10 Reasons Not to Follow HarsH ReaLiTy

1. Opinionated Man is an egocentric, misogynistic, heartless bastard (literally he is a bastard since he was adopted) that harvests WordPress for followers every day. Anyone that practices such habits is obviously a narcissistic loser who no one should be around.

2. It is well documented that OM is a troll. He has multiple #cyberbully, #bully, and #troll hashtags running about him on Twitter. He blatantly attacks people when they write about his blog and has shown time again that he is unprofessional. He runs a community of thugs that will lash out in his defense when he is not around. He is obviously a leader of some kind of online cult.

3. HarsH ReaLiTy will reblog your post and send you hundreds of views and also new followers. He claims he doesn’t get anything from this, but we all know that is bullshit. Even “IF” he only gets satisfaction from it, that is something and it shows his egocentric side. Anyone that does “good” just to feel good is unchristian. He should kill himself.

4. Don’t we all hate successful blogs? Especially when they share free secrets and don’t allow us to buy an ebook? HarsH ReaLiTy definitely fits the bill and what’s worse is that he won’t even let us buy anything off his website!

5. OM claims that he makes no money off his website, but we all see how nice his clothes are. Look at that fucking polo shirt, I am sure that wasn’t free! He must be making millions off his website and all of us are simply contributing to his piggy bank! Well fuck you OM and fuck your piggy bank too!

6. Troll-followers are the worst and it is even a greater slight when they openly admit to the practice! And people still follow his blog! I just don’t understand this crazy world we live in!

7. OM writes on abortion and feminism and has a penis. Obviously his penis does most of the typing. I think he should take his misogynistic ideals and his equally misogynistic penis and jump off a bridge. The guy would probably enjoy that though…

8. HarsH ReaLiTy has almost 50,000 subscribers and has only been around for two years. Obviously some tom foolery is going on. I believe the rumors… OM works for WordPress and simply blogs to make us all feel pathetic. What a dick.

9. Opinionated Man admits to being adopted and left on a street. He regularly lashes out in rants at his birth mother. Anyone that does that and is a parent themselves is probably a horrible father.

10. He won’t reblog my post so I stopped visiting his website.

Note: As humorous as some of these sound most of them are pieced together from actual comments about my blog. It is amazing the stroke of self-esteem you receive when you literally read hundreds of comments bashing your website. It makes you wonder why you blog sometimes.


I am Now Pro-Choice!

I have decided to convert and become Pro-Choice. I think we should even extend the age. I have come up with some new methods to determine whether or not a baby “should be chosen.”

I think each city should invest in a giant baby scale and place it in their town hall. Babies should be weighed against the weight of a baby whale, since evidently animals are far more important than a fetus. If the baby fails to outweigh the whale, God has chosen.

I read a recent blog post in which a baby was placed on a train track at two weeks old. This is actually a great idea because we can then determine if Trains are pro-choice. Choo Choo!

I vote we invest in a hill that pregnant women roll down when they wish to abort their child. Apparently Harvard scientists have determined a fetus does not feel pain before a certain week. So this should be painless right?

I vote we shut down the orphanages. They are worthless and honestly, aren’t they really just putting a guilt trip on us? Far too many children in the world anyways right?

Being Pro-Choice has made me against guns and war. I know a total turnabout! I have decided that with no war, there will be more people, and thus less children is a GOOD thing! There just isn’t any room for those diaper wearers!

Magic 8 ball might be helpful and I know I have joked about using one before. This time I am serious. Let’s make one that decides if children should live! Who is with me Pro-Choice?


I am going to stop now because I am honestly feeling a little sick to my stomach. If you are curious, most of these options are directly influenced by Pro-Choice posts! Imagine that…


What did that fetus do to you?

Don’t Threaten Me

Don’t threaten me. Ever. There are several reasons it is a bad idea. I’ll tell you a few so you can ponder them before deciding to send me threatening comments or emails.

1. I am an expert shot. I shot expert in the military and I know how to use guns. I am not afraid of using them either and even though I was no sniper or Rambo… I know how to use them well.

2. I am a fucking ninja. I will ninja your ass into yesterday. Try me.

3. At 5’10” I am not a short little Asian man. So if that is your mental picture of me you might want to fix that shit. Besides Mr. Miyagi would own all of your asses.

4. Online threats are lame as shit. Seriously lame… don’t message with “come meet me in person.” I am obviously not as young as you are, go play a video game.

5. I don’t fight women. Women… don’t threaten me. It makes me feel a pain in my stomach caused by laughing my fucking ass off.

6. I don’t fight virtual men. Men… don’t threaten me. Your threats are just words and if I see an actual body on my property there are guns for that. As well as my pet liger.

7. Threatening someone online is childish and weak. You make yourself look weak when you do it. Don’t do that shit.


Blogging Tips For New Bloggers ~ “Churning” Followers

Opinionated Man:

Another blogger that wants to make rules for people. And I wonder what he meant by “social media terms of service.” Did he mean WordPress ToS? Because if he knew how to read he would know that it isn’t against WP’s ToS… so you are just dumb Andy. Did you also just compare me to Charles Manson? Really? And you speak about churning followers when it is well documented you would sell your ass for a twitter follower. Go preach somewhere else kid, your “likes” aren’t needed either. But I find it funny you press like on my website when you keep claiming not to visit it. I think you need some friends… try Match.com. This powerblogger will now return to being an asshole. Bye. -OM
Note: You can actually comment on this if you want right here. I’ll even let the troll respond.

Originally posted on Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet:

A well known blogger on WordPress that bills himself as a “power blogger” gives tips to new bloggers.  He goes by the inititials Opinionated Man.  ;)

Even as he blogs that his own tips aren’t working for him, as he’s well short of anticipated followers.  At last count 30,000 below target.  With only 40,000 followers instead of the anticipated 70,000.

This fellow spends one third of his time “blogging” clicking new followers.  In fact, he is a great many peoples first followers.  He was mine, in fact.  He follows between 500 and 2000 blogs a day.    That’s a lot of mindless clicking, actually.  

My reader refuses to give new recommendations after a very short while.  I have not researched how to even find 500 new blogs a day.

He has blogged at his frustration that people come read, then unfollow him.

This is known as “churning” followers.  IE…

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Again Freshly Pressed?


Remember this post I reblogged? It got Freshly Pressed today a few days after my reblog. This keeps happening… and it makes me wonder. Do I have Freshly Pressed members reading my blog? That would be a kick in the virtual nuts…

Don’t mind me. Just grumbling… this is the third time I have reblogged and promoted a person and THEY got Freshly Pressed. I don’t expect to ever be chosen… but you gotta admit it is pretty fucking hilarious right? Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit in my corner.


Reblog – Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame. WoW! Might I just say I am glad I didn’t make the “wall!” That was a very interesting read and I hope you get some relief from the trolls on Amazon! -OM

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