Blogging Tips For New Bloggers ~ “Churning” Followers

Opinionated Man:

Another blogger that wants to make rules for people. And I wonder what he meant by “social media terms of service.” Did he mean WordPress ToS? Because if he knew how to read he would know that it isn’t against WP’s ToS… so you are just dumb Andy. Did you also just compare me to Charles Manson? Really? And you speak about churning followers when it is well documented you would sell your ass for a twitter follower. Go preach somewhere else kid, your “likes” aren’t needed either. But I find it funny you press like on my website when you keep claiming not to visit it. I think you need some friends… try This powerblogger will now return to being an asshole. Bye. -OM
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A well known blogger on WordPress that bills himself as a “power blogger” gives tips to new bloggers.  He goes by the inititials Opinionated Man.  ;)

Even as he blogs that his own tips aren’t working for him, as he’s well short of anticipated followers.  At last count 30,000 below target.  With only 40,000 followers instead of the anticipated 70,000.

This fellow spends one third of his time “blogging” clicking new followers.  In fact, he is a great many peoples first followers.  He was mine, in fact.  He follows between 500 and 2000 blogs a day.    That’s a lot of mindless clicking, actually.  

My reader refuses to give new recommendations after a very short while.  I have not researched how to even find 500 new blogs a day.

He has blogged at his frustration that people come read, then unfollow him.

This is known as “churning” followers.  IE…

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Again Freshly Pressed?

Remember this post I reblogged? It got Freshly Pressed today a few days after my reblog. This keeps happening… and it makes me wonder. Do I have Freshly Pressed members reading my blog? That would be a kick in the virtual nuts…

Don’t mind me. Just grumbling… this is the third time I have reblogged and promoted a person and THEY got Freshly Pressed. I don’t expect to ever be chosen… but you gotta admit it is pretty fucking hilarious right? Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit in my corner.


Reblog – Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame. WoW! Might I just say I am glad I didn’t make the “wall!” That was a very interesting read and I hope you get some relief from the trolls on Amazon! -OM

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Stop Bashing Powerbloggers

I see a lot of bashing going on towards powerbloggers and I think it has a lot to do with the “end of the year fizz.” Bloggers always fizzle out near the end of the year and for those struggling to keep their blog going they feel a need to lash out at someone. What better group than a group they see as a source of evil on this website.

People are always eager to condemn and knock things they don’t understand. I have heard countless times “Oh powerblogging is not for me,” when the commenter probably had no clue what powerblogging actually is. I am not here to explain it in this post, merely to point out how counterproductive it is to find reasons for your lack of success. Most powerbloggers feel they have something to offer. They may have even taken the time to start a community for their “readers” and that is their contribution to the blogging society.

Before you bash other bloggers ask yourself this. What are YOU offering the blogging community besides just your posts? Are you giving back to others? If you aren’t do us all a favor with your saintly attitude.



Taken to task

Opinionated Man:

Doobster has some good points and I liked his list of blogs he doesn’t follow and the reasons why. I felt like reblogging this mainly to point out the comment section in which people STILL bash powerbloggers and give us a bad name. They still don’t get the simple fact that maybe, just maybe some large blogs have more to offer their readers than smaller, newer blogs. You can throw accusations of pumping numbers at us all you like, the bottom line is we worked hard for what we have. How about you stop bitching and start “doing” for yourself instead? If you don’t aspire to be a powerblogger that is fine, but don’t bash what you obviously don’t understand. It is pathetic looking. -OM
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tsk tskI got a smack-down yesterday. And probably deservedly so.

Someone who reads my blog and has, of late, been a regular commenter, noted her disappointment at bloggers who don’t comment back.

But she wasn’t talking about bloggers who don’t respond to comments made on their own posts. No, she was talking about something else entirely. She was talking about me.

She has recently become a regular reader of my posts and a frequent commenter. Yet I hadn’t stopped by to check out her blog. And clearly that bothered her.

