HarsH ReaLiTy on Social Media

I do not run this blog on any other websites other than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I only mirror my posts on those accounts.

https://www.pinterest.com/source/aopinionatedman.com/ – This is not run by me. I did not create this and I don’t even know how to use pinterest.

Bloglovin – I do not own the page on Bloglovin that my website appears to be hosted on. I have sent letters asking for these websites to be taken down on Bloglovin and they did appear to do so… but then the websites reappeared. Again, I do not own the bloglovin website and I do not know who is pinning my stuff there either.

I am not angry when my work is shared and I encourage people to do so. I do “wonder” if certain websites are hosting my blog so that “someone else” can reap the benefit from it. If that is the case and someone is doing that I have one thing really to say to that person.



I don’t care

I honestly don’t care if you are a man, woman, or a typing panda. If you attack my blog I hold the right to return fire. I don’t care who you are, if you are 80 years old, if you have cancer and are about to die. We all create ourselves online and if you decide you want to be an asshole well I have a degree in assholery. Bring it.

Don’t write checks you can’t cash.


How dumb are you?

Don’t message me with this crap. And the reason you have 1 follower and I have 50,000 is because I didn’t waste my time interrogating each subscriber as to their motives. The bloggers with this much time on their hands are truly pathetic to me.



Blogging For Free

Most of us blog for free. I blog for free which comes as a surprise to many people that visit my website. The obvious question then is “why do you work so hard for a blog that doesn’t pay you?” Well I first appreciate that some bloggers recognize the effort I put into my blog even if they don’t know the exact number of hours I spend on it daily. I firmly believe that to pursue success by yourself you will often have to provide your talent, services, or “work” for free for a time. That is the bane of not being an outlier.

My father does not own WordPress and I don’t work for WP either. I hate to disappointed some of the theorists out there. I am not an outlier in this field and although my mother is an author, I had very little to draw from growing up in regards to the writing industry. It was not a “leg up” for me in any sense of the term. I have worked hard for every visit, view, comment, like, and subscriber. Handouts are for the privileged… good for them. I am still waiting to be Freshly Pressed and I am sure that will occur any day now…

I believe that if you are an average writer like I am than you must rely on yourself to get seen. You must blog for free to be noticed in this rat race. Do bloggers strike gold occasionally, of course they do! I have yet to sit beside a rainbow and wish for anything though. Good things like that never happen to me and hedging my bet that suddenly “someone important” is going to notice me is a waste of time. We are all searching for that ONE view that matters, I often feel however that those types of Cinderella stories are for others. Not for me.

Blogging for free can suck. I will not blow daisies up your ass, it can suck hard! Countless hours of work, demanding bloggers that beg/ask for favors, comments that build up overnight, SPAM that must be sifted so that “real comments” don’t get lost, and responding to personal emails are only a few of the routine things I do on a daily basis. These are all part of ONLY 1/3 of my blogging model as well, so my time does quickly become limited. Why do I do it? I do it because I hope one day it will all be worth it. I hope one day I can proudly say to certain doubters that “finally my website is a success.” Until that time I will keep doing what I do. Grinding it out each day like everyone else and blogging for free because we enjoy it.

-Opinionated Man