul… at least not yet. I also won’t sell myself, but I will not write off the idea of one day being sponsored… although who would sponsor a blog like mine is anyone’s guess.

I realize I have a strong following. I know my rankings on all the major websites, I don’t need those quoted at me. I also realize it is odd that I preach about marketing, publishing, and powerblogging when I am not even selling anything.

If you are looking to monetize your blog don’t ask me. That isn’t my area and if you find fortune through social media I wish you the best.

Don’t mind me… I am just another blogger doing my thing. I have a plan, but it isn’t the type of plan most people would care to follow or even understand.

-Opinionated Man

A Connection in my Pants

I feel a connection in my pants. It comes in the form of a vibration and a sudden awareness of interest. Where do the unsuspecting eyes currently dwell? My pants know. With their awakening comes a rebirth of personal satisfaction. Waves upon waves of limelight roll ashore in the form of green envy. And as the man walks upon the beach he feels yet again another connection through his cell phone resting within his pocket. It is his leash to the world, even when he simply wishes to disconnect.


Guest Post – Trash Talking and Online Multiplayer

I am not that person who owns all the new games and consoles right when they release- unless it is a game I really really want. Although my wife and I got into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, we had not been planning on getting CoD: Ghosts for a while. But Ghosts came to my love as a gift from her dad so I decided to play it the other day while the baby was napping and have not been able to quit it.

I was not amused by several “conversations” held in the lobby between two of the matches. One line was “I’d rather be a faggot than fat.” Until the match started these two continued the battle of calling each other “fat” and “faggot”. I hate the word faggot in the context it is used today. As I type it, I kind of cringe inside.

Fag is a bunch of sticks or a cigarette, not a word that should be used as a hateful slur against a guy.

The funny thing about this whole thing is that on Black Ops 2, I barely heard any trash talking, unless it was from some stupid kid who shouldn’t have been playing and dropping f-bombs anyway. I guess the real trash talkers only play what is hot and popular at the time.

I’m not on a campaign to stop cyber bullying even though it is a big problem today, but I wish there was a better way to moderate the online realm and deal with cyber terrorists accordingly.

I go online to play against others and test my skill versus that of others- not to listen to some asshole call me a stupid, fat bitch and make it his goal to verbally harass me in an attempt to ruin my day.


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Well, now this is becoming interesting! It’s somehow unfortunate and stupid, and at the same time mad!

I searched several times for blogs about Iran to find out some information about people in Iran, culture, food, places to visit. Instead every time I search, I get only political links about politics, news, war, sanction, etc!

Look at the google’s first page for the search name of “Iran”


At the same time, I was thinking that USA is the biggest political news resource for bloggers and news websites. So, I am completely shocked at what I get as my search result in first page of the Google! See below.


Just to make sure that Google is not doing wrong, I searched for Sweden too!


Well, not good at all! I am concerned about this, as we have lots of good things from Iran that could be said in the blogs, news, websites, etc! But, social media is full of negativity against Iran!

I like to blog about life in Iran and how we Iranians are living and enjoying life, either in Iran or outside! I hope I can be a little help to this huge downfall of Iranian name all over the world! There are many things that are positive and needs to be mentioned about Iran, apart from the Government and politics! This trend makes us Iranians hidden and secretive, like unknown creatures in the world! We have a bad government, but people are people everywhere! There is always lots of beauties about every nation in any part of  the world! But it’s sad to see (or not to see) anything about Iranians, or at least very few!

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Self-Made “A Daily Gamble”

Most of us, at least those reading this post, are self-made bloggers. Meaning that our work is backed by our own sweat, tears, blood, and motivation. We are not corporate bloggers, we have no advisors or backers, and daily we decide on our own what to put out on the internet. It is a gamble and just because you are “self-made” or “self-published” doesn’t mean you have any less to lose. Recently I read some forum comments attacking Christina Grimmie, a contestant on The Voice, because she is a self-made artist. Suddenly her hard work, her countless hours of self-motivated labor were considered “cheap” in the eyes of ignorant critics who think she has an unfair advantage. Why are these critics ignorant? They, like so many others, do not understand the work that people like Christina put into their profession.

