Don’t Ever Say This To Me On My Blog

“You have an obligation.”

I have repeatedly said I am not a corporate blogger. I am just… a blogger. JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU. Guess what? I have ZERO obligation to ANYONE on WordPress. ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear the next person that says this to me will get perm banned so fucking fast…

Everyone is sooo entitled these days. You don’t deserve ANYTHING on my website. I give if I wish.



I do what I want

I do what I want. I understand that some people get angry over my reposts because they clog of their readers. I suggest either blocking my posts, not subscribing by email, or simply unfollow my blog. I never understand why people begin to think a blogger “writes for them.” I suppose if this website said CNN or Yahoo people could claim that… but it doesn’t does it? It says HarsH ReaLiTy which just happens to be the title of my personal blog. Imagine that.

I write whatever I feel like here because that is the freedom of blogging. Do I want to bash the president? Do I want to complain about the cold French fries I got for lunch? Do I want to complain about trolls that write posts about me? I make the decision what to write, no one makes that for me.

If you are put off by my current content stop visiting. Feel free to come back another day, but you won’t get an apology from me. Why would I do that? I do what I want.


Those Things People Say


“You should look for miracles, not try to create them.” I have found humans are often wrong so at some point in life I decided to try and create miracles… not look for them. Walking on water has been unsuccessful, but I am making great strides in turning water into wine.

“Better late than never!” Uh… actually how about no. How about “better on time than late” asshole! I swear “being on time” is a lost art and somewhere along the way kids stopped learning the importance. I absolutely hate being late and it wasn’t only because in the military “if you are on time you are late.” My parents always had us ready early and we learned that behavior from them… imagine that. You mean if a parent teaches their kid something they learn it? Unreal. Get out.

“I knew someone once.” This means you are about to tell me a secondhand story that is not about you or really anyone important. You simply feel the need to talk OR it is really funny. It had better be hilarious. I am listening…

“Just any old thing.” People that say this are almost always the most picky humans in the world and when you get “that any old thing” wrong, your ass is grass.

“They are book smart.” We are basically saying you are intelligent, can read and write, but that you might not have the most common sense known to man. In fact you might be a danger to those around you.

*When you use “what not” or “exactly” as a period. I want to hit you with a shoe like an Asian politician.

“It is the best show ever.” I swear everyone has a “best show ever” and I have learned to just pick my own.

Note: I’ll just use some of my pics from the trip for random posts. They won’t really be related…



I am Now Pro-Choice!

I have decided to convert and become Pro-Choice. I think we should even extend the age. I have come up with some new methods to determine whether or not a baby “should be chosen.”

I think each city should invest in a giant baby scale and place it in their town hall. Babies should be weighed against the weight of a baby whale, since evidently animals are far more important than a fetus. If the baby fails to outweigh the whale, God has chosen.

I read a recent blog post in which a baby was placed on a train track at two weeks old. This is actually a great idea because we can then determine if Trains are pro-choice. Choo Choo!

I vote we invest in a hill that pregnant women roll down when they wish to abort their child. Apparently Harvard scientists have determined a fetus does not feel pain before a certain week. So this should be painless right?

I vote we shut down the orphanages. They are worthless and honestly, aren’t they really just putting a guilt trip on us? Far too many children in the world anyways right?

Being Pro-Choice has made me against guns and war. I know a total turnabout! I have decided that with no war, there will be more people, and thus less children is a GOOD thing! There just isn’t any room for those diaper wearers!

Magic 8 ball might be helpful and I know I have joked about using one before. This time I am serious. Let’s make one that decides if children should live! Who is with me Pro-Choice?


I am going to stop now because I am honestly feeling a little sick to my stomach. If you are curious, most of these options are directly influenced by Pro-Choice posts! Imagine that…


What did that fetus do to you?

10 Things I Hate About You

You stand far too close to me. Are you standing this close because you heard rubbing against an Asian is good luck?

You pop your gum constantly… for hours on end. It causes me to want to climb a wall OR to go over and hit you on the back causing you to spit the gum on the floor. I would then jump up and down on that gum with petulant glee screaming “you done popping yet? ARE YOU???”

I hate how you have a new movement each week. One day you are walking around in a whale outfit and the next you are laying down in front of my SUV while I am trying to drive away saying “I am murdering the ozone.” I can’t keep up with you!

