Blogging: Stealing isn’t cool

I started blogging on HarsH ReaLiTy in January of 2013 as a way to express all the emotions that people generally don’t want to hear in person. Online I have the freedom of presenting materiel people can either choose to read or not. In a little over 2 years I have published a lot of posts that have included a wide range of topics and have garnered differing levels of interest. On average I post around 5 – 8 times a day and I enjoy doing so. I have invested a lot of time into this website and into gathering a “reading” audience. I also enjoy finding ways to make that audience responsive.

One of the issues with offering your work “for free” is that it can easily be taken “for free.” Since I began this blog I have had five bloggers blatantly steal my work and post it on their blogs. I have been successful in calling those bloggers out and having them remove the stolen posts. I have also had three “authors” steal my articles and place them into ebooks that are available online. None of these are being published through “main stream companies” so they are harder to get rid of. I see it all though, every time someone steals my work. It makes you want to scream and at the same time it makes you want to stop giving your work for free.

The bottom line is that anything can be copied or stolen and most things are pirated these days online. I know this and so do all of you. Anytime someone “copies” or “snips” a photo and reuses it that is stealing and yet many of us do it daily right? That doesn’t make it right. There is no difference between that and someone jacking my articles and reposting them without even doing me the courtesy of at least altering it a little. As I have said some people have no shame.

Stealing isn’t right. It makes us rethink doing the things we do, even when those things are daily routines we love. I am seriously rethinking publishing anything of worth because one day I may publish an actual book. How sad will that day be if I run it through an online checker and I find my words are already being used because I allowed someone to easily steal my shit.



What the hell??? Who is doing this!!!

What the hell is going on! Who is stealing my articles and putting them into ebooks? I am going to have to write some emails…


I notice both “ebooks” have generic intros like the one below.


When you click the ebook link it takes you to this page…


And a second article stolen for a different ebook below…



Whoever is doing this congrats. You got my attention.

Note: I currently have NO ebooks being sold. Any book with my name on it had better be a stolen journal…



I wish people would stop stealing my writing

Honestly don’t people have shame? Does it feel good to make even a single penny off someone else’s hard work? How much of a lazy asshole must you be to knowingly steal someone’s work and SELL THAT SHIT for profit? Fuck you and your horse.

-Opinionated Man

I should sue someone. Your ebook is bullshit.


Bloggers: I hate reading this

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to offend anyone and is simply my personal opinions. I apologize in advance if my opinions differ from your own. Know that my life is different from yours and that is probably why we view things differently. I am not attempting to belittle anyone else’s race either. I love all races! I even have a black friend, a Mexican friend, a white friend or two, and a few Native American friends. We are also all friends on Facebook so our bond has to be real. It is not my intention to offend anyone with my words. If my words do offend you please email me with a list of those words so I can change them immediately! I will attempt to find a less offensive and yet synonymous word to replace it with. If that word also offends you I will just delete all the words! If my deletion of the words offends you I will make a post of apology. If my post of apology doesn’t satisfy you I will sacrifice my first born. We will create a politically correct world if it costs all of our lives!

Now… I forgot the post I was going to write. Damn…



Poetry sucks

I’ve discarded more drafts in two weeks of writing “poetry” than I did writing posts for two years. Most of the poems I’ve written and published haven’t been great. I think three were keepers out of maybe 60? Boo… I should go back to writing funny lists.