Write it like you Mean It!

No one wants to read an opinionated article with no opinion. No one cares how your day went if you won’t tell us why it was good or bad. No one wants to hear about the guy that cut you off in his stupid ass BMW if you won’t tell us what a snob he looked like and how you want to murder his soul.

Give us passion. Can you take me to the next line. That is your goal as a writer, I don’t care what you write. If you can’t carry me through the line, through the paragraph, and all the way till the end of the story I don’t want to read it. I won’t read it.

I am a reader. I am speaking as a reader. Stop writing boring shit.

Goodnight WordPress,


Dear SEO Idiots

Dear SEO Idiots,

My blog is already on the first page of Google search because I worked hard to get it there. Stop emailing me to offer things I have done for myself. You are a bunch of hawkers anyways and preying on innocent bloggers on WordPress is lame. Go peddle your services where it is needed. You are not needed nor wanted on HarsH ReaLiTy. I get my own shit done.



Mockingbird you mock me through gated protection. And spit in my face with careless ease. How sweet the feeling of freedom must be to parade thus in sight of day. Careless because no one cares. Do I fear the wrath of the myriad of eyes above… below? Have I shown evidence of this fact? I will answer for myself, I have not. Remaining true to the mold that was my creator, but not my father. I am now my own guide, decisions made with whimsical thought. I glance at the idol as I murder the mockingbird with a smile. It had been done before, many times over in my mind. The doing was that much sweeter.


Half of you are Full of Shit

I think half of you are full of shit that tell me long lists of what you would do if you had a successful platform. I love how easily people parade the good deeds they “WOULD DO” in front of the world and loudly herald what a great person they are without ever having to prove it. How about you do that? Prove it!

Build a successful blog and then take the time and energy from your day to promote other bloggers. See how rewarding it is, seriously. Then come back here and dare to bitch at me about my blogging ethics. Come and say things like “at least you are finally promoting other people.” How about you bloggers take a look before you judge me. I promote more bloggers on this website than ANY non-Wordpress affiliated site I know of. That includes larger powerblogs I follow who couldn’t care less about the success of others.

People can call me selfish all they want, that is their right as a human. But don’t come at me with bullshit about what a good person YOU are and how much YOU would do if you were in my shoes. Stop creating hypotheticals and do it! Don’t be a lazy ass, prove it instead and don’t just talk the talk.

Note: I will keep scheduling guest authors through this week, but may be away tomorrow. Please be patient as I go through the list.


Writers and Bloggers – Know your worth

Tis the season for the hawkers to hawk. I have seen a lot of posts of people excited to have been “accepted” by so and so to have their poems published. I do not mean to take away from their elation, but I do have a word of caution to those that care to read it.

Know your worth and more importantly KNOW you are worth more than giving your hard work away for free. That seems like a silly statement considering blogs are “free” and here I am writing daily for no money, but it is by choice that I do this. I also know the value of my writing to a degree. Often new writers and bloggers will get sucked in by a well written, professional email congratulating them on having a poem “accepted” into an eBook that is “about to be published.” I worry that some people just don’t see reality.

Just because you have never been published doesn’t mean your writing is not valuable. In fact, there are MANY GREAT WRITERS who are never published some by choice and others because they simply have different goals. Don’t allow people to shock and awe you with the words PUBLISHED because it is just a word. In fact the very action is relatively easy to do and can be done for free on amazon.com. You don’t even have to pay up front to self-publish an eBook anymore. I say this not to devalue publishing, but to instead instill a sense of confidence in those bloggers I know and recognize are great writers. Don’t be fooled just because someone said “you won something.” In some cases everyone is a winner and everyone is really the loser.

Let me lay out a scenario for you. I am not claiming that this is happening every time, but indulge me for a minute. Say I was a marketer and had absolutely no writing skills, but I knew how to sell eBooks. Who is most likely to buy an eBook? Perhaps someone featured in it? So let’s just throw a wild idea out there that maybe a person (or even a company) has figured out a type of pyramid scheme for selling their books. It isn’t even a scheme really, it is all connected and plays on human emotion.

Congratulations! We reviewed a few of your poems on http://www.lookingforasucker.com and found one we thought was outstanding! You beat out 10,000 other bloggers we were also considering. We would like you to consider allowing us to publish your poem in our annual poetry book which will be available on…

Do you start to get why people get so excited? Did I really lie and if I did who could prove it? The hook is that if I were to feature 50 poets in my eBook and I then got those same 50 people to buy the book (and maybe some of their friends and family too?) I have then met my quota. I could theoretically move on to the next “highly anticipated poetry book” and gather another 100 suckers that will willingly give me their writing FOR FREE. All the producer has to do is edit the format of the eBook, publish, sell, and move on. Is it really that hard to imagine? No and it isn’t really a scam either.

Know your worth. Blog, paper, thoughts, or clouds your words are valuable. Don’t be stupid.



You Aren’t Special

I get it. There is a thrill that comes with social media that can be infectious regardless of how old you are. We get 1,000 connections to random strangers and suddenly we are panting for a banner and a logo. It is amazing what a little feedback will do to a person’s ego.

The most amusing post to read is “I am closing my blog to write a book due to public demand.” What public demand? I see 100 followers and most of the comments are by people with your last name… so what exactly made you decide now was the time to name yourself CEO of MyOwnCompany? Don’t outpace your success…

I get a lot of LinkedIn requests. I am always amazed by how many CEOs and Founders there are in the world, especially for companies I have never heard of… ever! I am not trying to knock anyone for doing something great like starting a business for themselves that is awesome! What I look down upon are people that give themselves titles to stroke their own ego and importance. That is so stupid that it makes me not want to follow people back or accept their connections.

Half the time people will not have their bullshit called through life. They will go on and live with their “lie” and feel good about it. That is cool and kudos to you for doping the world! The sad part is that people blast these same lies on social media and don’t keep it safely hidden in their bedroom. They begin to actually think they are a CEO of a company that doesn’t exist and in turn they actually invite the failure that comes from such notions. I just decided I am a Captain, even though I have no ship currently. If my “imaginary ship” sank would I still feel sad?

You aren’t special. I get reminded how very mediocre I am every time I come across a person with 100,000 followers on Twitter or a larger blog than me. I don’t howl at the moon and proclaim my blogging greatness or how awesome all my connections are because there is an average Joe out there that is doing twice what I am this very minute. There is another person doing three times what that person is doing. It is a never-ending footrace and proclaiming yourself a winner in an unwinnable game is really only setting yourself up for painful realization. That realization will come when you wake up one day and realize that you are only doing what so many others are also doing. You aren’t special.