When do you get to call yourself a professional? Is there a dollar mark, hours spent doing something, or some other standard that is set before a person can consider their “passion or hobby” their profession? Just because I work 40 hours a week at a day job, does that mean I can never obtain the title of “professional writer” myself? Is the benchmark of such an occupation these days only publication of some sort? There are other factors people don’t consider that I do. Factors that people like Christina Grimme and all the other talented artists and writers I see and read each day know. We gamble with what we can lose and we can lose our audience any minute. That is a sad truth that those of us that love social media realize. Everyone is a hair breath away from going viral AND being forgotten.

The people bashing Christina on The Voice are morons because they don’t understand the courage it took for her to even go on the show in the first place. Before entering as a contestant she had over 2 million subscribers. That is a very good following on any platform, I can only dream of such numbers. She put that ALL on the line when she decided to go on TV and even if that “following” helped her voting numbers it still could have gone very badly for her had the judges said she “could not sing.” When you leave the comfort of your platform and more importantly the safety of your own channels and websites, you open yourself to criticism you may or may not have heard before. Published authors that go on to create a blog generally already have a “readership” and the feedback they receive is usually expected. It is a much different scenario for a person that began their profession by first gathering an interested audience, rather than putting something of “note” out first.

What is the price of fame and what is it worth? I suppose for every peak of accomplishment for one, that peak simply presents another level for a different person. Some of us want it all and we see an unconquered land in social media. We put all our chips on the table because each day we are playing till we bust. That is the struggle and gamble of a self-made artist, writer, singer, actor, or anyone that represents themselves solely. Consider this before you assume someone has leverage in anything. Often they are putting much more on the line than you are aware.


You Aren’t Special

I get it. There is a thrill that comes with social media that can be infectious regardless of how old you are. We get 1,000 connections to random strangers and suddenly we are panting for a banner and a logo. It is amazing what a little feedback will do to a person’s ego.

The most amusing post to read is “I am closing my blog to write a book due to public demand.” What public demand? I see 100 followers and most of the comments are by people with your last name… so what exactly made you decide now was the time to name yourself CEO of MyOwnCompany? Don’t outpace your success…

I get a lot of LinkedIn requests. I am always amazed by how many CEOs and Founders there are in the world, especially for companies I have never heard of… ever! I am not trying to knock anyone for doing something great like starting a business for themselves that is awesome! What I look down upon are people that give themselves titles to stroke their own ego and importance. That is so stupid that it makes me not want to follow people back or accept their connections.

Half the time people will not have their bullshit called through life. They will go on and live with their “lie” and feel good about it. That is cool and kudos to you for doping the world! The sad part is that people blast these same lies on social media and don’t keep it safely hidden in their bedroom. They begin to actually think they are a CEO of a company that doesn’t exist and in turn they actually invite the failure that comes from such notions. I just decided I am a Captain, even though I have no ship currently. If my “imaginary ship” sank would I still feel sad?

You aren’t special. I get reminded how very mediocre I am every time I come across a person with 100,000 followers on Twitter or a larger blog than me. I don’t howl at the moon and proclaim my blogging greatness or how awesome all my connections are because there is an average Joe out there that is doing twice what I am this very minute. There is another person doing three times what that person is doing. It is a never-ending footrace and proclaiming yourself a winner in an unwinnable game is really only setting yourself up for painful realization. That realization will come when you wake up one day and realize that you are only doing what so many others are also doing. You aren’t special.


Bullying – Understanding a Killer

I am not a therapist or a psychologist, but I did get bullied for most of my life during grade school and through high school. It is a tough thing to be Asian and live in the South, even tougher still to grow up in Memphis and to truly understand what it is like to be a minority. I am sure others can relate with different names of cities and different skin colors. It isn’t easy and we are plagued by thoughts that might seem drastic and evil at times. Are we afraid of admitting our thoughts or is it simply taboo to speak about subjects that release inner demons the public feel should be left asleep.

I laugh when I watch the news reporters and their comments on bullying. “I am not sure what is going on in America, this growing society of bullying.” Then you have the pretty reporter, who was most likely a cheerleader and very popular (yes I just generalized) who will say “I just feel sorry those kids felt so alone.” Sure you do. That is why you ignored half the lunch room, you know the “corners” the cool kids didn’t go near. Yes, I am sure you NOW are very concerned about such topics because it is your job.

