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Online Friendship and Loyalty

I won’t apologize for having people like me online. That isn’t a crime and no one should feel guilty for having a “larger subscriber number” than someone else. People will try to make you feel badly for it though and will try to discredit your support with trendy words like “fandom.” If people gain fans…


Opinionated Man on Facebook!

I went ahead and reactivated my original Facebook account for this website. I appreciate the connections! -Opinionated Man Jason C. Cushman  


Nine Reasons Being Asian Is Awesome

1) I can walk to the park and start swinging my arms around and claim it is some form of martial arts when it isn’t and people will join in. 2) My eyes are so small I don’t really need shades. I buy them anyways because they make me look badass. 3) If I am…

Windows and Mirrors

I see a social media of hanging windows and mirrors. Brief glimpses into the lives of some, reflections of the moment from others. Represented by cookie cut square images, we are how we portray ourselves to the world. Photos spinning in the wind chased by the concerns of the daily. We present dots waiting to be connected, tiny…

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