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1,921 Posts

I have successfully archived and removed 1,921 potentially offensive posts from my blog. About half way there. I will say that rereading some of my old posts has shed some light on my blogging habits… namely that I posted a bunch of crap!

I will catch up on comments soon. To clarify I am not shutting down my blog… I simply won’t post things people “might” find offensive anymore. Just the way it has to be people. I do not live my life for myself anymore, I have obligations now.

-Opinionated Man


Opinionated Man Update

I have been asked to reevaluate how and why I blog. Due to the complaint emails, the official complaints about my site, personal emails, posts written on other platforms that my family reads, and the rants that can be found on Google search about me I have decided to change how I blog. I will begin to filter articles tonight and will cut back on the discourse I offer online that seems to upset people so easily.

I will not write many more blogging tips due to people stealing my articles, posts, and words.

I will not respond to personal attacks by email anymore or blog attacks.

If WordPress decides to censor or limit my account I will not fight it and will either roll with it or move on.

I will not argue with you people anymore. Unfortunately some people don’t know how to just debate and end up getting upset enough to call the police on people. Even when they don’t live in the same state.

I will not be a blogger anymore because blogging is about interaction and community. Instead I will post randomly and hope that people allow me a little peace to myself.

I wish you all the best.



HarsH ReaLiTy on Social Media

Please note that my twitter handle is now @smokendust. It is no longer my old username!

The easiest way to reach me is by email at aopinionatedman@gmail.com

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The Daily Opinion – Your Most Offensive Post?

What was your most offensive post that lost you subscribers or elicited some type of angry response back. You can share the link below. Mine actually wasn’t about abortion or feminism like some of you would guess. It was a post on going to the Zoo with my kids and how I must hate animals. I still smile over that post. What was yours?



vLog – Poetry – Would you ever, if you never

Would you ever, if you never saw the stars.

Learn to dream in the dark away from the light.

Would you ever, if you never had a cause.

Fight for those that cannot fight.

Would you ever, if you never knew love.

Share a moment and create a memory.

Would you ever, if you never knew the truth.

Find peace at night and learn just to be.


Could I ever, if I never knew my past.

Find something worth holding and make it last.

Could I ever, if I never cared for you.

Find forgiveness for you too.

Could I ever, if I never knew the man I was.

Be the man I was meant to be.

Could I ever, if I never wrote again.

Live my life with no beginning or end.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


The Daily Opinion – Do You Really Matter Online?

If you stopped blogging or using social media tomorrow would anyone miss you?



Blogging – I care about it all

There isn’t one thing that makes a good blogger in my book. There are many different aspects of blogging a person has to conquer to really get a handle on it. Often people will get comfortable with one or two parts of social media and will suddenly feel like an expert. That is when the posts about blogging and “how to blog” normally begin to roll out. I read a ton of blogging “advice” because I find it interesting to see what people think works for them. Most of the blogging articles I see and read aren’t great. They offer no real tips, are simple regurgitation of what other people are saying, and they offer very basic advice on how to network on social media. My conclusion is that these posts read as such because the bloggers generally have no idea what they are talking about.

I could spend an afternoon reading tips under the tags “blogging, seo, and WordPress” and feel fairly confident that I would have enough knowledge to share something new with the world. But what is the point? So often people write tips on blogging and they really have nothing to say… they just think they do. I will read lines like “it is always a good idea to interact and meet other bloggers,” but that will be it. Ok, thanks for the obvious tip, now tell me HOW to do that. Tell me WHERE to do that and tell me HOW OFTEN to do that. Specifics make or break an article and if you aren’t going to get specific for us don’t bother writing that junk.

Bloggers ask me what I focus on daily and I tell them the honest truth. I focus on it all because I care about it all. All the numbers, all the parts of a blog, and all the daily routines I do to make my social media platforms hum are all part of blogging to me. Would I love to be so popular that I could just sit every day and write whimsical bullshit that people gobble up? Never having to visit anyone or share anyone else’s work because it is all about me, me, me! Sure! Who wouldn’t want that kind of popularity? Unfortunately that also isn’t very realistic unless you are super hot and posting selfies everyday OR you are an established author. I am neither of those things so I have to grind it out daily like everyone else. Each view, each comment, each interaction I strive for requires effort. I work hard at getting people out of their shell because only with interaction do I feel like my words are truly being heard.

