You got burnt Son

You hoped to touch the heavens and instead faced hell. A hell you created. A hell you invited in.

You screamed at the world when you should have been yelling at yourself. A king among the loners, be alone.

You tried to bite the hand and instead got the hand across the face. Burnt. Remember the feeling.

You got what you wanted. My attention. My time. Take it.

You got burnt son.

-Opinionated Man

One Man, Two Hands, One Blog

I do what I can for the blogging community. Regardless of what rumors you may have heard this blog is run by only one man that rarely sleeps. One itty bitty Korean guy runs this website alone. I visit as many blogs as I can and comment on most of the ones I read. There are some truths though that people should know.

I do NOT feel any obligation to visit your blog. It is on you to attract my attention. If you don’t like that relationship you don’t like blogging because that is what blogging is. We aren’t married and even more importantly what have you done for me? No really, what is it you do for me and my website? People should consider that before going on long rants about who has and has not visited their blog and what those people supposedly owe them.

What is it you expect? If you are expecting a reblog just send me a damn email and I’ll consider it. Is that too hard to ask? People request all the time that I visit their blogs and I understand the “real” question.

“Can you help me push my material OM?”

“Can you help me to grow my subscriber list because I am too fucking lazy to do it myself? Pretty please?”

If that is your real angle just say the damn words straight. Stop beating around the fucking virtual bush.


Internet “Thug” Life

Opinionated Man:

I may need to adopt your policy on this. Nice post and thanks for the kind mention! -OM
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I’m a big fan of the block button. I use them a lot in online gaming. As previously stated, I’ve got a low threshold for bullshit, and if a single button press can remove a minor annoyance, I wholeheartedly endorse it. I’ve blocked/muted LOTS of people in the games I play. The number of people I’ve actively blocked/muted online outside of gaming? One. Long-time readers may remember the story; I took exception with the way this fellow tried to frame an argument (an argument between two people who were complete strangers to him, I might add; he just decided that it fit his criteria for a hill to die on), pointed this out, and spent the next little while reveling in his idiocy as he labeled me a racist and sought to “educate” me. After about an hour, he recruited several (hundred) friends to dog-pile me, whereupon I called him…

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From “Victim” to Troll

I know a blogger desperate to matter. He is so desperate to matter that he intentionally goes looking for trouble. When he finds trouble, as is inevitable in life, he screams, wails, and cries for help to anyone that will listen. He is so desperate to belong to a group of people that he will try and “guilt” those bloggers into accepting him. Normally these groups actually will befriend him and play nice. The issue is that this blogger never feels fully accepted and always finds a reason to feel slighted. He then goes full court press on people and tries to bully them into apologizing to him because he labels them a “troll” on every platform he can find. Continue reading

Dumbledore’s Opinion of Trolls

Opinionated Man:

You get used to it around here. At least you don’t have someone that posts daily about you. That gets old quick! -OM
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I encountered my first troll last night.  Luckily, Jason Cushman ( was on hand to finally give me a decent explanation of trolls.

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