She talked obliquely about “bloggers” who don’t visit her blog after she has read and commented on theirs. She characterized such bloggers as egocentric. They think it’s perfectly acceptable for their “adoring fans to comment on their glorious posts,” but they don’t reciprocate by coming to the blogs of those who make those comments, by reading their posts, and by commenting…

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The Perfect Troll – Andy Kaufman Kavalkade

I saw your recent article during a google search

Aren’t you tired of “attacking blogs” and then getting your ass handed to you? I’ve watched as Empire Avenue has bashed you left and right and you deserve every single word of it. I find it funny when people like you, people that obviously have very sad lives, go around the internet trolling for fights and then cry like little babies when they get their asses handed to them. Don’t you ever learn your lesson pumpkin? You keep writing these posts about my website and it only shows that deep down inside you honestly love me. You probably want to date me.

Unfortunately for you I am married and you are also ugly… so it would never work. Keep trolling kid and keep complaining about my blog to WordPress . You are a great example to everyone of what not to do as a blogger, don’t you get tired of hosting a blog that is nothing but an endless “customer complaint letter?” Get a life Andy. You are the biggest troll on WordPress. Kick rocks loser and grow up.

Note: Still not removing my blogs about you. Your threats of law suits or federal “whatevers” don’t faze me. You are nothing and I am more than happy to share your blog, name, and contact with everyone on WordPress so they can get a good look at what a loser troll looks like.

Note II: I told you the first time to back off. Remember the email you sent me? Here, I’ll include it for the reading enjoyment of everyone so they can see how hard you try at being important… Keep trying pumpkin.

Note III: Emailing my mother was the weakest shit I have ever witnessed on social media. Seriously, how old are you pathetic loser.

Note IV: I was willing to let this die down due to feeling almost sorry for you over your bashing lately, but apparently you love it. You also obviously love picking fights. Keep blogging about me buddy it is amusing.

Wanderin <>

Aug 9 – Dude, you need to retract your blogs, and figure out Im not trolling The Wine Wankers. I tried to get your mom to mediate, and she says it’s between us.

Now you ignored me when I asked if you are a threat in comments, and you are intervening it ACTUAL newsworthy content that is being reported on, so clearly I can’t have you saying I have to stay away from such proven liars.

The Wine Wankers have deleted their attack blog, and deleted many, tweets.

The way to have helped them would have been to clearly understand the problem, and tell them they needed to stop acting like jackasses.

And now you are pretty well everywhere, documented thoroughly as a cyber bully and serious, serious troll.

You wanted big boy pants, and you got it.

You want to talk like an adult that blogs, fine. If not, fine.

And I was ok with you, but you can’t teach me any lessons I’m afraid. I respect your blogging accomplishments, but that’s a part of social media, and I explained to you my bonafides, and you wanted to see them.

This is not a “blogger” war.   The Wine Wankers and I both are top 1 percent worldwide at least. They are top .1 and I’ve hit that but am usually 1 percent.

Major media sites including the Wall Street Journal Wine writer shared and discussed their content. And mine as I proved their list a sham.

You truly, truly showed no understanding of the issues at large and what was going on.

Delete your blogs, post a blog apologizing to me, demonstrate your understanding of the issues as they actually are, as The Wine Wankers are news, not just a little “personal list” and tell Vic you appreciate her time taken to try to mediate. Make CERTAIN your audience knows you were mistaken and you are sorry.

I will have to consider criminal charges otherwise, as you meet the harassment statute in CA as is with that open ended threat, and intent that you have clearly established with your blogged “policy” about throwing your weight around. And bloggers are journalists in CA, and my REPORTING was commented on by other journalists and discussed.

And I don’t wnat to do that, but I will if you don’t man up and put on your big boy pants.

I’d rather you feed your kids, be with your wife, and have a happy life. But if you step into mine again in such a way, it will be on again. Clear? I cannot have you trying to determine what is newsworthy for me to report on.

Man up and I will tell WordPress I don’t want to proceed. Your little blog about “Im still here” and everyone should have a scotch does not suffice.

If no one responds in 72 hours I will blog this email and then proceed to file criminally.

Wanderin <>