I hate how you count how many drinks I have had. I am keeping count just fine myself. I put the tops in my pocket. Let’s see I have five… ten… more than a few here apparently…

I hate how you suck the fun out of things. You don’t even need to wave a wand you seem to just absorb the fun in the room. I bet if you bumped into a clown you would kill him by contact.

I hate that you are from a different country and think that you know how “America is” because you have visited here once. I have lived here for 30 years and I still don’t understand this batshit country.

I hate that you have a sign that says “Pro-Choice, Abortion Rights” in one hand and in the other you have “Save the Dolphins.” Fuck the dolphins.

I hate people telling me not to say the word “hate.” I love saying hate because everything else is not worth mentioning.

I hate your perfect sentence because I didn’t write it.

I hate people that are famous for being famous. Naming no names here, but it makes me jealous as hell.


Privileged Males? #NotAllMen

Nothing gets on my nerves more than feminist and women screaming at me about how “privileged” males are and more importantly trying to tell ME that I am one of them. What men are you referring to? Are you perhaps generalizing and assuming that the life of men on TV and the rich white 1% is the life ALL MEN share? That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

I am so privileged as an Asian male in America. Let me tell you all the awesome stuff that a Korean with a white name gets to encounter. I once had a recruiter walk past me three times muttering my name because he expected a white guy! “Jason Cushman… Jason Cushman… where the hell is this guy?” Right here dickhead, the only one sitting here!

I get raises all the time for being a man. In fact the last one I got was… wait… I have never gotten a raise for being a man. Damn…

I get help from my male managers all the time! After they are done helping Cindy and Sarah of course. It just can’t be because of their clothes or the fact that they are young and pretty. I am young and pretty too right? Ignore the penis…

As a male I was held up as a shining example by my family for the whole neighborhood to see and emulate! No wait… that was my sister. Never mind!

When I go to the bar I get to pay for ALL my drinks. It freaking rocks! I am so glad I don’t have anyone buying my ten dollar scotch for me. What a drag to have people constantly offering to pick up your tab. That would be So God Awful!… …

I walk around doing bird, cat, and donkey calls all day. I enjoy animals. I have no idea why women keep glaring at me…

I must have missed or been distracted when it was my turn for the “male privilege ride.” I’ll buy another ticket.


Opinionated Man @ HarsH ReaLiTy

I do not write on any other blogs. I own, but I currently only write on this website. Any other blogs, forums, or webpages that claim me as an author are fake.

I tweet @smokendust only as well. Any other tweeter handles don’t belong to me.

I may very well be the only Korean Jason Cushman in America. Any White Jason Cushmans are not me either.

There seems to be some confusion about this so I really hope this post clears things up. I am not famous or important, I am simply Jason Cushman in Denver that writes under the name Opinionated Man.

I really wish people wouldn’t try to steal my handle.


My Blog is Still Here

Despite recent attempts to have my blog shut down… it is unfortunately still here. I am also still here writing the garbage I post daily. I know, it is a real shame that any society allows a person like me to write, let alone freely publish whatever I wish. To the emails written with concern over recent “blogger interactions” I appreciate both the concern and support. But it really is nothing to worry about. I know both my rights and the policies of WordPress and I have never broken one. I also have had other WordPress support complaints put up against me. I even had someone be offended simply by my tagline and took it as a “warning” that I was going to crush them. Ok people… I am not that scary. Everyone really needs to just settle down. Have a beer or scotch, or better yet find a freaking hobby. I hear knitting is good, try some damn knitting. Winter is coming and everyone needs a nice sweater.

To all those that hate me in this world. Kiss my Korean ass.

I’ll be off this weekend for the most part. Take care bloggers.

-Opinionated Man

OM’s Words of Wisdom – Part 1

I rarely give advice to people. I normally follow my own rules and allow everyone else to fuck up their own lives at will. If I went around fixing everyone’s problems then I would have nothing to laugh at on a daily basis. This might be long so I am going to number them. We are going to pretend people are actually asking me for my advice on this post.

1. Dear OM, my girlfriend cheated on me. How do I get her back?

My dear friendly idiot, you don’t get her back. You date her friend.


2. Dear OM, my girlfriend is a vegan. How do I survive this relationship?

No human can resist the smell of cooked meat. Chances are your girlfriend is actually an alien. She is probably going to eat you while you sleep. There is zero chance of survival.


3. Dear OM, my wife gets mad when I drink more than one beer. She said if I drink more than one I become a “different person.” She also says that someone that doesn’t have a “problem” should be able to do without alcohol. What do I do?

