When did WordPress change?


So now the “moderator helpers” can flag anyone that happens to support another blogger or makes a comment? And those same moderators can sit there and goad those bloggers into doing it? Sounds like an awesome support forum WordPress. Well done!

Thanks for taking my $99 for my premium account last month and then a few weeks later suspending my ability to like and follow new blogs. You just killed the very connection that this platform is meant to offer. Other powerbloggers and bloggers have far larger numbers than I, but you decided to suspend me for doing what everyone else does.

Ok, you got what you wanted. My attention. I guess that is how you will kill my blog. Well done.


“You take away from others”

You take away from others. The frequency of your posts and the fact that you only write for reaction make your blog not worth following. I removed your posts and suddenly my Reader was much cleaner. I could actually begin to read other people’s words, writing that was meant to be read. I now know you never really cared. You are just a screen name and without a name you are nothing.

Spam Followers?

Everyone has the right to have their opinions on the different ethics to blogging. Everyone has the right to blog as they want to. What I hate is when people try to impose their own blogging views onto others. The support forums are filling up with people complaining about “spam followers.” Let me be clear – there is no such thing as a “spam follower.”

People that have the time to complain about the size of other people’s blogs generally have that “time” because they suck at blogging. Instead of going out and interacting with the WordPress communities, they instead sit in their corner waiting for fame to come to them. When Fame doesn’t knock, they go out looking for the “why.” Often people consider the “random follow” as spam. They immediately assume that blogger is simply trying to harvest followers and gain attention to their website. While this may partially be correct, bloggers must remember that blogging is about what you can offer other people. Many bloggers promote their blog by finding new blogs to follow because they feel they have something of worth to offer.

The complaints in the support forum bother me because WordPress is taking these complainers seriously. There has even been mention of “methods to control” how bloggers follow each other. This is a huge mistake, if any limitation is put into place, because the ease of “following people” on WordPress is what makes this website so great. Who cares if someone randomly follows you? They gave you an increase in your stats, they don’t owe you anything really. The bickering and complaining about a functionality that makes this website so great is ridiculous. The bloggers that are making these threads and complaints are unknowingly destroying the platform we all love simply because they can’t figure out how to get their blogs noticed… and it pisses them off.

Just do you. Blog as you wish and don’t worry about how other people are operating. If the size of someone else’s blog really bothers you that bad perhaps a period of self-reflection is in order. The people that complain about “spam followers” should know that you all sound like petulant children and spoiled brats when you do that. Grow the fuck up.

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Blogger Jealousy

As you grow your audience you will encounter blogger jealousy. Blogger jealousy is pretty pathetic if you consider why people are normally jealous. They hold onto a singular thought “why are you so special and I am not?” While this feeling may be warranted towards some websites which obviously have external help in growth and promotion, it is pretty sad when those same feelings are directed towards the self-promoters and the personal bloggers. What bloggers are really mad about is that you have “figured it out” and they are still waiting in their corner for strangers to pay attention to them.

Blogger jealousy can come from all directions. Siblings, friends, classmates, and even your own mother can be guilty of it. They may make snide comments or point you in the direction of the ever popular articles on how “social media is destroying society.” Ever notice that the people that write these posts and articles are normally from the disgruntled group that tried to succeed and failed? Do you honestly think there is no connection there? Often when I get naysayers on my blog I will take the time to visit their page and what I normally see is post after post with zero comments and zero interaction. It becomes quickly clear what these pouty writers are really angry about.

You don’t have to be a successful blogger to catch blogger jealousy. Every blog has differing levels of community or different degrees of feedback. Because of this fact there will always be someone “beneath you” looking up that hates the view of your ass. Is that your fault? Not at all, but don’t they try to make you feel it is. You might even be accused of gaming the system in some way. They will do anything to discredit your blog and the hard work that they themselves refuse to do for their own website. It is easy to hate success when you are a lazyass whining little bitch.


Respond to comments

If I reblog your article and you never respond to any of the comments I will never reblog you again. That shit is weak and rude. I try and share posts I think are worthy of a read. Unfortunately not all bloggers know how to blog and some people obviously think comments are meant simply for audience praise. Get over yourself.


Love to Hate Me

I am not sure why many bloggers love to hate me. I suppose I should be flattered, at least that is what they tell me. The same people that hate my website probably still use the “free promotions” I offer, which should make me angry but it doesn’t. It amuses the hell out of actually. They love to hate me.

I will admit it has grown tiresome defending my practices, website, and online name. A lot of effort wasted by both myself and those that wish to see this website closed down. I wonder if they themselves know the true reason for their driven anger. Do they realize that the thing they really hate the most is that people listen to me and not to them. It drives them insane with jealousy and mad with a need to make themselves feel better. By taking down one of my platforms they feel better about themselves. I have been posting on Facebook for a long time through my blog as a mirror site. It is what ALL bloggers do and so I know this recent shutdown of my webpage is due directly to outside intervention. In short, someone cared enough to lobby enough complaints about me to get my site suspended.

Some bloggers have actually found my blog through rants and hateful posts by other bloggers about me. I must have kicked their virtual dog or something. I see them, the posts about me. I see the hate scattered through the blogosphere at my website and I get it. I finally do. People just love to hate me. It is hard to hate a memory though.