If you want to write blogging tips then go for it. It is your blog and bloggers blog. Just know that if your article reads like every other post out there on blogging people won’t care to read more of your advice. They will roll their eyes, like I do, and move on to the bunny photos below your post. Because who doesn’t like bunnies?

One small note here. If you “borrow” or take an idea from another blogger credit them in some way in a post. I understand that ideas are meant to be shared and used by others, but there is a difference between piggybacking off people and straight up stealing their ideas and passing them off as your own. If you can’t comprehend the difference you aren’t being truly honest with yourself. Think about it. I have had people using my ideas since I began this blog and I am flattered most of the time. There have been occasions where people have taken things from me, such as my blogging formula, and tried to pass them off as their own. That is never right. I would never do that to another blogger. It is a low way to live.

-Opinionated Man


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that has visited lately and subscribed to this blog. I try to respond to everyone that comments and I also try to make my “rounds.” I do miss people though by accident and I am constantly trying to go back and catch missed connections.

I do want to take the time to say a special thanks for all those that have shared my posts on Facebook and other platforms. My Facebook shares have really risen a ton and I have all of you to thank for that. I really do appreciate it!

I try to use my other platforms to share book releases of bloggers and posts I find interesting. You can always reach out to me at aopinionatedman@gmail.com. I am pretty good at responding in a timely fashion.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my small blog and for giving it a read. Without the readers here I would have stopped blogging a long time ago.

-Opinionated Man








The Daily Opinion – Blogging

Would you spend countless hours building a blog only to promote other people with it? Who in their right mind would do that? Would you charge people for those reblogs like some bloggers do?

If someone was stealing your writing would you pack up your shit and walk away? Would you keep posting knowing that someone is probably going to hawk your links?

Just some random things I am pondering and dealing with.



vLog – A Book of Triggers Page 1- By: Jason C. Cushman

Something a little different. -OM

If I were to imagine a book of life it would best be described as a book of triggers. For what is life other than a slowly revealed circle of need, want, and more need? My book of triggers has always been my journals that I have kept throughout my life. Triggering thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the moment laid to permanent rest by drifting pen. At rest, but never sleeping, they are active memories that swim before my eyes even still as I read my life from dried ink. Is there a point when life can finally be accepted and we see a trigger no more. No, I think not.

I have lived my life balanced on the knife’s edge of emotion. Being far too sensitive as a child, I carried much of that pain because of my inability to ignore pain. To ignore the barbs of life that found welcoming flesh every time within my body. Within my soul. Is there an MRI for the soul and what would the picture of mine look like? I imagine my soul is much like me. We would not appreciate the eye of such scrutiny or the nakedness of such honesty. We would instead turn in upon ourselves, as we have always done, seeking the shell that God never blessed us with.

I write my triggers because I recognize they exist. They are as real as the scars that mark my skin. Denial is a luxury I cannot afford anymore and maybe never could. After my first suicide attempt I realized that I very much hold the ability to deny. I could ignore the sun until it burned my face. Actually that is an apt analogy considering I still remember the burn of bile coming up my throat as my body fought desperately to live. I do not take credit for such actions. A white flag of acceptance hovered above my falling body during this point of my life. Falling for I had indeed fallen to the moment. There was never a clearer time in my life as my body fought to live through my stupidity and that is ironic still to this day. To me the sadness that fact brings is the largest trigger of all.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man

Blogging – Creating a Presence

Every blog is different, but to me there are two categories of “blogs” on any website. There are the walls where people paste their words and there are the “corners” where bloggers live. It isn’t always about frequency of posts either. A lot of creating a blogging presence is driven by how you spend your time blogging and what “impact” you have in that amount of time. Do you respond to comments? How quickly? Do you respond to them all or just to a few? When people visit your blog do they see sentences laid to rest or active conversation before their eyes? It makes a difference and determines what your presence feels like.

