The “Follow” Debate

I get a lot of amusement browsing blogs and seeing what everyone finds so important. Every day there is something new that bloggers are ranting about in their separate corners of WordPress. One of the main debates that always draws attention are conversations on the “follow button” and how it should be used. We all have different ethics on what exactly it means to “follow” another blogger or to become a subscriber. What kind of dedication that entails is dependent on the individual blogger and how they view blogging. To me the “follow button” merely means I saw something interesting on your site, post, or blog and you have made it to my reader. From there it is like any magazine or newspaper, you are tasked with having to catch my attention each time you want me to read your writing or posts.

I have read that some bloggers view the follow button as a strong commitment. They see it as a promise that you not only find that person’s site interesting, but that you will continue to be a reader of that blog regardless what that blogger publishes. That is not the case at all, but people love to romanticize relationships and ferment bonds because humans like to create commitments according to their own personal standards. Bloggers that view the subscribe button in that way generally aren’t considering how the “follower” views things, they are only portraying how much value they place in that form of connection. If only authors could do that as well right? “You bought one of my books! You are now a fan for life and there is no turning back! Thank you for your lifelong support!” It would be nice if that were how publishing worked as well.

Just blog people and worry about the portion you control when it comes to social media and interaction. You can control how far you extend your hand and how hard you try to grow your network. A person cannot ever control how much another person meets them back, that is simply not a rational way of viewing blogging or life in general. That is why I find it is not only pointless to have these long debates on what exactly the follow button means, but it is also wasted energy that could be better used at pushing your own blog. The sad part is most of these arguments I have come across are between bloggers that claim they “have no interest in followers or numbers.” Then what are you so upset about? Are you truly that mad that some “random people” followed you and don’t comment, or are you instead angry at yourself that you can’t crack the code on how to get those people to leave a comment?

I understand the frustration because we all want dialogue. We want feedback and reviews on our work, that is why we put so much time into our posts. I do “get” why people grow frustrated and angry at what they perceive as “fake follows,” but that anger is misplaced because it is counterproductive. These feelings also create misconceptions on what other bloggers are doing. I have read the comments and accusations that anyone with over 1,000 “followers” is not a real blogger and instead is a marketer. While many bloggers do push products and are here to market, I would caution people to really look at what a blogger is “doing” before mislabeling them. Often people jump to conclusions about what I myself am doing on HarsH ReaLiTy either from ignorance or jealousy. That comes with the territory and I accept that, but again I encourage bloggers to put their energy to better use. Just blog people.


I don’t care about your damn message

Opinionated Man:

OH that was just a fight in the kitchen! I appreciate the break down and mention, did you really instagram that? That is funny lol. -OM
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I had just read an epic flame war between Opinionated Man and some chick/or guy going by the name Medusajoe.

In the argument, very clearly, Medusajoe is questionable. And I mean is this Medusajoe crazy??? Mentally ill? Or is Medusajoe just okay, but is a fanatic and asshole?

Here is my Instagram of Medusajoe being crazy weird in making statements about an Eubola Vaccine being used. …This is wrong because actually: There Is No Eubola Vaccine that is not experimental right now. And Medusajoe argued that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism.

And, unfortunately, Medusajoe is wrong about Autism ever being caused by the Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccine. …But you or me can’t convince Medusajoe because he’s religious-like in being sure without pretty stable facts from sources that can be read by you and me for us to verify. …Or maybe Medusajoe does have sources. But I really am sure…

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Blog update

I won’t respin much anymore other than a couple posts I have scheduled. Guys if the post shows up on your reader, but you get no email notification it is a respin/reschedule of an old post. I’ll press on with all new stuff, but my blogging is now restricted in some ways. I’ll work around it. Also WordPress has been causing bloggers to unfollow my blog without their knowledge. I’ve had several people ask what happened because they thought I had stopped blogging. This website will always be here. I encourage people to just save it as a favorite because there may come a day where WordPress creates rules that makes life hard for powerbloggers. If they do I will still have the domain. I do appreciate everyone’s support. There have been a number of you around since the first few months and I get as much encouragement off your success as any milestone. I’m not just saying that. We feed off one another WordPress. It is a foot race, but we don’t have to compete.

I want to leave you all with a poem that is dear to my heart. I wrote it just now and want to share it before I go to bed.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Some people are poo poo.

Especially you.

Goodnight WordPress


I don’t care about your damn message

I love when bloggers try to guilt me into caring about their “calling” or the message they feel is important and are trying to spread. It is even more amusing when they say things like “you have a million followers and you could really do something good for a change instead of only writing blogs about gaining views and blogging.” Here is an idea, how about you take the lessons I provide FOR FREE and build your own blog and audience instead of telling me what I should do with mine. Then you can preach all you want to about the things you find important instead of preaching at me like I give a damn.

Everyone wants to point a finger at people these days. “Those celebrities aren’t donating enough money to the right causes” or “That isn’t as important as such and such.” I currently have a person trolling my boards telling me my advice on blogging sucks and that all I care about is money and views. When I informed them I don’t make any money off my blog they immediately changed their statement to “well you aren’t promoting worthy causes. How about you reblog this link instead?” It is funny how people can be such assholes and then turn around and expect you to be nice to them. Why don’t you all leave me a comment on things you feel “I ought to do and care about.” No really, I am always curious what people in society feel others should be doing while they do nothing at all for themselves.


They will hate you

They will hate you for spreading the truth that they lack the courage to say themselves. They will envy you for your dedication and conviction, all the while claiming you lack either. They will attempt to tear you down to their level because misery loves company. They will not acknowledge your accomplishments and will instead highlight your failures. They will compare your actions to their successes and your failures to their successes. They will do everything in their power to make you feel small so that they in turn may feel larger.

They will hate you and it is ok to hate them back.


Broken Button

My notification button doesn’t work while I blog at certain places. This will cause me to possibly miss responses from bloggers when I visit their websites. If I miss a response from you my apologies, I am trying to catch as many as I can.