Paying for blogging lessons???

I keep seeing the materiel these “blogging classes” share and the info is so generic. It is almost worthless. I should have taught a class so people would pay me hundreds and sometimes thousands to learn to blog. Most of the people “teaching” these classes have crappy blogs and no idea what they are talking about in regards to SEO or traffic. Are you people rich or something? Who the hell pays someone $200 to help them setup a blog? Send me an email if you have that much extra cash and I will gladly help for a donation. Hell I’ll sell this site for the right price. :)



Blogging Silence: Blogging is not for the Lazy

Opinionated Man:

It is all about what you want and it does take “time” regardless. Nice post and I appreciate the mention with a great blogger such as Suzie. :) -OM
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Something I’ve noticed over the past month: if I don’t post for the day or spend time surfing the blog-a-sphere, visits to my blog are nearly non-existent. By no means am I complaining, it’s just something I’ve noticed. I follow a couple of high follower blogs who give advice to new bloggers and what Suzie and Opinionated Man say is so true. Blogs with high volume views don’t happen overnight. They take hours upon hours upon hours…..of time and commitment and also immersing themselves in other’s blogs. Traffic to your blog takes work!

Again I’m not complaining about it, I like the blogging community. I started my blog for several reasons: I wanted to create a follow-ship that enjoyed my blog that one day would turn into a readership for my writing, it’s a place I can post my work so that my computer screen isn’t…

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vLog – Poetry – Would you ever, if you never

Would you ever, if you never saw the stars.

Learn to dream in the dark away from the light.

Would you ever, if you never had a cause.

Fight for those that cannot fight.

Would you ever, if you never knew love.

Share a moment and create a memory.

Would you ever, if you never knew the truth.

Find peace at night and learn just to be.


Could I ever, if I never knew my past.

Find something worth holding and make it last.

Could I ever, if I never cared for you.

Find forgiveness for you too.

Could I ever, if I never knew the man I was.

Be the man I was meant to be.

Could I ever, if I never wrote again.

Live my life with no beginning or end.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


Egg shells

People often walk on egg shells around me both in the real world and the cyber world. I have posted pictures of myself and personally… I feel I look like the nicest guy ever. I am not complaining, however, and I can appreciate that people actually use their heads now before finding random confrontation. Still, it amuses me when I KNOW how aggressive someone is from their own blog posts and then they act a totally different way towards me here. I chalk a lot of that up to my aggressive tone, or at least I have been told it is aggressive. I believe I am just blunt and one could possible argue my bluntness is due to my lack of education and my inability to beat around a proverbial bush. I just have better things to do then to pussy foot around a topic. Who has time for all that?

Some may say that a blogs popularity will dictate how truthful an audience is. I get that… I do. I just think that if the number of “eyes” that see your words in any way alters how you state your beliefs, then your lack of conviction is a telling sign. It means you either have no back bone or you simply lacked conviction to begin with. Grow a pair.