Did I Join an Ornament Exchange or a Popularity Contest?

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Honestly I don’t think you are out of line and I would be pissed off as well. It isn’t about the objects or their value… it is simple common courtesy that so many people fail to recognize these days. Yes I would be pretty mad and I think you have every right to be put off! The ornament looked great though! -OM
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I wanted to try something new this year, so I finally gave in to the urge to sign up for an ornament exchange program with fifty or so of the closest facebook friends I’ve never met.  We all came together through the mutual love of all things Disney and spend a lot of time online asking each other questions about how to survive large crowds at the theme parks and/or posting pictures of our fabulous vacations to others (knowing that we are probably sending some followers into fits of jealousy).  It’s all a lot of helpful fun and I love being a part of it, so it just made sense to sign myself up to exchange a special ornament to commemorate the past year.

The only real requirement was that we had to send an ornament that was somehow specific to the state we live in.  I figured that it…

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Share Some Blogging Tips?

If you have posts with blogging tips or just on blogging in general and want to share it today feel free! Links and self-promotion are accepted here. Have a safe holiday week everyone!



Writing 101 Day#16 – Mine your own Material – why I choose to pawn my jewelry

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Reading some blogs today and also coming across some great parents with the “right” mindset. This was also a great post on necessary sacrifice and giving up unnecessary things for those we love. -OM
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When I was moving to Florida it was a quick decision no looking back kinda thing. I did it for many reasons and didn’t hesitate to leave a lot of things for it. Why? I didn’t want I love a lifestyle where I didn’t feel wanted or loved or just struggling all the time. Now don’t get me wrong everyone struggles and it doesn’t matter where it’s at cause I still struggle down here but it’s a different feeling. When I had my daughter I stopped caring about expensive things like makeup,Jewelry and bags. I loved all those things before her. But now she is my focus and anything she needs I’d be willing to sell anything I have for her. Before I moved down here I had 2 gold rings with colored stone and 3 necklaces which I all sold and pawned for my daughters necessities. Call me crazy…

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Gossip Of The Day: There’s An Alexisonfire Album On The Way

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As if a reunion wasn’t enough, Alexisonfire are now treating us to a live release of their epic farewell show at Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum back in 2012.

The release will include four vinyl records and a blu-ray of the entire performance, and is available to pre-order now.

If you can’t wait till then, have a clip of the lads tearing it up on the Reading Festivalmain stage. Enjoy.

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