As I have said I am a realtime blogger. I publish through the day and I hold no requirement over myself for what constitutes a “post.” I push out “twitter like posts” and thought farts through the night. It is what I love to do. I also enjoy having my “corner” of cyberspace that people can find me if they wish to. And many do. I think at this point I have built that type of reputation. A 24/7 blogger that is open like 7-Eleven. I wouldn’t have it any other way! What do people see when they visit your blog? Is your website a wall of published words or do people witness active engagement and ACTIVE blogging? The presence you give off makes a difference bloggers.



Windows and Mirrors

I see a social media of hanging windows and mirrors. Brief glimpses into the lives of some, reflections of the moment from others. Represented by cookie cut square images, we are how we portray ourselves to the world. Photos spinning in the wind chased by the concerns of the daily. We present dots waiting to be connected, tiny bubbles of light that represent the importance of events. Our precious moments join those of others and create a constellation of bloggers in the sky.

I walk the online aisles daily. Browsing this mall of bloggers, window shopping like many of the fashion bloggers I see around me. Instead of clothes I shop for original thought as I casually glance from one memory box to another. I observe the mind of an older woman as she writes. Her graceful letters match the graceful moves of her younger self as she dances across the stretches of her imagination. I ponder for a second the life of a dancer and give a nod in thanks to the blogger whose thought I have borrowed, if only for a moment.

I see them all. Introverts putting on displays that awe even those devoted to extraversion. Artists that have never held a brush but paint daily with their minds, all here to share productions of mental image. We are all the same. Producing open windows for adventurous eyes. Pausing realities of the moment forever in hanging mirrors so that we might marvel at our past another day. Social realities built on social media in the gray of fontless clouds. We create them daily, our castles in the sky.

-Opinionated Man


Holy YouTube!

WoW my channel has 24 subscribers! You all know I am not dancing or singing for you right…

Thanks to everyone that has subscribed and also that took the time to watch my janky videos!





My first Youtube Subscriber!

I got my first Youtube subscriber! I don’t care if you care. I care! Woohoo!


Thanks Belinda! :)



Things That Offend Me – Part 1

Everyone tells me daily the things that offend them… mainly directed towards my site and what I write. No one ever asks poor OM what offends him. Well fuck you world, here we go.

1. The confederate flag being flown in Colorado. Was the civil war even fought in this state? If you have ever been to Colorado you know that no one in their right mind would fight a war here. Who has the energy for that after climbing all those damn hills and dealing with this arctic weather? I honestly believe people hid in Colorado during the war to get away from it all. What is more amusing is these wannabe “rednecks” would shit their pants if they walked through my hometown of Memphis, TN and their rebel flag would probably get lost somewhere in a field in Kansas.

2. People telling me who my heroes should be or what I should stand for. This is directed to every idiot that votes “Democrat” purely out of blind loyalty to something they don’t even understand. The whole perception that Republicans are rich, elitist and that Democrats are the poor minorities is totally bullshit. Actually a clearer picture of today’s political scheme is that the majority of Republicans (we don’t all own corporations dumbasses) believe in fair taxation across the board and Democrats believe “someone else” should always foot their bill. Pay for your own shit like we all have to.

3. People that hate guns and have never used, owned, or even been around one. These people generally live in nice neighborhoods and only see violence on TV. Well good for you citizen, but some of us live in the real world and it is rough on these streets. While I don’t think everyone should be running around with M-16s, I also don’t think anyone should ever have the right to take away our firearms unless someone has shown themselves to not be responsible enough to own one. And disarming our “veterans” by claiming some bullshit PTSD syndrome when the SAME GOVERNMENT for the longest time denied PTSD existed is total hog wash. You simply don’t want trained citizens armed that might actually know how to really protest the things that should be protested in this country.

4. People that hate a nation because of one man. People hated Germany because of Hitler. People hate America because of our presidents. And people hate Russians because of Putin. The problem is that one man never represents a nation. This is not ancient Rome people, buy a vowel and gain a fucking clue. I particularly hate the Russia bashing because I am an Orthodox Christian. I relate to far more Russians in this regard than I do the majority of Protestant Americans. Take that for what it is worth. I also hate Obama, but love America.

5. People that hate a country, but stay. Just leave! No one will miss you! It is called a one way plane ticket or a long ass boat ride (ask any Chinese person).