It is always sad when a person is separated from a gift from God. Alcohol was given to man so that he may ignore the pains from the day’s labor… as well as from his wife. Without it we are transformed into gentle, easily molded creatures that oddly resemble… children. I suggest a strong conversation with your woman OR learning the correct combination of vodka to mouth wash. Also please tell her that the “different person” you become is called FUN… fun is good to have around.


4. Dear OM, I see you speak on many topics but you rarely give advice. Why is that?

I own a small mailbox that is shaped like a bird’s house… on welfare. All the hate mail would never fit.


5. Dear OM, I noticed your name is Opinionated Man. Why did you feel the need to clarify that you were a man and not just an opinionated person?

I am reminded I am a man every time I walk, the right gust of wind hits me, and from the look of wonder on a woman’s face when she learns I can cook. I am reminded of the fact I am a male so many times on a daily basis that I figured I might as well start being proud of it.


6. Dear OM, I am 25 and blog regularly. I hold back because I am afraid of what my friends and family might think of my “true opinions.” How do I get past that?

You are 25 for Christ’s sake. Grow the fuck up!


10 Things That Offend Me

Everyone complains “That Opinionated Man! He is so offensive!” Well no one takes the time to consider my feelings if I had any. No one asks “Gee OM, what offends you?” Well screw you world, I am asking myself.

1. Asians that are taller than me – I have no logical reason for this other than it offends me that you got to be taller than me. Who the hell made you so lucky?

2. People that cut the line – This shit just pisses me off. What makes you so special? Get your ass in the back where everyone else is. The worst is when you are waiting to board a plane. You would think an Alien invasion is about to take place the way people skip and cut the line. Unbelievable!

3. When the burger doesn’t look like the commercial – I mean shouldn’t this be like false advertising? If I see it on TV and that shit looks real… shouldn’t it be real when I buy it? It better taste succulent too…

4. People that act surprised when “domesticated” wild animals attack. If you are stupid enough to get in a cage with a lion then you deserve to get a bite taken out of your ass.

5. People that claim “anything” is art. It isn’t me! That shit just looks horrible!!! I swear! I am sophisticated!!!

6. The New England Patriots – I cannot believe the NFL allows a team of demons to play in the league. Outrageous what people will do for ticket sales.

7. People telling me what to care about – Why don’t you worry about what is on your own plate ok?

8. People that are overly excited about other nationality’s holidays – I get the whole “cultural unity” thing… but chill the hell out. I am not Chinese, stop hugging me and find a different Asian!

9. Clowns – They just creep me out.

10. Unfinished Alcoholic Beverages – There are people that would kill for that last swallow of scotch. Kill for it.

-Opinionated Man

Male Advice – “What to do if a Woman Cheats on You!”

So the day may come when a woman will viciously rip your heart out of your chest, take a bite out of it, and then nonchalantly drop it in a doggie bag before throwing it at your feet. It will be brutal, it will leave you in shock, and it can be very easy to fall victim to despair. That is why I am here, to provide the males in this world a guiding light for which to come back to the living. I sympathize with you men; women can be such brutal beasts.

Here are some easy tips to speed up that recovery.

  • If a woman cheats on you that means you have won the lottery. We men do such stupid, silly things to piss our significant others off on a daily basis that when a woman does something monumentally stupid we have to covet those occasions. They really are rare, precious moments in which we get to gather all that palpable guilt, build it into a fictitious umbrella, and hold it over her head FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. I am getting giddy just thinking about it… Women that cheat on you are keepers… as long as you become the gate keeper.
  • This is the point in which you say “Well… I have been meaning to tell you…”
  • Dump her and date a girl that looks EXACTLY LIKE HER! Women absolutely hate this!!! They will be forced to see the comparison and I would also take the time to flood your “Facebook wall” with tons of photos before she defriends you. Facebook revenge… now we are talking!
  • When a woman approaches you with an “issue” they normally expect some long drawn out conversation. Women love that stuff… men do not. The solution here is simple, if she is the “let’s talk it out type,” don’t give her the benefit of making herself feel better. Shrug it off and say things like “Coo… (leave the “L” off, it sounds more hard). I might even make reference to “Oh… we were exclusive this whole time?”
  • I think going ape shit is appropriate in some scenarios and it is even more fun when your woman is of the “gentle sort.” She won’t know what is happening as you RAGE around yelling Korean curse words and throwing pillows. I can teach you a few choice Korean words if you have the need, this ain’t no fortune cookie stuff though ok?
  • Date her sister.



