What the hell??? Who is doing this!!!

What the hell is going on! Who is stealing my articles and putting them into ebooks? I am going to have to write some emails…


I notice both “ebooks” have generic intros like the one below.


When you click the ebook link it takes you to this page…


And a second article stolen for a different ebook below…



Whoever is doing this congrats. You got my attention.

Note: I currently have NO ebooks being sold. Any book with my name on it had better be a stolen journal…



I wish people would stop stealing my writing

Honestly don’t people have shame? Does it feel good to make even a single penny off someone else’s hard work? How much of a lazy asshole must you be to knowingly steal someone’s work and SELL THAT SHIT for profit? Fuck you and your horse.

-Opinionated Man

I should sue someone. Your ebook is bullshit.


What a Facebook Friend Means to Me


Adding me as a friend on Facebook is a big deal. I don’t use that platform to message or chat with people, nor do I use it to discuss religion or political dialogue. I can only assume that if you add me on Facebook you are pledging to become my blood brother. You are basically saying that if a rogue group of wizards attacks our city you will take a spell in the ass for me no matter what that spell may be. That is saying something. I am also assuming that if there was one last Snickers icecream bar left you would let me have it. There would be no “let’s split it because society tells us we should,” no instead you would give me the WHOLE bar out of the goodness of your heart. Sounds like a Facebook friend to me. You might even come over and mow my yard. Damn, friend me immediately.

If none of this is true you aren’t a true online friend. In fact you aren’t a true friend at all. You need some self-reflection time.




Thank me not into the night. Where stars die and angels fall from the sky.

Forever a stranger will I be. A name without a face, as faceless as a name can be. Do not worry about the person behind the mask. Simply pay the kindness forward to others.



Try This Dish weekly Web Radio Show: Darie’s Corner

Opinionated Man:

Awesome new avenue you are taking! I wish you the best with your new Web Radio Show! -OM
Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

Originally posted on Darie's Daily Dish:

Here’s my first show as blog reporter of Darie’s Corner atTry This Dish Radio!

Please comment and share! If you or someone you know has a food blog that is six months or younger, please let me know!

I would love to feature them on the show!

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