I was not a total outcast at my schools, nor was I part of the coolest group either. You had to be black to be part of that group, which is understandable. From what I gather in Korean culture it is exactly the same way and maybe even meaner to an outsider. So I don’t begrudge kids for being kids. That doesn’t mean I didn’t hate a lot of them. There is a difference between encountering racism a few times (or once in your whole entire life) or bullying on “the occasion” and receiving it every day. School, random parking lot, anywhere I went in the 1990s I normally had something said. I would ignore it. I was a kid, I had white parents that didn’t really get “the struggle” and that is ok. I don’t hold that against them, how could they? They were white and in the United States that is a +1 mark for you regardless of how low you are on the ladder. I challenge anyone to say otherwise and that stands to this day.

That is cool, this isn’t a post about race actually. I can understand why kids that get bullied go on shooting sprees. The media is so stupid. I will admit the access to weapons is part of it. This does not change the fact that I am a strong supporter of guns rights and by the way the federal government is actively trying to disarm veterans right now. They are claiming they are not sound of mind, because of the wars we are being SENT TO, and now they want to remove their right to bear arms. A right EVERY citizen in America should have. Why? Read the news what do you see? You see murder, war, terrorism, random shootings, revolution, political struggles, and it is everywhere in every country. Fear is what we see, but we also see a world growing more desperate. Desperate enough to kill.

I am sure life for women is very different in regards to the social games we play. I know they can be cruel and mean as shit, I saw my sister go through it. But I don’t know if women are as physically violent as men. On the majority I would say you are not. I would even venture to say that this is why we see more shootings by males. In this case it serves my purpose because I am male and I will show you what that mind can seem like.

I remember well getting bullied in school. Mine wasn’t even that bad, it was almost done on principle and had a chain reaction affect. One person would say a minor racial slur, they normally weren’t horrible, and a guy down the hall would hear it and would also say something. Normally high school hallways were gauntlets for these types of verbal abuse. It wasn’t physical normally, although I do recall often being bumped “by accident.” But I also had friends and generally stayed in the back. My friends were all white and I also had some black friends growing up and to this day. That isn’t relevant really to this, because like I said many of you I am sure went through some form of bullying just with different racial characters in the picture. It is a rough life and I understand and sympathize with you for it.

I wrote a post recently in which I showed a visualization for an internal struggle after murder. Because that is what killing is, you are murdering someone and taking away their right to live. A long time reader asked me if I was being serious about the write and I responded that yes it was a truthful post. I have thought of killing before and it isn’t necessarily something I am proud of. It also isn’t something I am ashamed of nor feel any need to hide. When I was being bullied I was alone in it in that my friends were white and didn’t understand why “I was so bothered by things people were “just” saying.” Yea, they didn’t get that it wears on you. Psychologically it tears at your mental stability after years of it. Let me paint a picture for you of a male childhood ladies. This is only one example, but let us see if any males agree with it.

A boy gets bullied in 6th grade. He has endured words and insults throughout his childhood, so in the 6th grade he punches a kid and gets in a fight. The bullying stops for a month and the kid feels like maybe Chuck Norris was right. Maybe taking action brings a reaction. The next year the bullying starts again. Or we could even change it, the kid is forced to move to a new city and suddenly he isn’t as confident as he was. There is always a “bigger” kid on the playground and unfortunately it never seems to be you. Damn that sucks huh?

So you envision beating those kids up. That is how it starts of course. Anyone that was “bullied” in life and I mean truly set upon that says they never thought about beating that person up or punching them is a fucking liar. Well those fantasies don’t satisfy the appetite for long. It becomes a choice of paths. Fortunately for me I grew up with a father that is a priest and a doctor so there were no weapons in our house. I didn’t get a chance to shoot up a school. This is where I say easy access is a part of it, I will admit that. And I also admit no one goes hunting with an M-16 assault rifle with an AK47, just in case the M-16 jams. They normally do. I am 32 years old, a father of two children, and a husband who understands what these kids are going through, even at my age. Because I still have the memories that are sometimes dreams, but are always memories. I hope anyone that is being bullied can find some type of support or can realize that once you move things can change. But I won’t sit here and gasp in shock and say “how did little Billy do that?” Because little Billy got fed up with taking shit and decided hell didn’t sound so bad.