If I were a Woman – By: OM

If I were a woman I would never wear a turtleneck… ever. You hold a distinct advantage over mankind. Why hide it?

If I were a woman I would always use crying first in arguments or tense situations, not as the last resort. Men can’t take crying, it throws us off no matter how tough we are. Try it women. Next time you want to get out of a day of work go to your manager and start to talk and then just burst out in tears. He won’t know what the hell to do and will in many cases just say “hey whatever it is… IT IS COOL go take care of it…” you might want to sniffle out a “thanks Billy… at the end.”

I would never pay for a drink in my life unless I am drinking at 7 am and I am the only pathetic human at the bar…

I would never say or do anything without making dramatic gestures. I don’t know why… but they do that and it looks cool. I think it has to either do with adding emphasis to their words OR they are secretly throwing magic powers at us men…

If I were a woman I would rule the world. Pity… guess no woman is as great as me currently.


Writers and Bloggers – Know your worth

Tis the season for the hawkers to hawk. I have seen a lot of posts of people excited to have been “accepted” by so and so to have their poems published. I do not mean to take away from their elation, but I do have a word of caution to those that care to read it.

Know your worth and more importantly KNOW you are worth more than giving your hard work away for free. That seems like a silly statement considering blogs are “free” and here I am writing daily for no money, but it is by choice that I do this. I also know the value of my writing to a degree. Often new writers and bloggers will get sucked in by a well written, professional email congratulating them on having a poem “accepted” into an eBook that is “about to be published.” I worry that some people just don’t see reality.

Just because you have never been published doesn’t mean your writing is not valuable. In fact, there are MANY GREAT WRITERS who are never published some by choice and others because they simply have different goals. Don’t allow people to shock and awe you with the words PUBLISHED because it is just a word. In fact the very action is relatively easy to do and can be done for free on You don’t even have to pay up front to self-publish an eBook anymore. I say this not to devalue publishing, but to instead instill a sense of confidence in those bloggers I know and recognize are great writers. Don’t be fooled just because someone said “you won something.” In some cases everyone is a winner and everyone is really the loser.

Let me lay out a scenario for you. I am not claiming that this is happening every time, but indulge me for a minute. Say I was a marketer and had absolutely no writing skills, but I knew how to sell eBooks. Who is most likely to buy an eBook? Perhaps someone featured in it? So let’s just throw a wild idea out there that maybe a person (or even a company) has figured out a type of pyramid scheme for selling their books. It isn’t even a scheme really, it is all connected and plays on human emotion.

Congratulations! We reviewed a few of your poems on and found one we thought was outstanding! You beat out 10,000 other bloggers we were also considering. We would like you to consider allowing us to publish your poem in our annual poetry book which will be available on…

Do you start to get why people get so excited? Did I really lie and if I did who could prove it? The hook is that if I were to feature 50 poets in my eBook and I then got those same 50 people to buy the book (and maybe some of their friends and family too?) I have then met my quota. I could theoretically move on to the next “highly anticipated poetry book” and gather another 100 suckers that will willingly give me their writing FOR FREE. All the producer has to do is edit the format of the eBook, publish, sell, and move on. Is it really that hard to imagine? No and it isn’t really a scam either.

Know your worth. Blog, paper, thoughts, or clouds your words are valuable. Don’t be stupid.



Disabling comments is Weak

I don’t understand bloggers that write highly charged articles and then disable the comments section. Are you that weak in the backbone that you won’t allow anyone to make a comment that might not agree with you? How sad must your world be where you only wish to spout your views and not allow anyone to disagree. I am as stubborn as they come and don’t “change my views” just because people or society tells me to, but I still allow people to call me an idiot in my comment section. It doesn’t faze me because I hold onto my beliefs. I need no help from moderation to do that.

If you feel so scared that you need to disable your comment section you should probably stop writing on social media. In fact I would suggest buying a notebook instead. You are obviously not cut out for this.

Yes, this rant is because I tried to comment on someone’s article and there was no option to. So freaking lame. And YES I do read blog posts daily…


You Need “Thicker Skin”

We hear this often when we enter into social media, but the reality of it doesn’t always register for most. That is because most people don’t encounter that much abuse online. Oh sure, you will get the occasional troll or “outrageous” comment directed to you on your blog or in the comment section of a website. These encounters though are usually mild or “as dramatic as you wish them to be.” Some people actually like drama.

