You are all spam

According to the forum monkeys you are all spam and every single one of you are spambots that read this blog. I thought you all should know in case you hear random beeps and clicking. Please see the nearest mechanic and don’t spill oil on my rug.



Doesn’t feel good does it

It doesn’t feel good when people run around bashing you and your website does it? Maybe some of you should have considered that before trying to ruin the reputation of my website. These trolls picked the wrong guy.

I have so much time for this. So much time. The game just started.

I’ll be making support threads for your blog next Cory Stubbs. I may even borrow your whiney ass writing tone. :)

People think bloggers are weak and won’t fight back. Wrong.



Bloggers: Who owns you? Who owns your fear?

I have had many people ask why I respond to trolls and why I post about them. Simple. I don’t allow anyone to own me. I won’t let anyone take a swipe at me without a slap back. If that bothers you or my writing isn’t “for you” then move on. I wish you the best.

I blog realtime on real time subjects. Currently this is my topic because I am obviously fighting off trolls that have nothing better to do than to try and get my site shut down. I will not allow that to happen. Even if I were to stop blogging I wouldn’t give the satisfaction to anyone of being able to stop my blog.

None of you have that power.

Because I won’t allow it.



Because I was bored and felt like it


Dear WP admins,

So can any “blogger” claim they are a “help” here in the support forum and use this place to paste their “help links” everywhere to gain whitehat SEO like timethief does? Or is she special and the only blogger allowed to hawk these forums and “gain” her page ranking in this way?


The blog I need help with is