-Opinionated Man

10 Shows I Hate!

  1. The Biggest Loser – I really can’t stand this show. I don’t care if it is inspirational to people to exercise or to lose weight, I personally find the show boring. Maybe if the contestants lived in an actual Gingerbread House they weren’t allowed to eat… that might be entertaining.
  2. CSI – I really hate CSI and any show that is connected to it. The “detectives” are far too smart… do any of us believe the police are really that intelligent? “I smell sulfur… which clearly means the bullet was fired from a coke bottle through that window, hit that small pebble, and killed the woman. Case closed!” Most cops can’t even find a stolen, bright pink bike in the middle of the afternoon.
  3. Sex in the City – I think I hate this show because everyone likes it so much. I think it is also remarkable how I am immediately labeled as sexist for NOT liking it. Ok… I am sexist.
  4. True Blood – I had a “guy” friend that kept trying to get me to watch this show. First off, he is a former friend because that is just lame. I told you once I don’t like vampire flicks and from the previews this show is just another lame 90210 meets the world of flying beautiful people.
  5. The Wiggles – If I never see the Wiggles again I will die happy.
  6. Barney – I have often wondered what type of jackass goes up and punches mascots or people wearing costumes. Barney helps me to understand just a little bit what would drive someone to do such a thing…
  7. Real Housewives of Anywhere – These shows are stupid as shit.
  8. Real Mobster Wives??? – Since when did being married or divorced to a criminal make you the perfect candidate to have your own show? Not to mention most of these women on the show look and act hideous.
  9. Caillou – I have a serious question. Why is Caillou bald? He is a healthy kid so he doesn’t have cancer… so what gives?
  10. American Idol – Give it up! American Idol is now like turning on a radio station and having no clue what genre music is about to play.


Three Things I Try Not to Watch

There are three types of movies that I try to avoid watching. I dislike movies in which torture is highlighted, movies about slavery or people being forced against their will, and movies about Jesus and especially about the crucifixion. I have never watched “The Passion”, I made it twenty minutes into 12 Years a Slave, and I dislike watching films like Hostel (even though I saw it). Allow me to explain my distaste for these different categories.

I refuse to watch movies about Christ and “overly dramatized” pieces on what his final days were like. I have never seen the popular movie “The Passion” and I see very little purpose in the making of these films. I highly doubt they were intended to “spread the word” and were instead used for shock and awe affect. I hate when people create something just to do it, with no personal attachment whatsoever to the subject. That to me just reeks of desperation for attention. Further, what else needs to be shown about the crucifixion? Why do people keep making these stupid movies? Conversions… please don’t make me laugh.

I made it 20 minutes into 12 Years a Slave. I found the first 20 or so minutes to be average quality and the reason I cut off the movie was due to the torture scene when he gets drugged and captured. Now some people might say “well you should force yourself to watch it. The very fact you turned away lets you know how important seeing this movie is!” Um… excuse me? How is my discomfort by the subject indicative of any hidden guilt or need for personal growth? I never owned slaves and slavery was an evilness that consumed the whole world, not just America. It still goes on to this day. While I understand the need to study and understand the past, I am not sure what purpose films like this serve. If anything I see the potential for greater anger from both whites and blacks from simply observing the story. That probably depends on where you watch this movie, but I imagine watching a movie on Korean comfort women taken by Japan during World War II. If half the theater were Japanese and the other half Korean would that not be a recipe for violence? What is the difference from these movies? For those saying “well OM you are being unfair” I challenge you to read some of the posts and articles by blacks and whites that did NOT like the movie. They are far more aggressive in their words.

I don’t like torture scenes. It makes me feel uncomfortable and queasy. My greatest fear is to be held against my will and tortured, or to have this done to my loved ones. That is part of the reason I refuse to travel to Mexico, I don’t intend to be the next tourist wearing a tire. There are crazy people in this world and some talented ones as well. The talented humans made these movies… I suppose. The crazy people would be the “John” next to you laughing his ass off while a girl is cut up graphically on a large screen. Think that guy isn’t just a little bit off?


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So, this morning, I woke up to a pleasant screenshot from one of my friends of a new cover photo that a boy from my high school put up on his Facebook. To my surprise, I was the cover photo!

It was me in the Masai Mara Reserve of Kenya with some of the Masai Tribe soldiers as they did the traditional welcome dance, including me in the jumping, dancing, hand-holding, and happiness:


You’d think this is an experience that would be seen in a positive light, but shockingly, the caption that went along with his new cover photo of me was as follows:

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 3.31.06 PM

I’ve cropped out his name and the comments that followed for the courtesy of keeping names off of the internet (despite his publication of my personal photo) but the caption reads:
“Why am I babysitting this white privileged American?” along with a YouTube link to a…

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