In 32 years I have never had this amount of attention focused on me or my writing. It can be exciting, daunting, frustrating, and an adventure all rolled into one. I have found that I sympathize with celebrities and public personalities more and more. I place no lofty airs around my persona, but I have also read more hateful words directed towards me in 15 months than most of the previous years of my life. This is not a complaint, simply a reflection of fact, but it shows why I can understand how celebrities get fed up easily. I brought that attention on myself when I decided to write my thoughts in an unfiltered manner.

You need “thicker skin” if you wish to truly place yourself out on social media. When I mean “yourself” I really mean all of you, documenting your life and thoughts on issues is not something to take lightly. The world looks for the next person to persecute and who better for any angry mob to pick than one that actually speaks their mind freely? That is the REAL danger of social media and why people must be careful about what they say or at the very least they should have the balls to back it up. If you aren’t prepared to defend your view don’t put it out on the internet.


On Trolls

Opinionated Man:

I like the way you described trolls better than I did. Nicely said and a funny mental picture. So true! -OM
Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

Originally posted on you ain't special:

(Before my usual ranting, I’d like to give a shout-out to this guy. I was at a loss for something to post today, but his recent posts inspired me. I’m not real sure about WordPress etiquette, I hope this is sufficient.)

I’m not sure if any regular readers have noticed, but discourtesy is pretty high on my list of pet peeves. I believe people should only be given the respect they’ve earned. Although I’m usually soft-spoken, even shy, in public, one way to draw me out of my shell is by behaving rudely. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no shortage of rude people out there. If you behave poorly to me, or a friend, I will happily employ a sort of “scorched earth policy” to terminate the situation as quickly as possible. Most often, these encounters end with someone’s feelings hurt; though occasionally they have(not so much in…

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My Akismet is broken

That sounds like either a broken computer or some obsolete organ no one knows about… until the doctor charges you $200,000 to remove it before YOU DIE! My Akismet is broken so if you have a guest post here and you see a spam comment just ignore it. I may miss some surprisingly enough. I wish I had the energy and tools of these spammers sometimes though.

Akismet has protected your site from 102,639 spam comments already.
There are 30 comments in your spam queue right now.

17 months and that many spam comments. I am sure you oldies have more right?

BTW: If your comments are being sent to spam you need to email akismet to have them remove the death mark.


On Becoming A Public Entity ~ How Not To Be A #SocialMedia @Winewanker

Opinionated Man:

What happened? You attack other bloggers all the time and then back down when someone really wants to play? Like only going after little fish? How pathetic are you? You attacked Navigator and Conrad, but take a pass on little old me? Come on… you can do better than calling me a names on my blog. Give me your best shot since you are “so big on social media.” -OM

Originally posted on Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet:

Dear Conrad,

After your latest petulant, childish tirade on Twitter I have come to realize that you have no idea what a public entity is.

Lie 1






The Wine Wankers, by virtue of being in the Wine industry, and in top .1 percent of social media are now a public entity.

As such, your actions are newsworthy.

Consequently, I am reporting on them consistent with my blogs purpose and mission.

My reporting is backed up with links and quotes and is verifiable.

I am sorry that you are a perfect literal example of what not to do in social media, but The Wine Wankers have become that.

Source:  TwtrLand.


If you are part of the Wine industry, yet exhibit such negative traits, mannerisms and actions certainly you can expect to be in the news.

Here in California bloggers first amendment, free speech rights are protected, and bloggers are extended journalistic protections…

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Bloggers – Some Advice on Trolls

There are many people that will consider this post ironic because they feel I am the King of all Trolls on WordPress. I accept that is the opinion of some bloggers of me, fair enough, but for those that don’t share this view I have some advice on how to deal with trolls.

1. Don’t feed them. Now I know I often don’t take this advice, but I like to poke the bear. Besides… most bears don’t bite back at me. They are normally smarter than that.

2. Attack their credibility by making them into a non-factor. Refuse to give them important labels, don’t use their names, don’t provide links to their lame websites, and most importantly don’t act like “they” are a “big deal.” Trolls are all about not only attention, but also notoriety. Don’t feed their ego.

3. Don’t attack, comment, or visit their website. That is ALL they really want is to get you on their playing field. Remain on your blog and with your supporters. If someone wants to look stupid make them come to you. Allow them to write all the “bad posts” they want about you. It is called free advertisement. If you are ever worried about “looking bad” know this, most active bloggers have similar audiences on WP. That means often you’ll see a “blogger war” with the exact same bloggers liking both posts. Don’t be fooled into thinking everyone suddenly cares about your drama or the attack posts your troll is making. Most people don’t care one bit.