6. When people try to shame you into their cause. I have been told that “if you don’t support us then that is the same thing as you discriminating and being against us.” Ok… then I am against you if that is how you want to play it. I have had this debate over homosexuality, which obviously I am not a participant in nor do I support it, and group activists such as feminists. Since when did we require all humans to have a say on every subject or be damned if they don’t? Is that honestly the kind of society we want to be a part of? How many of you attend Korean-American rallies held in your cities? WHAT!?! YOU DON’T?!? HOW DARE YOU NOT SUPPORT MY PEOPLE. WHY DO YOU HATE US? Yea, it is the exact same fucking concept to me people. Fight for your own rights just like I fight for mine. Don’t try to shame the world behind your cause because in the end it defeats your cause and your purpose.

7. The Game of Thrones. I watched the first season and thought it was “ok.” I think I am just put off by all the fan freaks and the fact that the series just really isn’t that great to me. It is a weak fantasy story with a weak plot and the only attraction is the random killing of “main characters” because what sane author does that? I give the writer props for creating something that is so viral, but I wish some of the better fantasy books had been made into shows first. And before anyone asks I have been reading fantasy and science fiction novels since I was 7.

8. The Government’s attitude towards extraterrestrial life. They believe it is out there. They don’t believe it is out there. People are sending radio signals to us. No wait that is probably a giant spy satellite. Those weren’t lights you saw in the sky. Those were our lights you saw in the sky. We don’t know what it is. We do know what it is. You all don’t need to know what it is.

9. Bunnies. I just hate how happy they seem to be and I know they aren’t. No one could be happy while dodging death their whole life and yet they are obviously smiling about something. After interviewing a large sample group I have come to the conclusion that God made rabbits with a two track mind. Eating and fucking. Sounds like a great life to me and another reason why I hate bunnies. I am jealous.

10. Mainstream articles on “success” or some “young entrepreneur” that leave out very important details. Yahoo.com is the main culprit of this. Look I get what you are trying to do. You attempt to motivate and inspire the young populace into following in the footsteps of these young trailblazers by painting a picture of hard work, dedication, and success. What they often leave out is that little Johnny’s dad owns Cyber Corp and gave little Johnny some play money of around 1.1 million dollars to “go make something.” Yea… I am so impressed with little Johnny and his giant handout… I mean allowance… Give me a fucking break.

11. When people try to one-up other people’s tragedies. Bad shit happens daily and really bad shit happens every week. It gets ridiculous when nations and people try to compete over who has had the worst tragedy. “My leg got broken today… my life sucks.” “WELL, both my arms fell off today and I can’t touch myself ever again so beat that.” “My other leg just broke…”

12. People that defend North Korea. You people are fucking retards. Eat shit.

13. People that try to embellish their own importance. “I worked on the particle disperser for the atomic generator on the Death Star.” “It says here you did vacuum cleaner repair…”

14. Hollywood fucking up my classics. What in the hell was going through your heads when you released that bullshit you call Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? You just went and fucked it all up didn’t you? I bet you the people that committed this war crime didn’t even watch TMNT. They were probably power ranger fans.

15. Unfair Justice. Suge Knight can literally run over his opposition, with his car apparently, and intimidate witnesses on the stand so he won’t get a fair trial and will probably receive a slap on the wrist. Helga got caught with a bag of crack and because she was near school grounds she gets “intent to distribute” and receives 30 years to life. While I don’t think crack is a good thing does anyone actually think that is justice? Truly?

16. Commercials fully in Spanish on my English Speaking Stations. I do not, nor will I ever speak Spanish. Hell I don’t even speak Korean so why in the world would I learn Spanish??? Unless you are about to roll out commercials in every foreign language get this Spanish shit off my TV!

This laptop sucks. I’ll finish this list later. You thought I was done? Pfff, please…



WordPress – You don’t decide who is Popular

How does a person create a popular blog? The normal response one will receive is that you “don’t create a popular blog,” instead popularity finds you through blogging habits, techniques, writing ability, and content. But what if you could directly control how many people view your website daily through hard work? What if you could build your own popularity and viral nature by mass networking and pushing your name to the ever growing public?

