Funny Emails I get


After disgracing me to the entire world and your fellowship, you still have the nerve to come comment under my post. Really?
“I wonder if you are writing these posts or not. I noticed your English fluctuates still and find that odd”

Whether my English fluctuates or not is largely none of your business. The fact that, I took/stole your post does not mean I do it all the time..

I write. I can write long, I can write short. It depends on my mood and what I am thinking about. And God is my witness. Indeed, your Women are Crazy post is the only post I have taken. Everything else on my blog is me. It does not matter whether you believe it or not, after all you are an opinionated man and you are entitled to your opinion (Opinions are like noses)

You are supposed to be inspiring young adults like myself instead of trying to tarnish reputations.

You have already done enough damage to my credibility and my blog. So please leave me and my work alone.

Thank you




Dude, you need to retract your blogs, and figure out Im not trolling The Wine Wankers. I tried to get your mom to mediate, and she says it’s between us.
Now you ignored me when I asked if you are a threat in comments, and you are intervening it ACTUAL newsworthy content that is being reported on, so clearly I can’t have you saying I have to stay away from such proven liars.
The Wine Wankers have deleted their attack blog, and deleted many, tweets.
The way to have helped them would have been to clearly understand the problem, and tell them they needed to stop acting like jackasses.
And now you are pretty well everywhere, documented thoroughly as a cyber bully and serious, serious troll.
You wanted big boy pants, and you got it.
You want to talk like an adult that blogs, fine. If not, fine.
And I was ok with you, but you can’t teach me any lessons I’m afraid. I respect your blogging accomplishments, but that’s a part of social media, and I explained to you my bonafides, and you wanted to see them.
This is not a “blogger” war. The Wine Wankers and I both are top 1 percent worldwide at least. They are top .1 and I’ve hit that but am usually 1 percent.
Major media sites including the Wall Street Journal Wine writer shared and discussed their content. And mine as I proved their list a sham.
You truly, truly showed no understanding of the issues at large and what was going on.
Delete your blogs, post a blog apologizing to me, demonstrate your understanding of the issues as they actually are, as The Wine Wankers are news, not just a little “personal list” and tell Vic you appreciate her time taken to try to mediate. Make CERTAIN your audience knows you were mistaken and you are sorry.
I will have to consider criminal charges otherwise, as you meet the harassment statute in CA as is with that open ended threat, and intent that you have clearly established with your blogged “policy” about throwing your weight around. And bloggers are journalists in CA, and my REPORTING was commented on by other journalists and discussed.
And I don’t wnat to do that, but I will if you don’t man up and put on your big boy pants.
I’d rather you feed your kids, be with your wife, and have a happy life. But if you step into mine again in such a way, it will be on again. Clear? I cannot have you trying to determine what is newsworthy for me to report on.
Man up and I will tell WordPress I don’t want to proceed. Your little blog about “Im still here” and everyone should have a scotch does not suffice.
If no one responds in 72 hours I will blog this email and then proceed to file criminally.


So noted. They did not tell me you broke no rules. They said do not discuss it in the forum.
I’m talking Federal now though. Last email ever.
Im pretty sure threats to stay away from people aren’t quite according to ToS, but whatever. We will see.

Complaint ID: I1408091137158141 IC3



These were some amusing ones this year.



Dear Jimmy – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Opinionated Man:

Those trolls never get old do they Don? -OM
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Originally posted on Don Charisma:

I have a long time female friend who’s dutch, more than 15 years we’ve known each other. She’s the salt of the earth, one of the most likeable people I know. A real ambassador’ese of Dutch and everything Dutch.

So I’m always a little bemused by Dutch men I’ve come across on WordPress who seem to be utter sociopathic trolls, it beggars belief. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure there are some cool Dutch guys out there, happy for you guys to prove me wrong. Do make yourselves known, before I end up reaching a hopefully wrong conclusion!

I closed the comments on my home page and about page, not because of all the lovely charismatic people who leave comments for me there all the time. But for morons like Jimmy who seem to have had the charismatic part of their personality removed – perhaps it’s not enough love…

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Following directions

Why do people have such a hard time following simple ass instructions? What did they teach you in grade school how to finger paint? Humans may be the stupidest mammals on this planet sometimes. Even dogs follow instructions better.


Dear WordPress

The new format of your website sucks donkey balls. I hate it. It takes me twice as many clicks to get anywhere and sometimes to get nowhere. Fix this shit.

A fucking paying customer,

-Opinionated Man

10 Reasons Not to Follow HarsH ReaLiTy

1. Opinionated Man is an egocentric, misogynistic, heartless bastard (literally he is a bastard since he was adopted) that harvests WordPress for followers every day. Anyone that practices such habits is obviously a narcissistic loser who no one should be around.

2. It is well documented that OM is a troll. He has multiple #cyberbully, #bully, and #troll hashtags running about him on Twitter. He blatantly attacks people when they write about his blog and has shown time again that he is unprofessional. He runs a community of thugs that will lash out in his defense when he is not around. He is obviously a leader of some kind of online cult.

3. HarsH ReaLiTy will reblog your post and send you hundreds of views and also new followers. He claims he doesn’t get anything from this, but we all know that is bullshit. Even “IF” he only gets satisfaction from it, that is something and it shows his egocentric side. Anyone that does “good” just to feel good is unchristian. He should kill himself.

4. Don’t we all hate successful blogs? Especially when they share free secrets and don’t allow us to buy an ebook? HarsH ReaLiTy definitely fits the bill and what’s worse is that he won’t even let us buy anything off his website!

5. OM claims that he makes no money off his website, but we all see how nice his clothes are. Look at that fucking polo shirt, I am sure that wasn’t free! He must be making millions off his website and all of us are simply contributing to his piggy bank! Well fuck you OM and fuck your piggy bank too!

6. Troll-followers are the worst and it is even a greater slight when they openly admit to the practice! And people still follow his blog! I just don’t understand this crazy world we live in!

7. OM writes on abortion and feminism and has a penis. Obviously his penis does most of the typing. I think he should take his misogynistic ideals and his equally misogynistic penis and jump off a bridge. The guy would probably enjoy that though…

8. HarsH ReaLiTy has almost 50,000 subscribers and has only been around for two years. Obviously some tom foolery is going on. I believe the rumors… OM works for WordPress and simply blogs to make us all feel pathetic. What a dick.

9. Opinionated Man admits to being adopted and left on a street. He regularly lashes out in rants at his birth mother. Anyone that does that and is a parent themselves is probably a horrible father.

10. He won’t reblog my post so I stopped visiting his website.

Note: As humorous as some of these sound most of them are pieced together from actual comments about my blog. It is amazing the stroke of self-esteem you receive when you literally read hundreds of comments bashing your website. It makes you wonder why you blog sometimes.