Don’t Threaten Me

Don’t threaten me. Ever. There are several reasons it is a bad idea. I’ll tell you a few so you can ponder them before deciding to send me threatening comments or emails.

1. I am an expert shot. I shot expert in the military and I know how to use guns. I am not afraid of using them either and even though I was no sniper or Rambo… I know how to use them well.

2. I am a fucking ninja. I will ninja your ass into yesterday. Try me.

3. At 5’10” I am not a short little Asian man. So if that is your mental picture of me you might want to fix that shit. Besides Mr. Miyagi would own all of your asses.

4. Online threats are lame as shit. Seriously lame… don’t message with “come meet me in person.” I am obviously not as young as you are, go play a video game.

5. I don’t fight women. Women… don’t threaten me. It makes me feel a pain in my stomach caused by laughing my fucking ass off.

6. I don’t fight virtual men. Men… don’t threaten me. Your threats are just words and if I see an actual body on my property there are guns for that. As well as my pet liger.

7. Threatening someone online is childish and weak. You make yourself look weak when you do it. Don’t do that shit.


Write Without Fear

Some days I post and I can watch my subscriber number fall like a dying human’s heartbeat. It would actually be alarming to a lot of other bloggers, but for me it is business as usual. I do not “write for offense,” I simply write without fear.

The world wants obedient humans living on it. Society wants subservient robots working in it. Blogs are our voice to the world that we are not all alike. We are not labels, we are not “groups,” we are not races, we are in fact people with daily lives and growing opinions. When we write without fear and share our thoughts with the world we practice a form of liberty that should be celebrated daily. That should never be lost.

You may have read some blog posts or articles on how “blogging gives journalism” a bad name due to the unprofessionalism of most bloggers. Here is what many journalists don’t get, bloggers don’t write to be professional. We write to share and to show we care and that process does not require the technical stages that journalism does. Should we still strive to put out good material? Absolutely, but a personal opinion should never be silenced in the blogosphere for failing to meet the technical requirements of others. We are not all professional writers here, but we still write.

I post about things I care about. I harp on subjects that really interest me just like anyone else. That is what makes a blog authentic and your readers will know whether or not you truly mean your words in most cases. Speak plainly and loudly without fear or shame of your opinions. They are what make us individuals.


SoCS Saturday Incense and Peppermints

Opinionated Man:

I actually do NOW, but when I was a kid my sister and I would hate it when my parents would bust out singing. And dancing… ugh! Nice post and song. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! -OM
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Originally posted on Notes Tied On The Sagebrush:

I really like a lot of music from the 60s. When thinking about the prompt the song Incense and  Peppermints  by The Strawberry Alarm Clock came to mind. It’s funny but at first I was imagining church incense. Thinking what would rockers want with church incense. Then I remembered they are talking about those little sticks of incense. And probably high on something and enjoying their heightened senses of taste and smell.

So here we go. Let’s get groovy dudes:


|Nano Poblano| dude!


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Click Yourself!

There may be a very good reason why no one has visited your blog. If your username is not connected to your blog through the settings function OR you have entered in your website incorrectly guess what? No one can find your website!!!

Often we have no reason to click our own username, but that is a huge mistake bloggers! If we can’t find you we can’t connect with you! Click yourself and see if it works!!


Reblog – Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame. WoW! Might I just say I am glad I didn’t make the “wall!” That was a very interesting read and I hope you get some relief from the trolls on Amazon! -OM

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