WordPress has been a great platform because it has offered every blogger an equal opportunity to be noticed. By offering the same methods of interaction for everyone, WordPress created a fair playing ground for bloggers to grow, network, and promote themselves at their own speed. Unfortunately that culture is changing.

When I began blogging two years ago I found, read, and met some great bloggers. These people had tens of thousands of followers, massive subscription lists, and many of them worked with teams so as to keep their content fresh and continuously populating. WordPress built this platform for the “users,” they created the game and rules, but they do not get to pick who is popular. We as bloggers and readers get to choose that. That is what is so great about blogging, the unpredictable nature of who will be popular and what will garner the most attention.

What happens when the platform begins to pick favorites? Suddenly the rules change, punishment and “moderation” are handed out unfairly, and bloggers who are only copying the early practices of many popular blogs on WordPress are suddenly hit with limitations on the very features that make WP what it is. How is that fair? How is it ever fair when a website, service provider, or host suddenly changes the rules midgame? It is the very example of favoritism.

HarsH ReaLiTy is what it is because I became addicted to blogging. I loved being able to physically pump my blog’s numbers and popularity through increased effort. Unfortunately WordPress is now limiting the number of blogs people can follow daily by limiting the actual account. While I understand the frustration people feel over “fake likes” and “fake follows,” people need to realize there is nothing spammy about pressing a single button. I personally never press the “like” button unless I have read and enjoyed the post. I will, however, press the follow button many times a day. It is one of the many examples that WordPress’s Blogging University offers as an important way to not only network, but also to publicize your blog. Again, by limiting my ability to do so you have sold me a product I never agreed to buy WordPress.

I have spent a lot of time trying to promote other blogs and help people to network. This was when I actually thought WordPress cared about these things… since those methods are what make this platform buzz. Without the bloggers, readers, writers… us, there is no WordPress. As I said WP, you can build the platform, but you don’t get to decide who is popular.

Due to these recent changes I am strongly considering moving off platform. I enjoy the pool of readers and bloggers here, but if I cannot access that “pool” there is no reason to be near it. I also don’t see a need to run Meet and Greet threads when the very community I am promoting doesn’t seem to care about us anymore. Instead WP would love for all bloggers to sit around and pray to be Freshly Pressed as the only way to EVER get noticed. As I have always said a successful blogger doesn’t sit back and wait to be noticed. They go and find their audience. As long as this ability is impaired on my blog, I will not blog publicly on WordPress. As long as this platform plays favorites it will never be as great a platform as it once was. And that is a fucking shame.

-Opinionated Man

Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I watched you today. I watched you tentatively step into my domain, eyes wide at the banner that hangs on high. I saw you process mentally the idea of “an idiot that wishes to offend them all” and was happy to see a brief grin of amusement spread across your face.

But it was your next steps that brought the most appreciation. Observing you as you sifted through my dung pile of posts. You did not worry about getting your sleeves messy, in fact I watched in admiration as you began to delve deep with both hands into the waste that I write.

Like a new father I sat nervously as your comments began to pour in. But your words were not to me. I watched you as you met others through my site. I watched as you grew and in doing so you did what you came here to do.

Today I watched you blog.



Narcissistic Me

I was never called a narcissist until I became a blogger. I often wonder if my subscriber number was lower if that same accusation would be thrown at me. It is the same with opinions really, if no one were reading and commenting on my opinions no one would care. They would roll their eyes and shrug them off, but because I will often have a 50% appreciation rate (yea I made that term up) people get butt hurt and feel the need to crusade. And when I say crusade I am actually not speaking of religion this time, I am most definitely speaking of those that carry particular banners.

I love it when I come across a post or a blogger comment in which they say “that OM is such a narcissistic loser! Always carrying on about powerblogging and reveling in the positive comments he receives.” Honestly kind words are a dime a dozen online and I don’t write to have people say I am great. It is even more amusing when those SAME BLOGGERS say “I am just here to promote my book when it releases next year.” Well don’t email me for help with that pumpkin because you already have a piss poor attitude. You won’t ever succeed with the mindset you currently have.

