The Week Is Over, Thank Goodness

Opinionated Man:

This was a tough week and I had to deal with car trouble as well! We deserve a beer man! -OM
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I am very glad the week is done. This was a tough week at times and of course there is the whole getting rear-ended thing. Some weeks can challenge your heart and soul. Friends it feels good to be home and relaxing with my wife and watching some TV.

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#Authors © Copyright Infringement – Latest Victim seeks Help / Advice…

Opinionated Man:

This has been happening to many people. I don’t even have a book I am selling and yet people are “creating books” with my blog content in them to mooch off my SEO site value. They know exactly what they are doing and these people are vultures and thieves. There is also very little that can be done without a lawyer and some major motivation. Spreading the word is a good start though. -OM
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Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:

Hello Chris,

I am sorry to bother you, but I am writing to you to ask for help. Something really strange has happened to me.

I am selling my book on Amazon ONLY.

Two days ago I found my book on lots of different internet book selling pages, which I have never heard of before. I did not upload it there. Who did? Is somebody pretending she/he is me?

I also saw all my books in all formats for free download. Accompanied by a really horrible article about the importance of reading, supplied with lots of grammatical mistakes.

I asked Amazon if they own these pages. Amazon replied was this:

Please note that CreateSpace is not affiliated in any way with the websites mentioned in your message. I recommend contacting them directly to acquire additional information. I apologize that we are not able to assist…

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Mixed Message on Violence

Opinionated Man:

Well said. You should rant more and bring how silly our society has become to light more often! -OM
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Originally posted on Just Plain Ol' Vic:

In a previous post I had talked about how I typically do not write posts about “controversial” topics, however I happened to hear about these two different stories (within an hour) and it left me shaking my head.  So I felt a bit compelled to vent (or rant) a bit about it and see if I am alone in my wonder at the gross disparity and mixed messages that I see being delivered in society today.  So here goes…


So here in this first story, we have a first grader pretend to shoot a bow and arrow at a fellow student during recess and as a result was suspended 3-days for his actions.  The Principal was quoted as saying, “I have no tolerance for any real, pretend or imitated violence.”  Note that there was no bullying involved, no hazing or actual violence, it was two students both willingly engaging…

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I have removed everyone that wasn’t following me back or “fake subscribed” to me on Twitter. I enjoy having an account that is even for follows to followers. I don’t understand how anyone who isn’t Anthony Bourdain or the Pope has 1,000,000 followers and follows only 10 people back…

Feel free to “really” add me at anytime. @smokendust



The Percentage Post Pt.1

I know everyone hates generalizations so I was really happy when I came across this article in the International Society of Percentage Purists. I had no clue there was such a group! All percentages, facts, and direct quotes can be credited to the ISPP for this article. Thanks ISPP!

  1. Scientists are now 90% sure that extraterrestrial life exists. They are also 90% sure that E.T. is on his way here. I found a new percentage that 90% of the scientists in this field actually think aliens might already be here. It is amazing how many 90%s one can find in one article.
  2. Males are losing their intelligence on average at a 2.5% depreciation rate annually. This is “OK” if you ask me because it is nature’s way of weeding out the less intelligent. Natural selection is a bitch.
  3. When going to a new destination I get lost 75% of the time. I ask for help 0% of the time. I need 0% interaction from the wife during these troubling times.
  4. To the fake soldiers and fake veterans, yes they exist. 50% of the “war heroes” you meet probably did far less then they say. This is not to say there aren’t real kick ass soldiers out there. I myself served but never heard a shot fired in anger during my time in. I did however rescue those captured marines in that village armed with only a knife and a composite bow. Any similarity to the movie Rambo is mere coincidence.
  5. Condoms work 99% of the time. I find it amazing that there is only a 1% accident rate when we know for a fact that more than 1% of the world’s population is stupid. That actually makes condoms pretty freaking awesome.
  6. I believe 93% of the mountains I have seen in my life are fake. They never moved and I never seemed to get closer to them.
  7. Women will argue with 50% of the things men say and have a 13% laziness factor when it comes to vigilance in this matter. Men will WANT to argue with 99.9% of the things women say, but our 99.9% laziness factor in relationships is a real burden on our motivation.
  8. 78.3% of the blog posts you read will be bullshit. They will still be more interesting than real news most of the time.
  9. People that meet Asians guess the wrong nationality 145% of the time. The reason it is over 100% is because you ALL carry the leftover points from the moron that asked me which boat I came on. I flew here asshole!
  10. I will offend 100% of the people I meet at least once in my life. If you honestly think you have never offended those close to you I hate to be there when the lawyer shows up with those “unexpected” papers. “Honey what happened to us???”