Two Faced.

Opinionated Man:

I liked this post. It kind of shows the evolution of blogging and how a perfectionist writer can slowly grow into blogging and learn that not everything has to be perfect. Great post! :) -OM
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Okay, so I get it. I was quick to bash other bloggers about spelling and grammar before I tried blogging myself. I get it now. I now see the two faces to blogging (one being blogging, the other being reading).

On one hand, I understand how a few spelling errors can change a reader’s perception of the writer’s viability. I am the first to admit that I am a very judgmental reader. And, I’m sure you are, too.

On the other hand, the writing hand, I now understand that, like myself, most bloggers probably self-edit (aka they don’t pay someone whose job it is to edit for them.) And, sometimes, they are not very good at it. (One of my good friends from college had to fix a spelling error in my rant about bloggers misspelling! Ouch!) I also get that whether it’s 6 AM or 2 AM, when the bug hits, you have to write. With…

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Who wants to help me solve a mystery?

For a while I owned two domains on WordPress as I expiremented with piggybacking and bouncing traffic. My second website was and I registered it through WordPress. When I became overwhelmed with two blogs I allowed that domain to “expire” and it was quickly bought due to the SEO boost I had performed on that address.


That is cool and I get that a URL can be purchased if you don’t reup. I posted at some point that WordPress deleted my site without my knowledge or consent because my site was removed and I was unable to access it. Neither OR (the gmail account I used to create the original blog) work anymore and show as either nonexistent or deleted.



I had moved on until I checked my old email account and oddly enough I found comments being left on my old URL. The amusing part is when I click the “reply” or any button to see the comment it claims the website doesn’t exist.


So my question is the obvious one. How the hell are people commenting on a blog that no longer exists and where the fuck is my old blog WordPress?

Note: If anyone is wondering why I don’t ask these questions in the WordPress forum the answer is simple. The forum bunnies there do everything in their power to moderate and silence me, even from asking “support” questions.

-Opinionated Man


Thank god for whoever thought of the feature to “stay friends,” but hide their annoying ass posts, photos, and opinions.

Yes I realize someone probably thinks this exact same thing about my stuff. Sometimes moderation is a GOOD thing.



Let’s Shame the World Together!!!

Does this sound at all familiar maybe in a different context? Perhaps even recently? Maybe this post will show some people how ridiculous shaming someone into a cause really is.

Korean Pride: Hey Billy I dropped by your facebook page today and noticed you aren’t flying the Korean flag for Asian Week. What up with that man?

Billy: Oh man! Is it Asian Week? I had no clue!

Angry Korean: LIES! I am your neighbor Billy! I saw Korean take-out boxes in your garbage just yesterday! You mean to tell me you didn’t see the happiness seeping from your delivery guy’s pores and had no clue it was due to Asian Awesomeness Week? Why do you hate my people Billy???

Billy: I… just… I don’t know what to say…

Aggressive Korean: Don’t say anything! Do! Show support! Change your damn background or I will unfriend you! I have my finger on the button now and it isn’t red!!!

Billy: OK! I get it! I should support you and your people! I am changing it now!

Evil Korean: Good Billy. Good. And don’t forget Chinese American Pride week next month either. I have my eye on you… friend.



It ALL makes sense now!

I have been informed that I am privileged. That my posts show how privileged I am and that my blog is successful because of my privileged past. Obviously the blogger that wrote these things knows me so well. It ALL makes sense now! My life is complete. Thank you for your kind personal assessment of me and my past! You should be a psychologist.

This is the darkside of blogging. People can’t understand the simple fact that working “towards” a community in turn creates that community around you. It is simple logic and the process is fueled by something equally as simple – hard work. Instead people would rather label you and make excuses for themselves by crucifying you. Crucify away people it is an old routine by now around here.

It is my goal to not link back to people that hate me  and my blog anymore. I must accept the fact that there will always be bloggers that dislike me. I have better things to do with my energy.



Twitter is Brutal

You authors may want to think twice before doing a Q&A on twitter if you know for a fact people hate your books. E L James probably won’t be doing another one. Twitter users are brutal man! I thought bloggers had rough edges.