Why I Don’t Need Feminism and Why Women Probably Do

I don’t need feminism because feminism obviously doesn’t need me. I was blacklisted apparently… all I did was show up with a plate of snickers… for hunger… because hunger makes you… Never mind.

I don’t need feminism because I am pretty aware of what I do and don’t have in life. I don’t need another group showing me one more thing to be unhappy about… or are you also handing out guns with a single bullet too?

I think women probably need feminism because if they don’t have something to complain about they begin to age strangely. It puts them off center. Women that are constantly arguing are far more beautiful to behold… some might even say exotic.

I think women need feminism because they finally realized those other “parties” they are forced to go to really are boring as hell. Tupperware party women? Really???… I would need feminism after one of those parties.

I think women need feminism because they have run out of ways to bond with their daughters. They decided “women’s rights” was a safe bet and decided to run with it. The aggressive side of feminism was simply a pleasant bonus of it all.

I don’t need feminism because I won’t feel guilty for what I haven’t done and what I don’t have. Entitlement? Some… but it wasn’t due to having a penis ladies. Sorry. Hardship? Had it and I saw far more “rides” being given to the ladies along the way. Get real.

I don’t need feminism because I don’t need to see your boobs. I only need to see my wife’s and possibly a strippers if I really feel the need. People have to go to medical school you know.

I don’t need feminism because I don’t need to see another lame movement. Can we all just accept the fact that everyone in society is out for themselves and start rowing our own damn boats for a change?

-Opinionated Man

10 Shows I Hate!

  1. The Biggest Loser – I really can’t stand this show. I don’t care if it is inspirational to people to exercise or to lose weight, I personally find the show boring. Maybe if the contestants lived in an actual Gingerbread House they weren’t allowed to eat… that might be entertaining.
  2. CSI – I really hate CSI and any show that is connected to it. The “detectives” are far too smart… do any of us believe the police are really that intelligent? “I smell sulfur… which clearly means the bullet was fired from a coke bottle through that window, hit that small pebble, and killed the woman. Case closed!” Most cops can’t even find a stolen, bright pink bike in the middle of the afternoon.
  3. Sex in the City – I think I hate this show because everyone likes it so much. I think it is also remarkable how I am immediately labeled as sexist for NOT liking it. Ok… I am sexist.
  4. True Blood – I had a “guy” friend that kept trying to get me to watch this show. First off, he is a former friend because that is just lame. I told you once I don’t like vampire flicks and from the previews this show is just another lame 90210 meets the world of flying beautiful people.
  5. The Wiggles – If I never see the Wiggles again I will die happy.
  6. Barney – I have often wondered what type of jackass goes up and punches mascots or people wearing costumes. Barney helps me to understand just a little bit what would drive someone to do such a thing…
  7. Real Housewives of Anywhere – These shows are stupid as shit.
  8. Real Mobster Wives??? – Since when did being married or divorced to a criminal make you the perfect candidate to have your own show? Not to mention most of these women on the show look and act hideous.
  9. Caillou – I have a serious question. Why is Caillou bald? He is a healthy kid so he doesn’t have cancer… so what gives?
  10. American Idol – Give it up! American Idol is now like turning on a radio station and having no clue what genre music is about to play.


Thanks for not saying “thank you”

I think some people think I am obligated to help others. While I enjoy replying to emails and helping where I can… I get seriously irritated when people don’t say THANK YOU. Is it really that hard to do? Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?

Twice now I have had guest authors come onto my blog and gain whatever they got from it, be it followers, views, and new traffic. Afterwards they both wished me dead and the other told me to burn in hell. I often wonder why I treat bloggers so nicely after getting stabbed in the back repeatedly.

Now I know you all aren’t venomous snakes like these two, but it still irks me when I don’t get a thank you for helping bloggers out. Especially when answering technical questions.

I AM NOT WORDPRESS SUPPORT OK? Some people are ungrateful assholes.


What is going on Akismet?

Either I am being targeted by some very determined spammers or Akismet stopped working. Guest Authors if you see an obvious spam comment do not respond to it please. I can’t even moderate them they are flooding in so fast this week. When did I become so special? Go bother Yahoo.com, my website is so small fry…


Way to ruin a good thing

And I am actually not talking about the “woman” that broke the pay it forward chain. I am talking about whoever wrote this story. Why call people out if this was suppose to be a “good thing,” but suddenly someone is a villain for not doing it? Come on people… good causes are voluntary not obligatory. Cut this crap out.