There you sit. Pending.

Waiting to be acknowledged. Not knowing you are being ignored. You sit in a corner of your own mental conception. The fruits of your labor bear you no fruit at all. Instead you sit and wait like a dog. Like the good dog you are.



Money, police and maybe a smile

Opinionated Man:

Don’t you hate that? People are always looking for a handout or a way to cheat the system. I may just go fall off a building and sue gravity myself. :) -OM
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Originally posted on Pete's Alaska:

indexWith the weekend ahead I just wanted to clear a couple small items from my desktop.

Here in Alaska the state legislature is on a two week break before resuming session. Why did they take the break will become obvious later but more importantly is why they even need an extended session. They started months ago facing a multi-billon dollar deficit in our state budget because of the collapse of oil prices, (over 90% of Alaska’s revenue comes exclusively from oil production). So one would conclude that balancing the budget would be the number one priority for the session….wrong.

They knew cutting services and department budgets would incite anger throughout the state so they trimmed a little here and there and passed it to the Governor. He hasn’t signed it, in fact he is proposing reinstating some of the reduced funding without linking it to how it will be paid…

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My Little Bird

Sing for me little bird.

Sing to me from your cage.

Tweeting in the night like a nightingale.

Voice of a dragon, full of rage.

You would think I were a female.

The object of your daily musings.

But I am not a bird at all.

I am a fucking cat.

And I will eat you.



Black Importance and Other Minorities

Opinionated Man:

“He says that blacks are more racists towards other minorities than whites are racists towards those same minorities.” Actually what I said was IN MY LIFE blacks were more racist TO ME. If you are going to quote someone at least get it right. You really need to read slower and more closely ok? :) -OM
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Originally posted on emthewriter:

Today I came across a blog post that stated “Blacks and whites have dominated American culture and history since it was founded and they still consider themselves the most important races here.”

Did I miss the meeting where Blacks were “important” in the eyes of most of America? So important, in fact, that they too feel themselves important? Isn’t that the entire point of the protests and movements today, to remind Blacks – and other Americans – that Black lives matter?

The thing is, the article – if it can be called such – was written by a Korean – American who was adopted and raised in Memphis and who attended predominantly black schools. He says that blacks are more racists towards other minorities than whites are racists towards those same minorities. That Blacks (and whites) only seek out the assistance of “other” minorities when it is needed.

Did I…

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