4. There are some trolls that are gathering large social media gatherings just to attack other bloggers. No, I am not talking about myself although I am sure there are a number of bloggers that consider me in similar light. Social media can be whatever an individual wants it to be. Social hammers, defensive tools, activist banners, blogs have become the object that their creators wished them to be. Anyone can make a social weapon and if that is how a troll gets his kicks so be it… some people aren’t worth fighting. That doesn’t mean to be a coward or to roll over for anyone, I would never say that, but I would suggest picking your battles wisely. What is truly important to you?

5. Draw on the support of your own community.


Note: I can always be reached by email. I am a simple blogger… just like all of you, but if I can help I will.


Thanks For the Email!

Thanks for the email! Shame you deleted your account so I couldn’t respond. That is rather lame… I have such funny trolls. -OM

I would like to point out I have never bad mouthed anyone by name that didn’t call me out first. Grow up people.



Kickstarter <>

5:51 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
jake nevermind says:

Why would anyone not only pay you $50,000 but support a blog which has continuously bad mouthed other bloggers and made references as to who should and shouldn’t be writing all in the name of you wanting to quit your day job? If you can’t earn enough money on your own to quit your job, why should anyone else support your finances. What happens when the 50g’s run out? Posting this kick-starter campaign just made you look even more silly.

Reply to this email to respond or view this message on Kickstarter

Blame Me

If your blog isn’t growing blame me.

If you aren’t getting enough views then it is my fault because I didn’t visit your website.

If you can’t get followers blame me because I apparently can…. And it just isn’t fair…

If no one “likes” your posts blame HarsH ReaLiTy. Everyone was reading my blog posts so that is most definitely my fault.

If your mother doesn’t love you blame Opinionated Man. Obviously I offended your mom and caused this family rift.

If you don’t get the perfect Christmas gift blame me again! Don’t I look like a fat white guy in a Santa Suit that messes up orders? Listen to my “ho, ho, ho!!!”

If your blog breaks or a post fails to upload blame Jason Cushman. Because apparently he is the cause of all evil on WordPress.


“Why I am unfollowing you OM”

I get a ton of amusement out of the emails I receive from people letting me know that I have offended them and that they are now going to promptly unfollow me. I am still amazed at the time and energy some people put into these emails, almost on par with quitting a job. I thought it might be fun to share some of the more popular reasons I have received.

“You need to stop writing on women’s issues. You don’t have a vagina and until you do you will never have a way of understanding the opposite sex.” How about you keep the vagina, I keep writing my opinions, and you choose to go read other blogs? I suggest Freshly Pressed.

“You post far too much. Quality over quantity buddy!” While it hurts that you basically just told me my articles suck… I will suck it up. It will be hard. I think I’ll just keep doing what I am doing and you can click the unfollow button.

“You never say more than a few words in response to my comments, but I see you respond in length to other bloggers.” Maybe those other bloggers are saying more interesting things than you…. Especially if the only thing that draws you out is to complain that “I am not fair.” Boohoo…

“You have turned into a marketing blogger. I signed up to read a writer.” Ouch… I guess selling two eBooks for a short period, posting about marketing, and helping entrepreneurs out constitutes as being a “marketing blogger.” I will now add this to my LinkedIn skills!

“Your views on abortion are insulting and an infringement against my freedom.” Wait, did someone actually make me President?!? I have been waiting for so long!!! Move over Obama.

“You don’t respect women.” You’re right; I don’t respect a general term. I also don’t respect Asians, blacks, whites, men, or stop lights unless I feel like it. I RESPECT PEOPLE WITH NAMES, not out of obligation. Try it.

“You keep spreading this lie that anyone can reach your popularity. You also keep sharing powerblogging secrets.” I didn’t realize there was a “powerblogger club” I was supposed to join. Did my invite get lost in the mail? You want me to sit in the back??? Yes, I do tell people that they can gain whatever audience they desire. This is not some bullshit attempt at motivational speaking, it is the simple truth. Maybe it is not true for people that have no ambition, motivation, or faith though.

“You say things best left unsaid.” No I say things that should be said. People that think this are normally REALLY pissed off by the fact that people are actually reading my words.

To those bloggers I have offended enough to either want to write or have written one of these emails to me I wish you the best. Don’t send me these dumbass emails though. I really could care less why you decide to unfollow me and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

-Opinionated Man