We all have narcissistic tendencies and that isn’t always a bad thing. We all need motivation and there are many kind humans out there ready to offer a positive word of encouragement or a helping hand. That is not a bad thing and the people that say it is are far more cynical in nature than I. And I am one of the greatest out there. If you want to promote yourself or push your dream do so! Do it! Don’t get weighted down by the haters and the idiots saying “you need to care more about ____ or ____.” Fuck those people. Those same individuals probably moan to their spouses at night about how others get a shot and they don’t. Well maybe you people should stop shooting yourself in the damn foot.


“Your true colors”

My true colors are on this blog and always have been. I am a human with moods, swings, and daily issues just like everyone else. I have never attacked a blogger who didn’t first attack me multiple, multiple times and ask for it. I find it amusing anyone would ever say “your true colors” to me when I have never altered my behavior here on WP. I do good, I do bad, I do what I want. If you don’t see my true colors here people… you don’t know how to fucking read. That is your issue, not mine.

In life we get to make decisions and I make mine carefully.

Have a good holiday humans.


Write Without Fear

Some days I post and I can watch my subscriber number fall like a dying human’s heartbeat. It would actually be alarming to a lot of other bloggers, but for me it is business as usual. I do not “write for offense,” I simply write without fear.

The world wants obedient humans living on it. Society wants subservient robots working in it. Blogs are our voice to the world that we are not all alike. We are not labels, we are not “groups,” we are not races, we are in fact people with daily lives and growing opinions. When we write without fear and share our thoughts with the world we practice a form of liberty that should be celebrated daily. That should never be lost.

You may have read some blog posts or articles on how “blogging gives journalism” a bad name due to the unprofessionalism of most bloggers. Here is what many journalists don’t get, bloggers don’t write to be professional. We write to share and to show we care and that process does not require the technical stages that journalism does. Should we still strive to put out good material? Absolutely, but a personal opinion should never be silenced in the blogosphere for failing to meet the technical requirements of others. We are not all professional writers here, but we still write.

I post about things I care about. I harp on subjects that really interest me just like anyone else. That is what makes a blog authentic and your readers will know whether or not you truly mean your words in most cases. Speak plainly and loudly without fear or shame of your opinions. They are what make us individuals.


Sounds about Right – Tove Lo – Habits

What Controversy?

Today’s NaBloPoMo Prompt asks: What is the most controversial thing you’ve ever written on your blog?

I have yet to write anything controversial on my blog. I find that people are normally overly sensitive and will claim something is offensive when it really isn’t. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to write something controversial… what an interesting prompt.


Twitter is lame

Apparently you can only follow 2,000 people on twitter and if your numbers of follow to follower ratio are to far off you get blocked from following anyone else. If you newly followed my twitter I’ll follow you back when I can. There must be some premium package… there is always a premium package deal.

My twitter is @smokendust

Ten Reasons I am NOT Afraid of You!

  1. You keep saying “Bro, we…” and we are the only ones out here. Am I stepping on your other friends?
  2. After every insult you take a step backwards. Where are you dancing off to?
  3. You allowed your woman to pick this fight for you. We can definitely tell who wears the pants in this relationship.
  4. You just waved an imaginary wand at me…
  5. You asked your friend to hold your man purse so you could “handle your business.” A man purse… really???
  6. Your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics is figure skating.
  7.  You keep telling me how big you are over social media. Anyone that makes such repeated claims online must have a serious self-esteem issue that is naturally born from being a runt.
  8.  Your attacks on me read like a video game. “I am going to dragon punch, lizard trip, tiger slash, and panda hug you to death!”
  9. You keep referring to your time in the Star Fleet. Which fleet was that again?
  10. You just told me you are a level 85 Druid. On second thought… I am scared of you.

-Opinionated Man

A Connection in my Pants

I feel a connection in my pants. It comes in the form of a vibration and a sudden awareness of interest. Where do the unsuspecting eyes currently dwell? My pants know. With their awakening comes a rebirth of personal satisfaction. Waves upon waves of limelight roll ashore in the form of green envy. And as the man walks upon the beach he feels yet again another connection through his cell phone resting within his pocket. It is his leash to the world, even when he simply wishes to disconnect.



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