Saying What Up to Sleepoverz First Troll

Opinionated Man:

Hah someone just wrote that same type of message to me on tumblr! Good times! Keep your head up. -OM
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Originally posted on Sleepoverz:

I get push notifications on my phone any time there is activity on this blog. And though it’s infrequent, when I do get them I am happy. That’s why today I was surprised to get a really uninspired but hateful comment on this blog post. Given how generically ignorant the comment was, it could have been directed at any blog post or any blogger for that matter. Still for some bizarre reason it was left on something I wrote.

A lot has been written about trolls. About how the anonymity of the internet allows people to express their hatred in bold and adventurous ways. If you want to be a coward there are no shortage of outlets to vomit out your racist, misogynistic, violent and paranoid theories. Look in the comments of ANY YouTube video and you’ll see how little trolls care about context. That’s how you get comments about…

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Goodbye Troll

After consulting with my lawyers they have advised me to ignore you. I argued that you desperately need friends and that this might send you over the edge… but they disagreed. So this is goodbye Cory Stubbs aka Wandering Wannabe Poet. I will be happy to respond to any actually court order, but I am also pleased you finally figured out California isn’t Colorado. I know they both start with a C and all and that can be confusing for those with minimal intelligence. Here I’ll let you catch up…

We good now? So this is a goodbye. I felt it would be rude to not let you know, just in case you actually are only writing for Reblogs. I tell you what if you ever want to be a real blogger let me know. I’ll point out where you fail miserably.

Toodles pumpkin,

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


10 Things I Hate About You

You stand far too close to me. Are you standing this close because you heard rubbing against an Asian is good luck?

You pop your gum constantly… for hours on end. It causes me to want to climb a wall OR to go over and hit you on the back causing you to spit the gum on the floor. I would then jump up and down on that gum with petulant glee screaming “you done popping yet? ARE YOU???”

I hate how you have a new movement each week. One day you are walking around in a whale outfit and the next you are laying down in front of my SUV while I am trying to drive away saying “I am murdering the ozone.” I can’t keep up with you!

I hate how you count how many drinks I have had. I am keeping count just fine myself. I put the tops in my pocket. Let’s see I have five… ten… more than a few here apparently…

I hate how you suck the fun out of things. You don’t even need to wave a wand you seem to just absorb the fun in the room. I bet if you bumped into a clown you would kill him by contact.

I hate that you are from a different country and think that you know how “America is” because you have visited here once. I have lived here for 30 years and I still don’t understand this batshit country.

I hate that you have a sign that says “Pro-Choice, Abortion Rights” in one hand and in the other you have “Save the Dolphins.” Fuck the dolphins.

I hate people telling me not to say the word “hate.” I love saying hate because everything else is not worth mentioning.

I hate your perfect sentence because I didn’t write it.

I hate people that are famous for being famous. Naming no names here, but it makes me jealous as hell.


I’ll be back

I am going on vacation away from this blog for a bit. I am tired.

I love blogging and I enjoy interacting with many of the people here. I grow weary of defending myself both on blogs and in support forums. It has always amused me how quickly “support” evaporates as soon as you really need it. When you offer things though… people come running with open hands.

I am often amazed at the number of people that claim to hate my website and basically “me” when they still visit. Maybe they just like free shit. Free pieces of advice, free meet and greets, a free blog to visit that showcases other “active bloggers.” Free shit is good right?

I sure wish I could catch a break and get some “free” shit in my life lately. I battle broken water heaters and shady ass contractors during the day and I return at night to an inbox full of “please! please! please!”

What is the point? What is the point when a few people can throw your website into the worst possible “light” by being overly loud and aggressive. What is the point when the people you spend time on don’t spend it back. Even right now there are new threads being created about my blog. What more can people complain about?

I get it. People have busy lives and honestly who cares? Who cares about a single blog when there are hundreds of millions? No one does. The only person that cares is the one that put in the time. The only time others care is when that person can give them something.

So I am taking a break. Away from all this bullshit, away from forum monkeys that have nothing better to do in life than to seek to get my website moderated. Away from losers that have nothing better to do then to write post after post about me and speaking badly about my wife and kids. To those keyboard warriors I give you a big thumbs up. Keep fighting the good fight.

I just don’t need this anymore. I have given you all the tools you need to create successful blogs. I have even provided the forum. I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do.

-Opinionated Man

Know This

I do not make decisions from the hip. I make calculated choices according to my best options available. People might consider me to be a bit “wild” and unpredictable, but I would argue those people don’t know me at all. Once you are on my radar you don’t disappear no matter how many bubbles you blow in my direction. Once you cross lines into my family life you become part of my immediate attention. If that bothers any of my readers or any random bloggers that stop by this site that is OK with me. See yourself gone if you dislike the content here. I will do me. I will always do me.

I am not playing around anymore. Put up or shut up.